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Poll: Code Geass - Hangyaku no Lelouch Episode 22 Discussion

Jun 21, 2010 4:03 AM
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''Kill every japanese'' what a tragedy... It's too much for my thought..
Jun 23, 2010 2:59 PM

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SamTheNayru said:

This was so shocking.... D:

Y'all know, it's wonderful because it's terrible.
Sep 20, 2010 4:58 AM

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Why is everyone so shocked at Lelouch's mistake? He's made some pretty silly slip-ups in the past... (e.g., leaving that letter in Shirley's room even after taking the precautions of brainwashing her and telling everyone "Oh -- we're in a fight. Go with it.", getting his helmet stolen by ARTHUR THE PUSSYCAT, having his identity revealed to about 3 people when he was unconscious, etc. etc.)

Lelouch is no Light, that is for sure. Plus, Lelouch has that "flair for the dramatic" (the ridiculous Zero helmet and warlock cape), that it make perfect sense that he would want to boast about his Geass. He's probably pissed that he has to keep it quiet.

Not such a shocking twist for me. Even a bit predictable and melodramatic. But then again, I never cared for Euphemia, and I have watched a lot of mecha/military anime.
Sep 30, 2010 9:37 PM

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PrincessAruri u just seem to be hating on code geass damn!
the Euphemia thing has to be the biggest screw up it was a genocide after all
Oct 22, 2010 10:00 PM

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STM said:

This was so shocking.... D:

Nov 2, 2010 10:28 AM
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Blamoo said:
STM said:

This was so shocking.... D:



I've watched this 20 min ago and I still have tears in my eyes. This episode got me glued to the screen but I don't know if I loved it or hated it. It was brilliant to say the least but it was shocking and upsetting as well. And to happen when Lelouch actually had agreed to try and go along the peaceful way... Damn it. Why did the geass get out of control...

And for people talking about the convenience of the plot twist... If you start rationalizing it, everything is convenient. Why did it end up being the son of the Emperor who had a grudge agaisnt Britannia to receive the geass. Wasn't that convenient? It's a story! Besides, it's not like this came out of nowhere. It was hinted twice: 1. Mao's power being permanent; 2. Earlier in this episode, when Lelouch told the nobleman to go kill himself. The geass wasn't working properly and Lelouch even closed his eye. And also, I don't think anyone was expecting it. I sure wasn't.

It's Lelouch's fault but yet at the same time it isn't. He didn't want to do it. He's nothing like Light from Death Note. He cares about people and doesn't just kill everyone in his way. He tries to reach his goal, yes, but he tries to do it with the minimal losses. He also doesn't want to be like a god and this episode made it clear. I feel so bad for him. And also for Euphie... Poor girl, I kinda liked her. She was naive and innocent but she was actually intelligent and she was working towards her goal.

And the Emperor... What the hell does that guy know and how does he know it? What's the "Thought Elevator"?
Also, what happened with CC and Suzaku?

Damn this episode. I'm totally depressed but I love this anime more than ever.
Dec 28, 2010 8:20 PM

Joined: Jul 2010
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Seeing Lulu tear up is heartbreaking. This whole Geas thing is getting to him emotionally now. Poor guy. :(

But I guess he can make use of this massacre now. And that Emperor, he's a mystery.
Dec 29, 2010 1:09 PM

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I haven't had an "OMG....NOOOOO" feeling since I watched the final few episodes of Berserk years and years ago. This is messed up....I felt really bad for Lulu...the freakin' orchestrated drama is going to kill me. Thanks show creators T_T
Jan 18, 2011 11:31 AM

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Hm... I'm really torn about this.
I understand where people are coming from when they say this was a weak plot twist
"Oh, hey, I could order you example....what can I think of? Kill the Japanese..! Oh noes, Geass was active!"

It truly felt a bit forced. BUT on the other hand, the plot twist was so unexpected and shocking that I kind of quickly forgot about the weird way it had happened.

I think despite its being ridiculously constructed, it made for quite some heartwrenching drama.

Come to think of it, Lelouch has wrecked so many lives, wow. (Not counting the dead ones, which would probably count a bazillion.)
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Jan 24, 2011 6:48 AM

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OMG! I CAN'T BELIEVE! I CAN'T BELIEVE! only one word can descriebe this episode: AWESOME! and Lulu cring at the ending was very touching. Also, one of the best episodes that made me so curious. Love it 5/5

Feb 9, 2011 5:08 PM

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I can't believe it!!! I wasn't expecting a genocide in this episode
Feb 14, 2011 10:00 AM
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Mar 20, 2011 8:20 AM

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ok.. i'm rewatching the whole series a year after i first saw it and i'm seeing things differently from what i used to. I have watched tons more anime since then, so I think my judgment has changed dramatically.
I still believe that the twist was kinda stupid.. but on the same time it was brilliant as well. With great power comes great responsibility, right? So that's the cost Lulu had to pay sooner or later.. He had it coming, cause he wasn't walking a saint's path and surely this couldn't have ended peacefully. However tragic and shocking that twist might have been, it was a major hit to his egoism and his superiority complex. Sure he feels superior cause he's on top of the pyramid, let's face it, he's brilliant, but he had already crossed the acceptable line and there's no coming back from there. He surely knew that. It's a pity draging all those other innocent people down with him, but that is common to happen in situations like that.
So I'm sorry I rated this episode with 1/5 a year before. It would surely be a 4 or even 5/5 now, if I could change it.
“In a mad world, only the mad are sane.”Akira Kurosawa
Jun 1, 2011 6:59 PM
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Realmente shockeante
Jun 2, 2011 1:57 AM

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::jaw drops:: 0_0
Jun 8, 2011 8:46 PM
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Well... that's an interesting development, if anything.

I feel this episode is best summed up with: OSHI-
Jul 14, 2011 7:54 PM

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Even though a friend spoiled to me about this, it was still shocking to watch. ;n;

Not that Lulu hasn't made really bad mistakes before, it's just this is the whopper of em all.

I really hate when an author presents you with a golden apple of endings but then it explodes in your face because it's too cliche or something and the story needed a twist. And yet I love it too...>>" I think there were other ways to have a twist but this way was perhaps one of the most shocking and gut-wrenching, so all in all, a brilliant play in storyline on the author's part.

What happens next I wonder?!
Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere. -Carl Sagan
Jul 16, 2011 8:01 AM

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Fucking Euphemia! as in jfhajkhfuasdhfjdfjka *shocks*.
Jul 16, 2011 9:08 PM

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Wow, what a mind blowing episode 0_o

Jul 21, 2011 1:14 PM

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ridiculously awesome
Aug 6, 2011 4:23 AM

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neariver said:
WTFFFFF, Stupid Lelouch making this kind of mistake!!!!

Poor Euphie.
Sep 17, 2011 12:47 AM

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What have you done, Lelouch?
Sep 20, 2011 11:28 AM
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Hope that Lelouch won't end up liek him. I don't want to be not able to control his Geass.
Sep 28, 2011 7:04 PM

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OMG. Lelouch crying at the end killed me. HE LOVES EUPHEMIA SO MUCH. Did you see how sad he was when Nunally told him that Suzaku and Euphy love each other?!

Lelouch and Euphemia forever. Forget Suzaku in this case, he's great but Lelouch LOVES Euphemia.

Poor Lelouch. I HATE C.C. WHAT'S WRONG WITH HER?!?!?!?! SHE SHOULD HAVE STOPPED IT! Agh! Euphy, so pure and beautiful, changed..

WOW. I didn't see that coming at all. I love Code Geass. It's breaking my heart, but that's exactly why it's amazing.

Lelouch is no Light, I see that clearly now. He makes mistakes, he has relationships, he actually CARES for others. Much different and more realistic than Light's 'god' figure. Mind = BLOWN
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Oct 16, 2011 9:54 AM
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And this can ALL be traced back to C.C.
Oct 21, 2011 12:14 AM

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What a great twist! I really thought that they would work together. I mean, they showed his geass acting up by I thought something would happen on the last episode maybe not this one.

Also, the emperor was talking about Lelouch I'm pretty sure. I think it must have something with how the emperor was so interested in those relics which resembled geass... and C.C. didn't tell Lelouch the full story of his powers and the consequences.

Oh and wtf about how they keep mentioning how he wants to find his mom's killer but they haven't hinted at ANYTHING or any leads that he might have.
Oct 25, 2011 6:12 AM

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OMG........................................................Euphie is under the control of geass now.Did they really had to do this,couldn't they end it after they started working for a new country,i mean don't go ruining euphie's image..but i will accept that istill loved the drama & this marks the end of my emotional comment!
Nov 5, 2011 7:49 PM

Joined: Oct 2010
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Yeah, I didn't really like how this episode turned out. It's way too convenient to just turn everything on its head because of a little joking utterance by Lelouch. And then even though he gave an inadvertent order to Euphie, he was unable to give any further instruction or to cancel the order.

Actually, that is my main gripe with this show. I often find the plot to be very convenient at times. Like when that bomb was rigged above Nunally, we're just told the blast radius is about 500 or 600 meters minimum, exactly the maximum range that the bad guy can read minds at. Apparently the fact that the place is underground would offer no protection to someone above ground, or someplace else close in another room.

Or when Mao gets shot by a firing squad of policy, overkill by anyone's standards, he miraculously is alive and totally fine a little while later thanks to technological advances? If that's possible, then nobody else should be dying from a single gunshot would or 2.

I could go on... It's still a good entertaining show, but it just doesn't compare to Death Note, where almost all of the plot events seemed very believable even to the point where I usually thought that they were the only possible outcomes.
Nov 25, 2011 3:52 AM

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I am depressed now. ;__________;

I hate the fact that something this bad happened just because Lelouch was saying a joke while his geass conveniently malfunctioned. Glitch = Japanese people killed. IT'S JUST SO ASDFGHJKL SUDDEN ._____.

Lelouch crying at the end was just ;~;
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Dec 10, 2011 11:13 PM

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theberserker said:
I woke up this morning and found out that episode 22 is available^^.

Yea this episode was really depressing, and i didn't expect it to go that far. I knew for a fact that Euphie's ideal was going to fail eventually, but for Lelouch to be the cause of it it's another story. Also Somehow watching this episode i feel it ultimately labeled Lelouch as the "Bad Guy", even though he never intented things to happen that way but his meddling ruined the objective that the japanese wanted to reach. Now I wonder what's going to happen if Lelouch's friends one day realize that were all lelouch doing. Lelouch has really killed a lot of people already both japanese and britannia, and a guy like him i feel there's a great posibility that he won't survive at the end of this serie.

I'm disgusted by Euphie's carefree way of ordering the soldiers to kill those japanese, although its partly Zero's fault, but it is awesome in a way, although I feel bad for those who died.. Damn Suzaku, fainted at a wrong timing, he could probably stop Euphie before she orders her soldiers.. I kinda starting to like his changes after he work as Euphie's bodyguard again, but now, I'm hating him!!
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Dec 15, 2011 8:36 AM
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This was one of the best anime's I'd ever seen til I watched this episode.... I cant believe that happened I wouldnt have minded lelouch not working with her but to make it so he makes it so she kills so much people and that she ends up dying made it so bad...
Mar 3, 2012 1:35 AM

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With tears in his eyes, he orders the death of his first love. Years after watching this for the first time, this episode is still as great as it was the first time.
Mar 11, 2012 3:25 PM

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When I finished this episode, my impression was, "That was quite an impactful Wham Episode, but it was poorly scripted in its overreliance on the convenient malfunctioning of Lelouch's Geas and his offhand remark that he could order Euphemia to kill the Japanese. It set the stage for the season's climax at the expense of its own credibility."

But then I bounced that scene around in my mind awhile, and connected a couple of other scenes from the past:

- In episode 9, Lelouch stops a group of Britannians from beating a Japanese hot dog vendor by commanding them, "You guys are bored with beating up Elevens, aren't you?"
- Then, earlier in episode 22, Lelouch stops a Britannian noble from beating a Japanese boy by commanding his hired hand, "You should be getting home, don't you think?" Same command in structure, same command in tone.
- But this is where the scenes diverge. After the scene in episode 9, Kallen rushes to the hot dog vendor as Lelouch stands by indifferently; that is, Lelouch does nothing.
- Now, after the scene in episode 22, as the noble is hurrying after his hired hand, Lelouch proactively calls him back with the taunt, "What's the matter, Mr. Nobleman? You mistake a hired hand's strength for your own." Without any response from the noble, Lelouch commands, "You should just go off and die--" And then, before he can finish, he covers his eye. For the first time in the series, Lelouch stops a command mid-command.

In the space between episodes 9 and 22, something happened. Faced with nearly-identical situations, Lelouch acted in a fundamentally different way. The incident with the noble wasn't about his Geas acting defectively -- it was about his own mind acting defectively. With the continued use of his power, the escalation of the Black Knights' rebellion, and the growing strain of his non-Zero relationships, he simply became a different person.

And when he was forced to reach an accord with Euphemia -- who he called "his most worthy opponent" -- a hint of megalomania touched him. How could someone be on higher footing, or even equal footing, with Zero? And so, he made it clear to Euphemia what he could've done. Kill Suzaku -- something that both Lelouch and Euphemia knew would be unthinkable for her to do. But perhaps even more unthinkable would be for her to "kill all Japanese." The words coming from Lelouch's mouth weren't random. But were they calculated? Probably not -- for a moment, Lelouch lost hold of his analytical powers. And that was his downfall.

Now how does that explain the behavior of the Geas? That question may look silly to someone who's gone through the rest of R1 and R2, and I'll obviously find out over the course of 28 episodes whether or not that question is answered. Maybe it was Suzaku's contact with CC. Or maybe it was just a simple result of Lelouch's mental state, culminating at that moment. But I'm confident that, thematically, this episode had more to do with Lelouch's psyche than his Geas.

I really wish I had watched this episode back in 2007... V_V
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Mar 22, 2012 7:31 AM

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Omg. What have you done to Euphy. D:
Mar 22, 2012 2:48 PM
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This episode literally had me stunned. But it was a comlete accident on Lulu's side. This ruined everything.
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Apr 3, 2012 10:12 AM
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Don't you just love it when all of a sudden things blow up completely in anime? :D
Apr 6, 2012 11:32 PM

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Time to go watch a happy anime~~~~
This shit is getting too intense~~~
Apr 21, 2012 9:38 PM

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Oh man, I literally jumped out of my seat going "oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit" when the critical event occurred.

So am I the only one that actually found this episode enjoyable? I mean absolute despair in somewhat mainstream(?) anime (of course, this opinion may and most likely not true, since my powerlevel is kind of pathetic) is quite rare. And Putting the "totally coincidental malfunction" of the geass aside, peeps shouldn't sympathize with Euphemia too much, this event has made this series 10 times more interesting. I mean, this ambitious plan of taking on 1/3 of the world by you and a few handful of members isn't going to be smooth. There are variables that constantly may or not affect your plans. And sadly, Euphemia's case was one of those variables that affected his plans. Drastically.

But meh, since this actually helps Lelouch (despite the unfortunate events) take a giant step forward. I'm all for it. This episode that is. We can't have it all chocolates and cakes. It will be interesting on how Lelouch will handle this situation. And that reason alone is probably why I liked found this compelling. (Don't want to sound too cruel, and this thread seems sensitive about this).
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Apr 27, 2012 5:20 PM

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Lelouche, you really outdid yourself...

It was a fabulous episode... in terms of story.

Well, didn't really like Euphie, so I wish she had died instead of going under influence... Poor girl. Sucks that the Geass doesn't have the power to reverse its order. Atleast he can use it to his advantage, Lelouche can.
Jun 11, 2012 10:35 PM
Joined: Jun 2012
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Richard_Omega said:
i am shocked after watching that episode... shocked as in WTF WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED

we now know that lelouch cant turn his geass off, and that his friends... even his allies will go under it if he reveals his face... which he will doubtly do.

C.C is also affected by the geass, meaning that she has some sort of connection to it, and that there is more meaning to the contract that lulu and C.C bonded together.

i kind of expected euphie to kick the geass off, and resist to it, but i guess that was not possible. it was a really cool episode.

I definitly agree with u about Euphy , I feel that she will kick the geass off .............But What happened to suzako when he toushed C.C ???
Jun 15, 2012 7:16 PM

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And here it came, the first of two reasons I can no longer listen to the 2nd ED of Code Geass (Mosaic Kakera) or else I cry. The second reason both has passed and hasn't begun, considering the second part of it is in the second season.

This was my second attempt to rewatch the series, I quit the first rewatch because of this part (having quit right after Kamina Island because of remembering this part). This time I'll actually make this the first series that I've completely rewatched.
Jul 8, 2012 1:55 PM

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I really enjoyed watching code geass but this episode was just.. woah what was that??? it came by surprise and was so.. sad? shocking? unexpected? don't know how to describe it.. i'd have a total break down if i were lelouch :(
Jul 29, 2012 3:36 PM
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Holy shit that was intense.
lelouch use his geass on euphy was shocking.
well next lelouch has to kill euphy.
Good episode
Aug 16, 2012 1:53 AM

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duotrouble said:
Did a lot of you miss that the Geass was activated BEFORE he started telling Euphie he could do all kinds of things and people will listen? Once Lelouch got the massive pain in his head, he covered his eye. It wasn't until he started relaxing and joking around with Euphie did he realize the Geass was activated. AND he tried to stop her.

I felt so bad for Lelouch and Euphie. Just imagine how Euphie's going to feel when she comes to. And Lelouch is crying because he bascially just signed Euphie's death sentence.

I'm still a Lelouch fan. This episode blew me away. It was so so so sad.

Probably a lot of people missed out that because it was before the tragedy.
Not just Lelouch but Suzaku too. There is an interference from the outside and the Emperor laughs as crazy as he can.

I can't blame Lelouch, but it's a tragedy caused by the Geass. Euphie is a cute character and she's smarter than she looks, it's a pain to see her yandere.
One of the most significant episodes so far, the last episode was a comedy relief to improve the sickness of this one.
Aug 19, 2012 1:16 PM

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Holy shit this episode O_O Poor Euphy.

Oh and Wakamoto's laugh sent chills down my spine -_-

So she won't stop without being killed ; _; poor Euphy.


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Aug 22, 2012 11:07 AM
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I didn´t like this episode. I don´t hate it but just cant understand why the creators have done this. Ok, Lulu lost the control of the Geass, but this scene with thousands of elevens dying... cant watch it.
And the britannia army... Didnt they think that kill all these people was crazy?
Sep 6, 2012 1:18 PM

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It was undeniably a very good episode but I hated the way things panned out. I feel so unbelievably sorry for Euphie - her dreams tarnished because of Lelouch. And of course for the Japanese who were massacred. The whole thing was almost too dramatic for my liking. Interested to see where this is going to go.
Oct 9, 2012 3:22 AM

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Xinil said:
I'm with betty on this one. Completely ridiuclous episode. Seriously, how convenient is it for the Geass to start acting up at such a critical situation? It's retarded that it happened like that.

The answer I ultimately came up with was the same as this one:
babykeiji said:

Requal said:
(the 'power of the king')

Wow, I've forgotten about that part at this point. I guess I really have to re-watch ep 1 or at least the contract part.

Beatnik said:
Anyway, I also thought that the plot twist in this episode was ridiculous, but the outcome was so outrageous that I can accept it, it makes for great drama.

Just for a moment I thought that someone came up with random twist because the last episode's ending was leading the story to nowhere. I don't really think so tho.

protoman96 said:
i agree that it was the most unsettling episode yet by far. however i would rather have it this way than have the series sort of roll over and die like death note did.

having said that i fear that things will only get more unsettling from here to the end of the season.

Man, you scare me =(

I kinda feel bad about Darlton's death, I don't think he deserved it like that(lol I feel in a worse way about him than the poor nippons what's with me :[ )
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Oct 30, 2012 3:44 PM

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That was pretty hard to watch... so depressing. (in a good way) D:
Dec 5, 2012 9:16 AM

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C'mon Leleouch WTF? Okay, firstly, why did you even go there in a f*cking machine? I mean, if you wanna discuss, just go there in peace. Okay nevermind that. Secondly, why did CG make my fav girl in the series, Euphy, kill?!? I loved her(crush?) and that action TOTALLY screwed up the whole ""alliance-peace" plan...

The thin I hate most is that how CG displays Euphy as a cold-blooded killer... I even had dreams about her BEFORE this episode, thinking how good is she to be real...

SAD :(
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