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May 2, 2009 7:57 AM

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So we now know that the Selecaos are each given 10 billion yen to "save Japan" and can spend it in anyway they want if they think it will help.

So what would you do? What do you think you could do to help save your country? And what does it even mean to "save" it? Is Mr. Outside implying they have to create some kind of utopian society? Is that even possible to create with money? Canyou even make some perfect society when each country is so affected by what's going on in the rest of the world?

Or would you just spend it on a crap load of fun stuff for yourself, leave the country and hope the Supporter doesn't find you too soon? I think I might go for that option. ¬_¬

Roughly, 10 billion Yen =

67 million pounds sterling

100 million US Dollars

137 million Australian Dollars

3.3 billion Russian Rubles

It sounds a lot, but thinking about it, most US blockbusters are made for more than 100 million USD. Is it really enough to do what Mr. Outside wants?
May 2, 2009 7:58 AM
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100 million US Dollars

Donate all of my money to save the turtles.
May 2, 2009 9:09 AM
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Rewt said:
100 million US Dollars

Donate all of my money to save the turtles.

May 2, 2009 9:33 AM
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Make more money with the 10 billion yen ('cept 1 yen since I don't want to die). lol
May 2, 2009 11:15 AM
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Nothing that wouldn't get The Supporter on my case.

Thx Kina.
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May 2, 2009 6:20 PM

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10 billion yen to save Japan is actually not enough.

If I become a Selecao, I will use it wisely since the gamer dies when the amount reaches zero. In other words, one can only live as long as not getting killed by other Selecao and also avoid using up the entire amount of the money. A very tough life..

As to how I will use it..

May 5, 2009 2:33 AM

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Well, I would obviously turn it into more money through the abuse of Juiz... which has strangely not come up yet in the story (but this show does have a lot of moments that challenge your suspension of disbelief).

Since I don't know enough about Japan to attempt to save them, I'll just apply this to America.

I'd probably start with the basics. I would use the money to fund the re-education of teachers and the improvement of schools. I'd make sure every child has a strong eligibility for education starting from infant ages. I'd make sure parents are at hope more often and are held more accountable for the education of their children than they currently are. Ultimately, I'd be aiming to restructure the morals of the people and their sense of responsibility (to themselves, their communities, their nation).

I'd probably use Juiz to find out the entire truth behind all the falsehood and corruption within the American political system and Wall Street. And, I'd use Juiz to kill and make an example of the individuals involved with any scandals. I'd also find a way to take any and all of their accumulated wealth and redistribute it back to those who they fundamentally stole it from.

I'd then address the role of religion in American politics by removing religion from politics entirely. If that means funding and rigging the election for multiple presidential terms, so be it. I'd also aim to gradually decrease the reliance the American population has on religion. Ultimately, I would aim to remove the influence of religion from education, medical research, marraige laws, and society in general.

Then, I'd move onto addressing health care and the general lifestyle. I'd probably need to restructure the economic system surrounding McDonalds and similar businesses. I'd have to change the mindset where they are always looking to expand and sell more food because it's simply not healthy. They should just be aiming to supply for the demand under the context of good health. I'd have to make sure that everyone, regardless of wealth, has affordable access to every medical procedure required to sustain their life (if they want to sustain it).

I'll also need to look at the entire pharmaceutical industry because there must be a fuck ton of corruption there. I'll probably put huge restrictions on the consumption of alcohol as well as the use of cigarettes among other, addiction inducing things. I'd probably look into legalizing marijuana. I would probably need to demolish a number of large and overly influential pharmaceutical companies that are obviously pushing products not for the good of human kind but for the depth of their pockets.

Then, I would need to look at research regarding global warming and the general decline of planet earth. I'd dump huge amounts of money into the funding of alternative energy research, ocean preservation / research, climate control, and other, related practices.

Then, I'd dump large amounts of money into updating the cities of America and developing programs that keep the quality of life at a high peak regardless of individual income. I'd look at updating public communal spaces, city planning, zoning, transportation, etc.

I'd dump massive amounts of money into the space program (and science in general) because I think it's overdue and needed. Rather than have a floating hunk of junk in space, I would develop real and useful space stations. I'd develop programs to clean the crap we've left out in space up. I'd make exploring other planets and the viability of expansion past our native planet (even if it just means stand-alone space colonies) a top priority.

I'd spend massive amounts of money in developing a global allied army that recruits, pays, and educates soldiers from every country. I'd make my best efforts to drop the general amount of munitions spread through the general population (so yes, probably stricter gun laws). Ultimately, it would just be a better version of the UN.

And a lot more. But I think that's the general idea.

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May 5, 2009 6:44 AM

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$100mn? I think it might be enough if you make sure to get other people involved. 100 million dollars just doesn't buy what it used to.

Anyway, I'd invest in research in a range of technology, specifically virtual reality, artificial intelligence (or at least self improving software), direct human interface devices (devices that interpret and respond to nerve impulses), advanced computer hardware and nanotechnology (these last two are simply to make the others more effective). I would not necessarily follow the same steps depending on how the technology comes to use, but the result would probably be the same.

I would begin as soon as artificial intelligence technology was sufficiently developed. I would use intelligence programs to manipulate financial markets for huge amounts of money. I would use said money to bring about the development of robots (probably not humanoid...) for standard manufacturing technology and (in the name of charity) spread advanced virtual reality systems to as many people as possible across the globe (including advancing infrastructure in underdeveloped countries). I would use money, production capabilities and artificial intelligence to control political processes and prevent broad opposition from possibly arising. I would then push to replace the full world's workforce with robots, or at least medically. I would then develop another virtual reality system that could directly input and receive sensory information from the user. I would then begin to distribute it to the entire world. After as many people as possible had it, I would then entrust humanity to an artificial intelligence and cause the virtual reality systems to create a personal lotus eater machine for every person on Earth. And that's a true lotus eater machine, in which every person is actually fine being themselves and is genuinely happy, not one of the ones that you see where it's just what people think they want and they aren't really happy with it. And at that point the old world ceases to exist, the new world begins and everything is fine.

And before you start saying what an awful thing that would be, know that it is impossible for something to be unconditionally real or unconditionally true. If you don't know about it, it doesn't exist. If you don't remember it, it didn't happen. Nothing exists except that which you can sense and imagine. The only reality is that which you believe is real.
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May 5, 2009 10:35 AM

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Saving Europe before it's too late, The arabs will turn it into Eurabia.
May 5, 2009 4:56 PM

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Dizzmaux said:
Saving Europe before it's too late, The arabs will turn it into Eurabia.


You're joking right?

*checks Dizzmaux profile page*

Well according to that wiki page, 3-4% of the Swedish population is now muslim/aram. Zomg, who knows how much longer you have!
May 5, 2009 5:31 PM

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1) Build Gundams
2) Colonize the moon.
3) ???
4) Saved Japan
May 6, 2009 9:14 AM

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Uh you know where I live $100 million isn't really that much so I can't practically do extraordinary things like "save my country" even if I had more money it's already to late to save it since everyone is corrupted >.>

but now that I think about it I could just kill all those who rule the country and replace them with new ones specially trained to "make things better" but like hell that won't work anyway
or maybe I could just waist money on random things and wait for the supporter to come and kill me ^^

May 7, 2009 5:45 AM

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Kill the supporter then have Juiz manipulate the stock markets for more money. Then I'd buy the planet.
May 7, 2009 12:57 PM

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groovymatt said:

Roughly, 10 billion Yen =

67 million pounds sterling

100 million US Dollars

137 million Australian Dollars

3.3 billion Russian Rubles

First off I'm appaled that you didn't add Euro to that little list of yours.

Second, that much money is incomprehensible for 'normal' people like us. Tho I must admit that I'm very curious to see how the 'Messiah' in the anime are going to spend all that money.

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May 10, 2009 4:19 PM

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blow up the planet.
May 10, 2009 4:38 PM

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Dizzmaux said:
Saving Europe before it's too late, The arabs will turn it into Eurabia.

Lol, I just discovered another funny conspiracy theory, this one being islamophobic. Quite entertaining, like all silly conspiracy theories.

Oh and 10 Billion Yen = 74 984 975 Euro. (Yeah I used Google)
May 10, 2009 4:56 PM

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Hm...$100 million, eh?

Good person Way:

Weaboo way:

Alyssa Way (...I'm Alyssa...):

Nah, I'd prolly buy a tablet that works :D

*hetaliafigureines...* GODDAMN YOU WEABOO WAY!

Onegai said:
blow up the planet.

^ Support that 109%
May 17, 2009 12:54 PM

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Khdou said:
10 billion yen? First thing I'd do is get right on converting it to USD....

btw, if you think about it, Bill Gates and all those other rich people have $60 Billion USD, which is like, 6 TRILLION YEN!! And what have they been doing to help our society?

Gates has helped, by releasing mosquitoes onto unspecting citizens!
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May 17, 2009 2:08 PM

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Onegai said:
blow up the planet.

Agree, its the only way to save the majority from further corruption :<

May 23, 2009 7:08 AM

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With 10 billion yen, I will make good use of it to fulfill the objectives of being the Messiah. Not sure how Juiz will manage it but I have specific locations as to where to fire those sweet cruise missiles. To obtain peace and prosperity, maintain balance and order, some things are essential and necessary.

10 billion yen is actually a very small amount when it comes to fulfilling that sort of an objective but as long as you use the money carefully and make precise calculations, it should work out. Generally, as long as the objective is obtained before spending all of the money while making sure that the other 11 Selecaos won't interfere with your own plans sounds easy but is actually quite a difficult task, not that it isn't possible.

Considering that members of the Selecao are selected in a rather mysterious process, most of them aren't even willing to carry out their mission and fulfill their objectives imply that these people will be nothing but trouble. At the same time, as long as that they aren't breaking any of the rules and that you are not the supporter, removing them is out of the question. Thus, the difficulty of fulfilling the task at hand while ensuring that it won't conflict with the actions of the other members is actually quite high.

First of all, at least a billion yen shall be made to fix the economy by all means necessary. This step requires careful planning on my part and perfect coordination is obviously offered by Juiz. If all goes well, the economy shall be repaired with 1.5 billion yen of the 10 billion yen but just this alone cannot fulfill the objective itself.

Secondly, the right action would be to force a general election and obtain political stability in which the leaders of the nation be united and strong. Selecao cannot do anything if the government is hit by internal strife and divided policies, as well as unrealistic approaches. Selecao is merely a backup support system that relies on multiple factors in order to reach the ultimate objective of reviving the nation towards a direction of peace and prosperity, while maintaining balance and order.

Considering the number of different voices in the government and opposition, political stability is supposedly out of the question but thankfully.. This is where Selecao intervenes and changes the structure of the political body from the core. Generally, a chunk of the 10 billion yen shall be pushed towards bribing politicians to cooperate and unite under one banner. And if they are not going to cooperate, they shall remove as threats to the mission. Juiz will carry that out.

By then, there should be a little more than 4 billion yen left. A chunk of this remaining amount shall be used as part of the social welfare's new promotion in which it helps the poor and ones in need but it shall be done in a way that Selecao is uninvolved implying that another small piece of the money shall be used to bribe the officials at the social and welfare department to cooperate and the ones unwillingly to do so for some illogical reason shall be removed as obstacles to the mission. Juiz will carry that out.

After all that, I should still have about 2 billion yen and a bit more. Based on how things turn out after carrying out those steps above, the remaining money shall be used cautiously. Although the plans sound pretty good but if it fails, it generally means that I am willing to accept death. Like Hiura had failed, perhaps.. The vague task handed out by Mr. Outside had some sort of trick conspiracy to it in which even the successful Selecao will be removed, so that the entire mission will be covert and hidden forever. Generally, both success or failure may lead to only path which is death. Even so, there will always be people willing to join Selecao as that this is quite an ultimate challenge that enable you change the direction of the nation in a positive light by all means necessary.

May 27, 2009 11:21 PM

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Blow it all off and screw over as many people as possible until I kick the bucket, start a nuclear war for the lulz, research how to summon the great Cthulhu, etc...
May 28, 2009 12:09 AM

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I think I've answered something like this before. lolz. Again, I'd buy all the rights to Haruhi.
Aug 29, 2009 7:06 AM
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I will just have to become Kira and save Japan that way from all the corrupted politics. Oh and Juiz will be my Shinigami.
Oct 24, 2009 1:05 PM

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Use that money to hire assassins and kill every god-damn corrupt politician that hinders the progress of my country.

Then use the rest of the money to get myself in politics and rule the country >:) Obviously to get real progress. Not just to play "Leader,Leader" XD

And use rest of the money to buy an Anime Company. XD

Oct 24, 2009 8:28 PM

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I'd give every single person in the world $.01 and say I helped!

lol, but no...

I'd buy a nuke, strap it to my back, have it armed, and dare people to mess with me >:D who needs money when no one in their right mind will lift a finger to stop you?

Dec 18, 2009 10:01 AM
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What does saving the country have anything to do with money?
I think what the world really needs is love. And... can't buy me loveeeeee~
So I'll just get Juiz to tell everyone to chill out and love each other.

After winning the game, I'll use the money to buy myself a boat and some candy.
Mar 1, 2010 11:34 PM
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probably spend it on hookers, gamble it, high class lifestyle, etc.
Aug 12, 2010 7:49 AM

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i'd make obama do the moonwalk

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Aug 15, 2010 7:02 PM
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clannad4ever said:
i'd make obama do the moonwalk

Jul 19, 2011 2:06 AM

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Too bad he couldn't have it all in cash. I'd roll around naked in that shit. Just kiddings.

I'd probably travel a whole hell of a lot and eat a lot of lobster. You knw the good life. (;
Mar 22, 2012 10:03 AM

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Buy an anthropoid dog and cat like the ones in Wanko to kurasou. That's 60,000 pounds gone. I would then use 100,000 pounds investment into virtual reality. This would not be your average stuff, but actually feel and have it seem like you're in an anime. I would keep the rest and invest when need be. xD
Mar 25, 2012 11:58 AM
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A huge fucking shopping spree
Jul 3, 2012 7:30 AM
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Khdou said:
10 billion yen? First thing I'd do is get right on converting it to USD....

btw, if you think about it, Bill Gates and all those other rich people have $60 Billion USD, which is like, 6 TRILLION YEN!! And what have they been doing to help our society?

didn't he set up charities and stuff?
Jul 5, 2012 5:00 PM

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If we were to go by the show's rules, I'd use it to find any corruption in the US government ( Since I don't live in Japan ) and eliminate it completely. That's a good start imo. What I do after that depends on the effects of ending the corruption.

Now, if it were just $100 million to spend on anything the first thing I'd do is hire a financial advisor to give me advice on how to properly invest and grow my money. Then I'd spend probably around $20-30 million on cars, a house, and whatever fun stuff I can think of.
Jul 5, 2012 5:02 PM

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a part I'll buy anime and manga merchandise, manga, some music. other mart I donate for people that don't have enough to live and other part I will invest in something. other part I trader to europe and japan.
Aug 18, 2013 11:24 PM

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Save 60% of cash. Give 5% to SHAFT, 5% to Gainax, 5% to Nisio Isin. 25% to my family.
Feb 13, 2014 8:04 PM
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I'd donate some to the poor and use the remaining money to travel the world.
Feb 13, 2014 8:14 PM

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Retire and use the money for the rest of my life