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Poll: Hunter x Hunter (2011) Episode 116 Discussion

Jan 1, 8:46 PM

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Damn the amount of emotions that were flown through Gon was just fantastic in this episode! Really do wonder what will happen after one hour to be honest!
Feb 1, 4:25 PM
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Yeah. Just going to point out that this was one of the best episodes of any battle anime that I've watched. Really, Hunter x Hunter was always leading to this moment, and holy shit did it nail it. Props to the voice acting, because Gon going berserker was straight up chilling.

If you're wondering why Gon goes crazy, it's simple: Gon sees things purely in black and white. If you're a good guy then he has no problem with you. If you're bad guy then he doesn't feel bad about killing you. It's a fine mentality to have in a Dragonball or One Piece, but Hunter x Hunter goes to great lengths of ensuring that its world is more complicated than that. Even the bad guys have loved ones and friends, and are able to be honorable even if they're doing it for the wrong reasons.

This is Gon's main dilemma: He cannot fathom that someone like Pitou who is evil and would do something horrendous to someone like Kite, would also be willing to sacrifice her life to save someone. It doesn't make any sense. And Pitou refusing to fight and outright begging Gon to wait angers Gon even more because it doesn't give him the satisfaction of punching out the bad guy. This wasn't how it was supposed to go down.
Mar 15, 9:47 AM

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See? This is how the show should be from the start. Was that so hard? If the show keep this up, I can give it an 8, but nothing more than that
Jul 27, 9:03 PM
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I honestly didn't feel shit for Gon because of how dumb he was this episode. The only feeling I had was anger at Gon. Gon is such an inconsistent character. Sometimes he is so understanding and reacts even faster than Killua, but sometimes he is so stupid it hurts to watch. Please don't tell me because he lost his shit because of Pitou. I don't find that reasonable because he has ALWAYS been thinking straightforward in battle from the beginning. Man why do I always end up disliking all battle shounen MC?

Edit: I also disagree with people saying Gon only sees things in black and white. More like he only sees it as people being good or bad to HIM, and decides if they're good or bad. That kind of mentality not just makes him a hypocrite, but also unbelievable as a character. Also it's said there that 1999's version has addition scenes with Gon and Kite, but it has nothing to do with 2011's version when it's not shown that much. I'm gonna stick to my way of thinking: Gon's motivation from the beginning is not convincing at all. From his reason to become a Hunter to his anger because of Kite being "manipulated". It's out of nowhere. Also just because he is angry, he immediately becomes all powerful and shit, I wonder how it's different from stupid buff from, let's say, Fairy Tail? It's always been a the problem for me from the beginning, but this time it's already off the chart. Moreover, it's not like Gon can just kill Pitou because he doesn't know how to bring Kite back. He doesn't have any other way except waiting for Pitou to treat Komugi.

It's also bullshit to me how they first showed how strong the Royal Guards were, and actually made it look like they are gonna either lose to some noobs or spend too much time doing nothing without killing them immediately.

My score dropped immediately to 7 after this episode. Least favorite arc so far. Let's see what happens next!
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Aug 14, 9:58 PM

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It was a good episode but I didn't get the feels because of we didn't see Kite in the anime that much. If the one who got killed by Pitou was Bisky that Pitou-Gon scene could be almost perfect.
Aug 22, 3:16 PM

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An intense episode!

I've never seen Gon get worked up like that.
Aug 26, 6:06 PM
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I felt the most sorry for Killua. One wrong word and it could mean the end of their friendship with Gon being this unhinged. And yet, Killua tried to talk some sense into him. Very brave, IMO.
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