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Poll: Code Geass - Hangyaku no Lelouch Episode 23 Discussion

Apr 21, 2012 10:18 PM

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To people that is wondering why Mao isn't dead. Lelouch didn't shoot to kill. If you didn't notice, 95~98% of the bullets didn't even hit him.

And Lelouch is confirmed to be best male protag, just because of his insane facial expressions.
Jun 14, 2012 7:32 PM
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this episode was way too sad but it was a good episode too bad i cant watch the rest today.
Jun 30, 2012 4:49 AM

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V.V ? Could it be like C.C ? :o And does that mean that Suzaku may obtain a Geass like Lelouch >.< ?

R.I.P Euphemia :'(
Jun 30, 2012 7:19 PM

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Why... does my favourite character have to die?! D:


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Jul 29, 2012 4:58 PM
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Good episode.
I not sad that euphie died.
And lelouch is awesome.
Aug 6, 2012 4:04 AM

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Great episode! I actually felt bad for Euphy when she was ordered to kill all the Japanese. She's such a good person and to do such a thing is horrible. An unexpected turn of events that is for sure.

The whole Suzaku x Euphy thing didn't do anything for me since it felt all forced and it doesn't help that i don't like Suzaku much to begin with.

It seems Lelouch has finally given up on being human and is willing to destroy everything for the sake of revenge and his sister.

I lol'd so hard when Kaguya stopped Lelouch at the door. He dismissed her and said he already had a contract with the devil and it pans over to C.C. off the the side. It was a very subtle joke, but I want other people to pick up on that as well.

Oh, and Kaguya ftw!
Aug 18, 2012 3:22 PM

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Incredibly depressing, again. I love Euphie so much and seeing her and Suzaku part ways, her well-liked plan ruined, and her being left with that absolutely terrible reputation...breaks my heart ;___;
Aug 19, 2012 1:50 PM

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Seeing Euphemia in this state breaks my heart, why would this adorable girl have to go through with this shit. Damn.

Poor Euphy ; _ ;

At least hearing Mika Kanai made me cheer up a little bit. :)

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Sep 6, 2012 1:49 PM

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I cried, a lot. Euphie was one of my favourite characters, and to see her die like this - her reputation destroyed despite only ever working to help the Japanese, it breaks my heart. I feel so sorry for Nina and Suzaku, as well as poor Nunally. I just can't formulate words properly ;__;
Sep 28, 2012 4:25 AM

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Crazy episode, man! I don't even know where to begin. Euphie dies? She's one of my fave characters. She doesn't deserve what happened! She's trying to create a peaceful environment and in the end, she's becomes a massacre princess? That was a major twist.
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Oct 11, 2012 6:16 AM

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Xinil said:
I forgot to mention, but did anyone catch the &quot;United States of Japan&quot; comment? I seriously almost fell off my chair laughing when Lelouch declared that.

Haha, yeah, this one was hilarious :D

Even though characters don't die too often in this show, Euphy just died like this... Not that there was plot-healthy chance for her to live. And Lelouch turned out to have like her at least at some point - that was the most surprising part of the episode for me. Things are finally moving faster for the story to come to it's end... I was feeling like this wouldn't be possible, but thanks to the twist in episode 22 it became possible. Still, I can't see this season finishing both of Lelouch's goals, I guess that he'd only build his dream country/world now and his revenge would be exacted in S2?

Btw: Orange turned into a mutant freak? Well, I didn't see this coming!
Oct 30, 2012 4:09 PM

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Lelouch definitely has officially become more intense than Light.
Dec 5, 2012 9:41 AM

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R.I.P for Euphy.. (Is she really dead? Well, she was inside the glass thing. I hope she's not dead!! T.T )

There's no need for you Nina, you just make the show more twisted...

Lelouch is being a madman...

If Euphy is still alive, I would hug her and never leave her
-From me & Suzaku :P
Jan 18, 2013 9:27 PM

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Lelouch looked awesome in that last shot.
Jan 24, 2013 7:15 AM
Joined: Nov 2012
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nooooo Euphie T__T and wtf nina, always been a creep
Feb 14, 2013 5:41 AM
Joined: Jan 2013
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This is the episode where I decided I hate Lelouche. He could at least explore the possibility of trying to undo the Geass and saving Euphemia. Ok, it would have been hard, but he could have tried, deliberated a little bit....blarg.
Mar 1, 2013 5:07 AM

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They actually killed Euphemia... damn quite sad... I quite liked that character, good episode though especially that ending a start of a huge battle for the two last episodes!

Also what's up with that V.V kid?
May 30, 2013 6:41 PM
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I think lelouch broke himself.
May 31, 2013 10:52 AM

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awwhhh that was so sad seeing Princess Euphemia die,

i kinda wanted to tear up after she died,
Jun 14, 2013 8:22 PM

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When Nina freaked out about Euphie's death and squeezed her face Ilaughed so hard I almost pissed my pants. XD

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Jun 25, 2013 7:57 PM
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Euphie's death was really heartbreaking, especially how they switched back and forth between her talking about if her SAZ plan was a success, and the reality that she is being hated, made into a symbol of Britannia's hypocrisy. Until the end, she still worried about how everything turned out. It was definitely horrible too that Lulu ended up having to kill his first love. From here on, there really was no turning back, even if he wanted to. And well now he's totally spiraling downwards, and it's sad because he knows it too, like when he said that he sold his soul to the devil. Still, it looks like his evil side has been full unleashed. That ending was insane!

I wonder what V.V. talked to Suzaku about...I have a feeling that Suzaku knows about Lulu being Zero? Well it's about time C.C.'s people started showing up, since we knew that she wasn't the only one.

Lasly, wtf Nina? She so seriously. She's insane weird. I'm guessing whatever she's working on is some OP mech. But maybe it'll work partially and then fail? I mean she's only a student after all, despite her having a lot of knowledge.
Jul 1, 2013 12:46 PM

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vhynz said:
When Nina freaked out about Euphie's death and squeezed her face Ilaughed so hard I almost pissed my pants. XD

same LOL


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Sep 23, 2013 7:05 PM

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Poop Euphie that really sucked about this episode i mean by now i have seen Death Note, some of D.Gray-man, all of FullMetal Alchemist n so many other sad anime and that is in the top category However Clannad does still take top though.

As for Lulouch that really was the most stupidest thing he has said the entire anime that was stupid to have even joked around about knowing that his Geass has been going out of control.

Great Orange is back

And i hope Viletta is okay i dont love her as a character but i do like her more since she lost her memory I hope she doesnt get them back n i hope she is okay will just have to see if everything turns out okay.
Oct 19, 2013 9:38 AM
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Omg i died with Euphy it's so fucking sad.......and in retrospect i must say that Euphemia didn't has to die because there were other characters who died but didn't. They didn't even have to change much because everything would have worked if they just thought she died. You just need to think about it and it makes sense.
Oct 24, 2013 10:29 PM

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Damn, that was so sad, I feel so bad for Lelouch, he has so muh to bare on his shoulders. To have to kill someone he loves like that because of his mistake, that' just cruel.

Damn he is so bad ass though. I have a feeling this last fight is going to be epic.
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Mar 8, 2014 9:26 PM

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That Nina face managed to lighten the whole depressing Euphemia thing for me LOL!
Jun 1, 2014 6:27 AM

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After watching this episode I'm 99,9% sure Lelouch is going to die. He just went too far.
It's like Death Note all over again...

I didn't really like Euphie, but her death made me so sad because she was actually trying to do the right thing and now she's hated...

And I'm soooo worried about Villetta ://
Jun 3, 2014 2:22 AM

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Why is there no Episode 22 thread? O.o

oh well... this sucks... i thought everything would be okay, until the last min of Episode 22 -_-
Jun 3, 2014 7:42 AM

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sheidesu said:
Why is there no Episode 22 thread? O.o

oh well... this sucks... i thought everything would be okay, until the last min of Episode 22 -_-

It exists.
Jun 27, 2014 4:50 AM

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I fucking hate Lelouch

I mean

He loves his sister nunnly but will kill his other siblings and even Euphie who loved lelouch and doesn't care if her name is dragged though the mud.........Sorry but I hate this arse hole and wish he was dead
I dislike lelouch vi Britannia.

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Jul 27, 2014 9:15 AM

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Animefreak17a said:
I fucking hate Lelouch

I mean

He loves his sister nunnly but will kill his other siblings and even Euphie who loved lelouch and doesn't care if her name is dragged though the mud.........Sorry but I hate this arse hole and wish he was dead

He had to kill Euphie cuz she went berserk.

Sep 5, 2014 2:08 PM

Joined: Jul 2011
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What a turn of events though, let's see how it all plays out.
Sep 7, 2014 11:38 PM

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So they could save Mao, but not Euphie?
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Sep 11, 2014 1:48 PM

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Lelouch dun fucked up GOOD this time. That is a fuck up to end all fuck ups. Can you even imagine how he would've felt after that? He accidentally brainwashed Euphy, forced her to commit genocide, then killed her with his own hands because of HIS fuck up. It's no wonder he's going crazy. Not to mention she was the only member of the Britannian royalty who was kindhearted and, well, not a scumbag, and her name was completely dragged through the mud. She'd probably be looked at as the worst of the lot and nobody besides Lelouch will know any better.

I can't help but wonder what direction this series would've taken had he not dun fucked up like that.

RIP Euphemia.

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Sep 12, 2014 2:51 AM

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RedRoseFring said:
So they could save Mao, but not Euphie?

Get shot many times you live, get shot once you screwed. Code Geass logic apparently
"What has two arms, two legs, and is alive? Not your favorite character lol! xD"
Oct 6, 2014 8:25 PM

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RIP Princess Euphemia. Lelouch had to do it though, or else she could have killed dozens more. It was his fuck up, but it was also an accident. Next episode is Lelouch vs Suzaku, with only 2 episodes left, what will happen? I will watch to find out!
Nov 22, 2014 3:06 AM

Joined: Apr 2013
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V.V.? God I hope Suzaku doesn't get Geass, I would rate this one point lower if he does...
Nov 27, 2014 3:12 AM

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United States of Japan - lerl
Nothing very surprising in this episode.
Nov 30, 2014 9:09 PM

Joined: Feb 2013
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Euphy's death, so sad.

So the final battle begins. I've been waiting for that city collapse.
Jan 31, 2015 4:44 PM

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So sad that euphia had to die, only character next to schneizel that actually showed the royal family had good people among them and then bam, gone.

I'd rather wish for lulu to keep her in hiding and slap some sense into her rather than dying just because the geass had to be an asshole at that exact moment, rip the first character that got in my top 5 in a matter of 3 episodes
Feb 7, 2015 12:06 AM

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Nina is just....WTF? What Lelouch has done to Yuffie is barbaric, and now he's truly embraced himself as the evil villain. This has gone batshit crazy.

Then we have V.V. now and also Orange.
Mar 19, 2015 7:28 AM
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Well... Sumeragi was what I needed after all that... She lifted my mood a bit...

I was wandering when Orange/Jeremiah was going to come back, since was in the opening...

I'm looking forward to see how things turn out for Lelouch and Suzaku.

Also, what the fuck was that face Nina?
Apr 4, 2015 11:40 PM

Joined: Sep 2014
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Poor Euphie R.I.P. She had the best intentions and heart in the Britannian Royal Family, but gets screwed over hardcore and her legacy tarnished. FUCK!!!!!!!!
Apr 6, 2015 11:38 AM

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I can't even....dat Nina face o___________________O

Lelouch gone mad with power, it's finally happened. And i think, Suzaku knows that Zero is Lelouch, just getting that impression. V.V is a counterpart to C.C?
Apr 7, 2015 11:13 AM

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Ok, this episode is officialy the best thing I've ever watched.
The feels, it burns.
Apr 26, 2015 8:58 AM

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I was waiting for Euphie to kil Suzaku.

I want to know more about about Sayako, something fishy about her.

And is C.C. connected with the Emperor, we know she knows Marianne.
May 19, 2015 1:49 AM

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All hail Lelouch Vi Britannia!
May 31, 2015 3:17 AM

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The feels from this episode, especially knowing even LeLouch regretted that he had to do it made it more sad ;_;
Sep 12, 2015 3:52 AM
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So many emotions and thoughts going crazy this episode. I feel bad for Euphie dying all because his geass went haywire, and how he says she was the first girl he ever loved.

Finally they introduce the mystery person named V.V. and I'm still not sure if it's a guy or a girl I mean come on with that hair lol. I have a couple theories about Suzaku like he got geass when he touched C.C. and now V.V. has told him about it or maybe V.V. gave him geass powers and formed a contract with him? We also don't know the extent of what V.V. told him, so it will be interesting to see if he knows Zero's identity or not.

So finally I get an answer to one of the many seemingly telepathic conversations going on in this show and it turns out that C.C. is talking to Lelouch's mom?? The questions will never end lol.
Oct 9, 2015 2:54 AM

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LOL at Nina crazy face, ahahahah XD

So when will Suzaku find out that Zero is Lelouch?

RIP Euphy. You were really nice and innocent girl. She don't deserve to die. At least I wanted her to kiss Suzaku before she dies.
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