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Poll: Denno Coil Episode 26 Discussion

Sep 7, 2016 5:52 AM

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This anime has one of the best concept I have ever seen in anime..
Story telling is great too.. quite light and have a good comedy ...
My favorites episode is Beard episode, I am sure many people will agree with me..

I don't really enjoy the final arc, it's great you know, but I just feel lack of enjoyment in final arc like what I got in first half of series, maybe because it's more focus on drama in final arc..

This series deserve 10/10, but I stop in 9/10 because of that enjoyment stuff.. I can't imagine this series rated lower than 8.5.. this series is underrated in this site ...
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Sep 25, 2016 8:30 AM

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10/10. This anime is very touching and has a message that any human can relate to. I was tearing up through the whole end of the episode. I wonder how long it took the sory teller to come up with these ideas for this tale because they were so unique yet the concepts are intertwined in interesting ways. It Reminds me of Harry Potter in that respect even though the concepts are quite different. I love everything about this series and im pretty sure its going to be one of my top if not my top favorite anime.
Jun 1, 2017 5:45 AM

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The only gripe I had was that Sosuke got away, the bastard needs to pay.

Other than that this series was perfect, gets a 10/10 for me.
Sep 24, 2017 7:27 AM

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Finally finished this series. Amazing finale for an amazing series.
Second half is really intense.
Sep 24, 2017 9:52 AM

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I only have a very vague understanding of what happened in this finale. But I think I like what they did with Isako and Yuuko.

This has been a pretty interesting show. I like the character designs, the aesthetic of the urban environments and the lively animation (reminiscent of Studio Ghibli films). There were a lot of cool concepts in this world, like the cyberpets and all that "other side" stuff. I appreciate all the imagination and hard work that went into creating this world. The child characters were believable enough, if not all of them were all that interesting.

I didn't enjoy the series as much as I wanted to, though. There was too much exposition that didn't help enough with understanding the mechanics of the world, and some of the concepts were explained in such arcane terms that the technology may as well have used magic instead of science. Realism normally isn't something I'm concerned about - the problem is when the technobabble doesn't help enough with comprehension. The mid-section of the series was a bit too slow for my taste.

I feel like a more lively design could have helped the cyber technology shine better; some of the cyberworld looked a bit too plain. I don't think that all of it should have looked crazy wild, I just think it could have been a bit weirder or more colorful. The illegals are an exception, they looked totally cool.
Nov 17, 2017 1:17 AM
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Did anyone else get strong yuri vibes from Yasako calling Isako back from the e-space?
Feb 12, 2018 8:47 PM

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Well that was certainly an emotional ending. That damn goodbye with Densuke got me good, and I'm not even a dog person, not at all really. So this was a pretty good show. It certainly looked much better than I expected it would for a series from 2007. That aside though I'm afraid I don't have too much to say about it. At times, especially in the final run, it did become somewhat hard to follow. Not that I was unable to understand the overarching story, but the later twists and turns felt like they sometimes came out of nowhere or too fast and got explained away with Star Trek-esque technobabble. Maybe a slower re-watch, I speed-blitzed through this in around 3 days, would help alleviate that issue. Honestly I don't expect I'll ever watch this again though. It was good but not that good. Those seemingly one-off episodes near the middle like with the nessie-esque creature or with the beards that reminded me of the episode of Futurama where Bender played God were probably my favorites, and they had nothing to do with the main plot. Not that the main plot was bad or anything, it was just 7 out of 10 level good. Maybe an 8 if I were feeling more generous, but I'm not with this show so I'll keep it the 7.
May 25, 2018 9:10 PM

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So this ride is coming to an end.And what a ride it was.

I liked Denno Coil from the very beginning. The setting was intriguing with many cool ideas, something I haven't seen before,one could tell someone poured a lot of heart into this. Moreover,the same applied to the characters,episodic plot as well as the story as a whole and the overall tone.

The characters felt organic,evoked interest and were easy to relate to and towards the end had a clear image of their mind,at least for the important ones. Only minus might be the villian Nekome,since I thought they could've done more with him,but that's being nitpicky on a high level.

The semi episodic part might not have been my favorite,but it had still some nice episodes like the one with the beard one or with Plesio. Furthermore it did a great job at setting up the fantastic second half. The pace felt appropriate and we got the right amount of necessary information,which included also a lot of explanation regarding the many technological elements. A lot of shows don't bother with fleshing out their own system or make it too complicated,hence the plot becomes harder to follow, especially when the technology is an essential part of it.Dennou Coil on the other hand succeeded in that department,the amount of time spent on world building was just about right and improved the enjoyment in the second half a lot.

In terms of atmosphere Denno Coil was able to cover a broad spectrum,ranging from suspenseful mystery/horror over to lighthearted comedy sequences. The OST's were always on point. Speaking about sound,the theme songs,foremost the opening were godlike and yet another reason I've grown so fond of this show.

There were also a lot of interesting themes and messages throughout the entire course. However, I'm sure that I didn't get everything to 100%,but at the very least I got the gist of it.

Entertaimentwise I don't have much to say ,aside from the fact that I had a lot of fun during the whole run time, the last couple of episodes were even able to kick things up a notch,it was truly an emotional roller coaster and the final wrapped things up nicely. Satisfying endings which leave you also a bit melancholic are rare and have to be treasured.

9/10 for now and yet again another anime in my alltime favorites.
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One Piece episode 914 & 915 were a mistake.

Feb 18, 2019 12:46 PM

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Good start, amazing beard episode, sometimes confusing and boring middle, good end.

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May 27, 2019 8:54 AM

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Lmao greatest plottwist for me was revealing the dad was number 1
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Jun 8, 2019 3:20 PM

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I have somewhat mixed feeling of this show since the midst of episode 24 after they takes in their glass and the very happy ending because I just wished this would been typical "technology is bad thing" like dark story that will have some consequences and this kind of experience reminds me I had with S;G near the end. Still overall the show was managed to end up one of the few high quality original show I've seen (hard to believe this was not adapted from any original source) and did answered lot of mysteries and makes the show complete but my gripe were the many of the said consequences were ended up being resolved and quite many melodrama ultimately reminds me this was kids show but the unique premise and GITS-esque worldbuilding always try to did overshadows this kind of mindset. Also the last two central episode was bit fast paced and so many new twists throws into that were hard to follow..

Also thought the pacing was great (at least for first 24 episodes) and surprised to see some says it starts very slow. I thought there was enough action to keep engaged viewers :o Not to mention, the comedies were very fun and character designs were so adorable reminds me of MiA. The production value was insane that made it very easy and nice to watch. Few filler was there like episode 10,11 or maybe 14 just for the sake of worldbuilding those who thought it wasn't enough.
The OSTs were little and many repetitively used but still were so powerful enough that they dont lose their affect hearing many times at all! damn good.
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Jul 30, 2019 6:55 PM

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In the end, not as compelling as I thought it was going to be. The technology doesn't even seem believable in its own fictional setting, and is obviously set up just to do what it needs to for the plot—which wasn't that intriguing in the end either but was still handled with some emotional power—and to deliver its message to its intended target audience. There wasn't the usual, technology/internet is bad. finger wagging at young people here. Instead the show wanted to focus on the importance of the intangible, fragile emotional bonds between people.

It was okay overall. I liked the mix of supernatural and sci-fi elements that made up the way the cyber spaces were portrayed, as well as the connection between abandoned IRL spaces and the out of date e- ones. Not to mention the urban legends that are born from those kinds of places; that different kinds of 'ghosts' haunt each of them was a cool aesthetic but I felt the mystery was more entertaining than the reality. Up until the end it never made sense to me how a consciousness could be separated from a real body without the body dying. But thinking about it, I might have been taking this 'separation' thing a little too literally while watching the series and that may have unfairly biased me against some scenes, and I think the reason for that was that I envisioned the cyber world as being a doubling of our own and assumed that with human souls there would need to be virtual ones to fit into a cyber body. But it's probably more akin to some kind of hypnotic/trance-like state in the way that it causes a coma, as well as death in the case of Yasako's grandfather. Though with what Haraken said about emotions at the end there, the 'ghosts' of the virtual world are basically remnants of human will, which is how I thought about the Illegals since the beginning, so at least I wasn't led completely astray.

It is sort of unsettling to think that random, nameless people could have been 'lost' in that space and nobody would know or care enough to call for them to come back...

I laughed when it turned out Yasako was basically the cause of all this shit from Isako's perspective. Other than Daichi (my favorite episode being the one with Daichi and his pet 'fish') and maybe Tamako, the characters in this series were kinda annoying. Not because they were kids or anything, but just the way the story limited their behavior made them irritating. Unlike most people, I never disliked Kyoko.
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