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Poll: Fullmetal Alchemist Episode 8 Discussion

Jun 7, 8:23 AM

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Dicklesworth said:
One thing though, is that Alphonse' english VA is fucking terrible. That scene where Ed was crying was brilliant with Vic Mignogna acting his heart out, and then fucking Alphonse comes and delievers the most flat lines I've ever heard
That's why you should watch Anime in Japanese with English subtitles ;).
Jun 19, 12:24 PM

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What a dark and twisted episode. Barry is no comic relief here.
I like how the Anime community acts like a bunch of Commie hippies, "We the Anime community!"

It's just a bunch of different circlejerks who all hate each other and their own kind.
Nov 12, 4:47 PM

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Ed went from wanting to become a state alchemist, to risking losing his status, to giving it up in what, the span of 3 episodes? Lol, okay.

Anyway, I feel this episode sets up how this series feels more like a dark mystery thingy than a more optimistic shounen. I'm glad Ed acts his age, but where the hell was Al when Ed was fighting for his life? What a digital dummy!

&++ Barry doesn't give a Shrek that he's captured
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