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May 16, 2009 2:26 PM

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Please see the club front page for instructions on how to vote.

Compilation (zip format):

[IMEEM] [DDL] G Gundam - King of Hearts
[IMEEM] [DDL] Turn-A Gundam - Final shore ~ lo, the second advent arrives
[IMEEM] [DDL] Gunslinger Girl - TEMA IV
[IMEEM] [DDL] Soul Eater - harmoNIZE
[IMEEM] [DDL] Kara no Kyoukai "Fukan Fuukei" - M12+13
[IMEEM] [DDL] Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny - Kantai Shiki (Fleet Commander)

Notes: I wasn't able to locate a copy of the G-Gundam track, so those are just recorded straight off the IMEEM samples and converted to mp3 format, which means the quality might not be as great. I've uploaded a new version of the Appleseed EX track on the DDL version, but the one contained in the zip file is still my old IMEEM recording.

Let me know if you have issues.


[15 points] Appleseed EX MACHINA - SYNCHRONICITY - First Place
[13 points] Kara no Kyoukai "Fukan Fuukei" - M12+13 - Second Place
[12 points] Turn-A Gundam - Final shore ~ lo, the second advent arrives - Third Place
[9 points] Gunslinger Girl - TEMA IV
[8 points] G Gundam - King of Hearts
[5 points] Soul Eater - harmoNIZE
[3 points] Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny - Kantai Shiki (Fleet Commander)
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May 16, 2009 8:44 PM

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I guess I'll start the ball rolling. I'll label the track as being from a show I've seen or not, so as to allow the others to see my bias. Not grading my own recommendation as well.

G Gundam - King of Hearts (Have not watched, but I get the spirit of the show)
I like this track, since the only other pieces I've heard from G Gundam are the awesome but overplayed Meikyou Shisui, and Saikyou no Shou. But honestly speaking I don't feel this track fits my action label as well as Meikyou Shisui simply because of the feeling that it gives a "friendly duel" kind of vibe, therefore being less awesome for me.

Turn-A Gundam - Final shore ~ lo, the second advent arrives (Watched)
All that comes to mind when this track plays for me is Gym Ghinghnam and his KYOUDAIII awesome speech. It truly brings the ordered chaos of the Turn A ending to mind. Not to mention Gym and his own chaotic nature as well, fitting him all too well.
+2 for epitomising the scenes that it was played in.

Gunslinger Girl - TEMA IV (Watched, but memory fails me)
...How did I miss this piece? As mentioned by zzeroparticle, this is one frantic song, though I kind of forgot where it plays in the show. The starting violin part is trademark Sahashi, though I don't remember when he's used male choral before. The choral does fit the overall setting of the show, so I've no issues. Though I have to say, I thought the best part of the piece is when it settles into the show's main theme(due to my massive bias toward ansia from the same OST).
+1 for the really well done frantic violin and including the part that I dig most from the OST(In an action piece, no less!).

Appleseed EX MACHINA - SYNCHRONICITY (Have not watched)
Impressive, very impressive. It fits my notion of action to a T, it manages to be orderly enough to distinguish it from chaos, and it has its grandiose moments of which make it very listenable on its own for me. My only complaint is that the individual parts of the song do not mesh very well, which makes the little moment of silence somewhere down the middle really effective.
+2 for a really good first impression.

Soul Eater - harmoNIZE (Have not watched)
I'll be brutally honest here. I don't really have a good impression of Iwasaki's current venture into putting Tarantula(the voice in this song too, I presume) into his OSTs for listening to on their own. I forgave those when I heard that back in Gurren Lagann and Kekkaishi because the accompaniment was pretty good in those. This song lacks the great melodic background that came with the other two OSTs, trading it for a heavier rocking sound, and hence that leaves nothing I can appreciate. Sorry.

Kara no Kyoukai "Fukan Fuukei" - M12+13 (Watched the scene. Upteen times!)
I love this piece to bits. Though it's become kind of numb for me now due to getting used to the awesome. It's a really good showdown piece, and totally brings across the feeling of total annihilation since we needed to have a good look at the lead's abilities. But in fairness, the animation(spoilers warning!) helped it, a lot. Without it, the track becomes another standard Kajiura piece.
+1 for the awesomeness (surely my skewed view at work)!

N.B. I really regret not remembering Yuusou from the Shin Getter Robo OST to make a recommendation of it.
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May 17, 2009 5:45 AM

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G Gundam - King of Hearts (Have not watched, but I get the feeling) : Oh crap I should totally have nominated Nadesico OP ! This sounded classic, classy, heart-boiling, kinda old-school and nice. But I did not get, you know, the nekketsu. Too bad.

Turn-A Gundam - Final shore ~ lo, the second advent arrives (Have not watched but will) : chorus makes a O Fortuna effect but the song has a too narrow bandwidth, if you know what I mean. It starts high, stay high, finish high. No real variations. I have to feel a crescendo to have my blood boil. +1 cause chorus makes it right.

Gunslinger Girl - TEMA IV (Have not watched, but I have to) : this is a short piece of music, which is nice. I like the growing crescendo but I do not sense any action vibes. +1

Appleseed EX MACHINA - SYNCHRONICITY (Have not watched and won't) : this is maybe the most action-packed theme on the list, but it gives a RTS game soundtrack feeling, maybe because of the drums that do a military effect à la MGS. Next the song goes rock (?), a cut, and a intense theme ! I like this, very much. The only thing I have to complain about is the lack of any anime feeling, it's like it's been composed to appeal to an international audience. +3

Soul Eater - harmoNIZE (Have watched and disliked) : this is the particular type of soundtrack I hate. Totally new-shounen oriented, I hate people yelling (but it's fine if there is a chorus countering it). The sensation I get from this track is more of "emo" than of "action".

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny - Kantai Shiki (Have watched and appreciated) : this is also a military-oriented theme but gives a really powerful feeling of hugeness. But again it's more preparation to the battle than a actual fight. +1
May 17, 2009 5:59 AM
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Kouhei Tanaka - G Gundam - King of Hearts
This piece is classic Tanaka. It's very good.

Yoko Kanno - Turn-A Gundam - Final shore ~ lo, the second advent arrives
This piece is classic Kanno playing with an orchestra/choir with a few twists. Turn-A has a horn theme going so if that floats your boat then it would rock. To me, I've heard this way too many times.

Toshihiko Sahashi - Gunslinger Girl - TEMA IV
It's nice, smart, very pleasant. Not the best I've heard but tracks like this makes that OST one of the surprising things to the show.
+1 for nice feeling

Tetsuya Takahashi - Appleseed EX MACHINA - SYNCHRONICITY
I think both Iwasaki and Kanno are better at this. Still pretty nice I guess. Definitely the kind of music that makes you remember it, and goes well with a nice drive.
+1 for discovering something I might like

Taku Iwasaki - Soul Eater - harmoNIZE
It's arranged in a way where it works better in the show than on its own I think. Would be awesome if it starts layering and gets to be twice as long lol.
+1 for being different

Yuki Kajiura - Kara no Kyoukai "Fukan Fuukei" - M12+13
Very typical Kajiura with the "hey let's take the main theme line and FRACTALIZE!" going. Keeps the feeling well and is pretty good on its own.

Toshihiko Sahashi - Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny - Kantai Shiki
It's actually quite like the other Sahashi track, don't you think? Sure, it's building up for a different kind of feeling, and it's definitely not the same thing, but...
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May 17, 2009 10:41 AM

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A very solid week all in all and a great way to start things off. Yeah, I can't seem to emphasize that enough.

A condensed version of my thoughts:

G Gundam - King of Hearts: Awesome introduction. Really like the classic, old-school vibe you get out of the violins and that feeling is enhanced with the addition of the saxophone. Definitely a solid track that showcases a classic showdown between two chivalric badasses going at it. (7/10)

Turn-A Gundam - Final shore: Opening choral part grabs at you rather quickly. Loving the intensity and the overall sense of epicness. Comparisons to O Fortuna are definitely apt. I do like the shift around 2 minute mark as things calm down, but the undercurrent of tension remains until the crescendo comes around the 3-minute mark to bring back the aura of awesomeness. Why yes, I'm a sucker for these kinds of tracks. (9/10)

Gunslinger Girl - TEMA IV: Short and sweet with that violin part and the choral section which creates a sense of tension while utilizing one of the most memorable themes from the anime series (as humbug pointed out). A solid track that's aged well. I only wish it were just a bit longer since the ansia theme is so beautiful. (7/10)

Appleseed EX MACHINA - SYNCHRONICITY: Is someone seriously trying to channel Harry Gregson-Williams? Like Smankh mentioned, I'm really getting the Metal Gear Solid vibes, which is quite awesome. This track throws a lot of stuff at the listener while maintaining a high amount of intensity. The electric guitar entry as well as the electronica only hits the spot even more, offering a grandiose track that's thoroughly enjoyable. (9/10)

Soul Eater - harmoNIZE: Really in your face with its heavy beat, but at the end of the day, it's a track that I can appreciate but not one that I'll give repeat listens. The vocals do throw me off to some degree. Singer really comes off as being fierce and overbearing, which hits the theme really well even if it feels like an artillery barrage. That image makes the calm section appropriate (calm before the storm) before the barrage of vocals returns. Very intense track, just not one up my alley (6/10)

Kara no Kyoukai "Fukan Fuukei" - M12+13: Man, that dissonance brings out a lot of that tension in the beginning as you can get a feel for the chaos that continues during the introduction before the melody finally hits its stride. Rhythm heavy and definitely intense, but in a really beautiful way. The chorus part gives me goosebumps despite the fact that a lot of Kajiura action tracks are like this and yet, it never gets old. (8/10)

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny - Kantai Shiki: Same style with the violins setting the tension and it's pretty moody. The harmony works well even if it's just a bit on the repetitive side and I do like the sense as though you had some sort of messianic figure coming down from the heavens. Good solid pacing overall. (7/10)

So my point distribution:

(+3) Turn-A Gundam - Final shore - a sucker for epic, sweeping orchestrals.
(+2) Appleseed EX MACHINA - SYNCHRONICITY - a lot of variety and intensity.
(+1) Kara no Kyoukai "Fukan Fuukei" - M12+13 - haunting. beautiful.
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May 17, 2009 11:13 AM
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in a nutshell:

+2 g gundam
+2 soul eater
+1 appleseed
+1 kara no kyoukai
May 17, 2009 1:01 PM

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Disclaimer: I am not, nor ever have I been, nor ever will I be, a credible commentator on music. I listen to see if it just works or not (despite how "good" or "bad" it might be) and that's what my decision is based on. THen again, this *is music we're talking about, everyting's subject to bias. I'm going to top now before this turns into a meta post.

G-Gundam - King of Hearts

Unsurprisingly has that classic mecha feel to it. I haven't seen the show (or many other mecha shows for that matter) but there's always something baout these types of pieces that feels a bit off to me. It's not that good of an action piece to me since there isn't a feeling of tension in it.

Turn A Gundam - Final Shore

Wow, I can hardly believe that this was composed for an anime at all, let alone a mecha show. Amazing in every way. Powerful, sweeping, grand and epic, and I'm a sucker for operatic singing (see Libera me from hell). Only problem is that slow down around 2/3 of the way in, not so fitting for this week's category. I can see how it would work in the show though.

Gunslinger Girl - TEMA IV

I love Gunslinger Girl, and I love this track. But to me it feels more like a song of emotional turbulence than an action song. Not this week, I'm afraid.

Appleseed Ex Machina - Synchrocity

Absolutely awesome, completely fits the category this week as well as being great in and of itself. This has been said before, but it does feel like something that would come out of a video game. In any case, I love the mixture of styles (especially that shift about 90 seconds in) and the fact that it keeps up an exciting pace throughout. Makes me want to check out the Appleseed movie myself!

Soul Eater - harmoNIZE

Pales in comparison to two other songs on the list, at least melodicaly. But the song was used at some of the best moments in the series (moments I watched over and over again) and because of that I grew to love it. It's a chaotic, frantic, sonic assault on the ears, and I love that.

Kara no Kyoukai - M12 + M13

When I hear this track I think of some sort of beautiful madness. What really stands out to me is the flow that it has. A different way of looking at "action" and it works quite well.

Mobile Suit Gundam - Kantai Shiki

Nothing really makes an impression on me with this one. All the right elements are there but it just doesn't work for me.

Point allocation:

2 points - Turn A Gundam
2 points - Appleseed
2 points - Soul Eater (Tough decision between that and Kara no Kyoukai)
May 17, 2009 6:51 PM

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G Gundam - KING OF HEARTS: All I can really think of while listening to this is "GUNDAM FIGHT! READY?! GO!" (after the Shining Gundam has burst from the Statue of Liberty) so this gets a totally biased +2 sentimental vote.

Gunslinger Girl - TEMA IV: I am a Sahashi Toshihiko nut, and this sounds like Toshihiko at top form (or, at least, in the Simoun vein). Which basically means, as someone once said to me, that it sounds like he took three or four classical pieces and shoved them into 2 minutes. +2 because I am a sucker for violins.

Appleseed EX MACHINA - SYNCHRONICITY: The multitude of very different parts of the whole sound fine taken as individual pieces, but somehow the whole 4:24 doesn't flow very well for me. In fact, it almost sounds too discordant in places (which isn't bad, but it's quite disorienting coupled with the flow). Which, I suspect, is part of the point when the piece is used inside Appleseed, though.

Soul Eater - harmoNIZE: I have zero problem with metal, but this is more in-line with the nu-metal popular with the kids these days, and the shredding sonic assualt pattern is too unmelodic for it to really get my blood pumping the way it wants to get it.

Kara no Kyoukai - M12+13: I love Yuki Kajiura, so this is almost a no-brainer for me. I've not listened to the Kara no Kyoukai OSTs yet (other than Kalafina), but M12+13 is pretty Kajiura, and I give +2 to anything labeled "pretty Kajiura".

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny - Kantai Shiki: This falls under the Sahashi Toshihiko clause that TEMA IV did, although I was never a huge fan of most of his SEED work for whatever reason. Which is like eight entire discs of composing output.

In short: perhaps I have a huge bias towards more symphonic pieces here? The only song I didn't care for at all was harmoNIZE, though, so it's not like the others are BAD.
May 18, 2009 2:56 AM

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G Gundam - King of Hearts
A classic action piece that's used quite a bit in the series. Personally not my favorite from the score, and not as hot blooded as some of them, though it still gets the job done. Whenever listening to this track, all i can hear are Seki Tomokazu's (who voices Domon) action themed speeches, which are just perfect.

Turn A Gundam - Final Shore ~ Ah, the Second Coming is
Yoko Kanno doing her usual Yoko Kanno thing. Plenty epic and at the same time doing the job it should be doing for the action scenes at hand. I'll never forget the War of the Worlds theme going on in the third episode, which is followed nicely by this piece of music.

Gunslinger Girl - TEMA IV
I haven't listened to this score for quite a while, though this is one out of a handful of pieces that i'll never forget. The frantic atmosphere is just what you want to be hearing during such action scenes where you can't believe what you're saying. This is good Toshihiko Sahashi.

First time hearing this piece, and as far as action goes this is just what you'd expect to hear from the selection of action pieces that have been picked out. From start until finish, it's kind of like a roller coaster, and i'm sure that's probably how the action scene that the piece is used for plays out. Very impressive, especially like the second half. Will have to check the film out at some point.

Soul Eater - harmoNIZE
I end up agreeing with humbug23 on this one, and thus don't really form a strong opinion on it. It's a shame because Taku has done this in the past, and made a winning combo, though this time around it's not that at all. I felt the same way when i first heard it in the show.

Kara no Kyoukai "Fukan Fuukei" - M12+13
I still say to this day that Kajiura's work for the Kara no Kyoukai films is the level of Kajiura i've always wanted to hear, and that's summed up quite nicely with this piece. You just can't get better then this, especially in terms of action. I hope we do another action theme vote in the future, because there's a few pieces from the later films that i'd love to nominate.

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny - Kantai Shiki (Fleet Commander)
Very good Toshihiko Sahashi, i love his score for SEED Destiny. It doesn't have one over his SEED score, though he went at it on the same level. An impressive action piece, which you'll find on just about any of his works. I just love the build up from the start of the piece. It's one that never lets you go.
May 18, 2009 10:09 AM
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I don't have the time to write up a review on every track, so I'll just voice my opinion and whether I already heard the soundtrack before the track was nominated. Hope that is okay with everyone.

King of Hearts (new): It's OK, but nothing too extraordinary
Final shore ~ lo, the second advent arrives (already heard before): Yoko Kanno, what more do I have to say? +2
TEMA IV (already heard before): Neat theme, a bit short though. +1
SYNCHRONICITY (already heard before): I nominated it and still like it best of the bunch after all :-) +2!
harmoNIZE (already heard before): Not as awesome as the others, even not particularly disliking the vocals like humbug23 does
M12+13 (already heard before): Awesome. +1
Kantai Shiki (new): Good, but not as good as the others.
May 19, 2009 4:42 AM
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Lazy to write much, is it okay to just vote?

Kara no Kyoukai “Fukan Fuukei” - M12+13: +3
It might sound just like most other Kajiura tracks, but personally I find it more interesting than the usual orchestral percussions that most action themes employ.

Gunslinger Girl - TEMA IV: +1

May 19, 2009 7:46 AM

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Yeah, I've no issues with people just voting, but I will be a stickler for people distributing all 6 points. You've only distributed 5 :p
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May 20, 2009 4:02 PM
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Ah it was intentional... I just thought that I couldn't quite spend the last point >< I'll try to use it all next time.
May 22, 2009 8:29 AM

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G Gundam - King of Hearts (watched) - I remember this song fondly, and start feeling it when the strings kick in, followed by the brass and so on. It's solid stuff and I can feel the heart in it, though it would be better if there were people being epic on top of it. +1

Turn-A Gundam - Final shore ~ lo, the second advent arrives (have not watched)
Is it wrong if I say this is epic, but not epic enough? While I tend to like songs like this, this doesn't really grab me, and feels like it needs something more. Kanno does better stuff than this.

Gunslinger Girl - TEMA IV (watched) - A nice tension filled piece that also incorporated some of what I'd call the main theme into it. Uses it's dynamics wisely, but I also feel like it can include something extra. +1

Appleseed EX MACHINA - SYNCHRONICITY (have not watched) - Fast and frenetic, but somewhat jumbled and inconsistent. I need to see the movie to see if it's just matching what's happening in the movie, but the constant changes of themes makes it seem like they're trying to combine like four songs into one. And it works, but it was annoying to hear themes that I liked abruptly stopped as they went into a theme that I didn't like. Still, would listen to it again. +1

Soul Eater - harmoNIZE (partially watched) - Enjoyed the change at around 1:55 before going back into the main melody. I think there are better songs on the soundtrack, but I do like how thing seems to come to a climax at the end of the song. Shame that I like the last minute more than the first two, but would listen to it again.

Kara no Kyoukai "Fukan Fuukei" - M12+13 (watched) - It's not really too fair, since this is also one of my favorite pieces from last year, especially when coupled with the animation following it. I like Omisyth's "beautiful madness" description to it, and though it's typical Kajiura, I love what she does with the main theme here as it becomes less controlled madness and more controlled flow and being calm on the battlefield on the part of Shiki. Or something like that. I consider this variation on the main KnK theme Shiki's "battle theme", since you here this variation anytime she fights. Also a Kajiura fanboy like OGT, so yeah. +2

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny - Kantai Shiki (Fleet Commander) (have not watched) - Desperation and urgency are what I hear from this song, and I enjoy it, especially the string flourishes in going back to the main theme. Reminds me that I need to get the soundtrack, as Sahashi does great stuffs (also did Gunslinger Girl's 1st season OST, so there you go). +1

Dividing 6 points is hard. :P
Also worrying how that's going to work as more songs come up. :P

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May 24, 2009 12:14 AM

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Aaaand the votes are closed. See the first post for an update!
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