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Poll: Revolutionary Girl Utena Episode 33 Discussion

Aug 17, 3:31 PM
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Can't say I cared for how they structured this episode, to have such big moments between recaps.

Utena really showed her naivety with that last line, but why did she wear make-up and a dress for the first time if all she was planning to do was get some roses?

During the few scenes between flashbacks Utena you could see Utena grow more and more uneasy, so even if she wanted something more to happen at first I don't think she did by the end.
Sep 11, 6:13 AM

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It's fucked up because Akio (an adult) took advantage of Utena's naiveté (who is, again, a middle school student). Not because she's not a virgin anymore. And while it's unfortunate that she wasn't smarter, she's not to blame for this.

Unsettling episode. I really like that this show took some risks, and I'm not just talking about this episode. For example, in most anime (especially those aimed at otaku audiences), it's very rare for you adult characters to ever even be in a relationship, let alone have sex. Probably because the production comittees are afraid that they won't be able to sell enough figures and dakimakura if the viewer's waifu isn't a virgin or is in a relationship. Well, unless it's the main love interest, sometimes. (Of course, I'm just speculating, and I realize that I'm oversimplifying things.)
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Oct 9, 7:06 AM

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That was unexpected, and what a mindblowing episode.
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