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Poll: Kaiji Episode 8 Discussion

Aug 15, 2009 1:20 AM
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Bladecatcher said:
Andou FTL. I knew he should have given all the stars to Furuhata.

Hopefully an Andou ass-kicking ensues.

Yeap, i was thinking about that too. And y did he gave all his money away, is like giving ppl incentives to leave him
Oct 16, 2009 3:29 PM

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Andou you idiot! You would have perish long time ago without Kaiji!
Dec 10, 2009 10:01 PM

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Holy fucking shit! Greatest back-stab ever. I can't imagine how that must feel; to willingly place your bets on such a shaky hope, not wanting to believe it could possibly go wry because you want to have trust in humanity, and with so much riding on it (fucking slavery!), then to inevitably have your hopes crushed by something that should have been so obvious. One of the most powerful episodes I've ever seen.
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Dec 13, 2009 3:14 PM

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I'd seen that coming from 40 billion light years away, seriously Kaiji you are a moron, an idiot, you are a FUCKING RETARD!!! And you just got what you deserved.
Dec 20, 2009 5:59 AM
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totally saw it coming...Kaiji should of left them behind a long time ago....
why are people surprised at the betrayal?!!?... should of realized its a major theme of this anime a long time ago...
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Mar 7, 2010 2:35 PM

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omg..awesome twist)
Mar 27, 2010 6:36 AM
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Should've forced that last card on andou.
Mar 29, 2010 12:18 PM

Joined: May 2009
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I want to kill Andou and Kaiji really cries alot, i understand how it feels when people are stabbing you in the back X.x
May 16, 2010 6:38 AM
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damn Andou.... I actually did think about one of them betraying Kaiji, though I never really wanted it to happen..

Jul 26, 2010 4:23 PM

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Was the nudity really necessary?

Never trusted Andou, I knew he would betray Kaiji, surprised Furuhata didn't betray him as well.
Aug 4, 2010 2:13 AM

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Oh the betrayal....
Sep 15, 2010 3:27 PM
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Sep 20, 2010 10:34 AM
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Totally saw this coming, though I was expecting Furuhata to betray him as well. Great episode either way.
Nov 19, 2010 8:20 AM

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For the 1st time, I'm really enraged!!!!

That Andou should definitely get his karma!!!

Also, the nude was ugh.. :/
Dec 24, 2010 7:22 PM

Joined: May 2009
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Figured one of them would turn traitor. I expected Furuhata though.
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Feb 23, 2011 5:27 PM
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Awesome series, added Akagi and Kaiji s2 PTW list.

I wonder what shit Kaiji is gonna pull up to save his ass this time lol
Aug 27, 2011 7:33 PM

Joined: Aug 2008
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Motherf*ing Andou! WTF MAN, WTF. I mean Jesus, poor Kaiji. He just keeps getting majorly screwed over and over. >_>
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Sep 4, 2011 2:42 AM

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Great fucking episode...up until this I wasn't all that crazy about this series but this episode sold me completely. I think the vast majority of the people on this thread would probably do the same as Andou, unfortunately. Felt terrible for Kaiji, his naivety and innocence got the best of him here. It's interesting how honest to god morals can hurt a person...

And, lol, I bet most of the people complaining about the nudity here probably would have no problem what so ever if it was females naked.
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Oct 18, 2011 7:46 PM

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If anything.....Andou should've been the one to go to the "other room", he betrayed the group at the beginning and he should've been the one to pay.

FUCK, Kaiji is far too trusting...
Jan 23, 2012 3:04 PM

Joined: Aug 2011
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what a dick...not talking about the nudity... andou man you guys are right he should have got rid of him along time ago.
Apr 30, 2012 4:28 PM

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Should've kicked him out way back.
Jun 2, 2012 6:26 PM

Joined: Aug 2008
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ANDOU! I curse him! Damn, I wish he would die horribly so that I can laugh my ass of!
It would stupid to hang him so much starts to begin with but well, kind of se that coming at some point... -.-
Jul 17, 2012 10:02 PM

Joined: Dec 2009
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Saw that coming...There's no way anything will go smoothly in this anime.
Jul 25, 2012 2:04 AM

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Oh man, Kaiji got trolled so hard
Sep 21, 2012 3:40 PM

Joined: Oct 2010
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I feel like killing someone now.
Andou, you backstabbing fat fuck.
Sep 21, 2012 6:03 PM

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The Andou guy needs to pay. In death lol
Sep 25, 2012 5:36 PM

Joined: Mar 2012
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More backstabbing! Poor Kaiji. The guy's just too trusting.
Hold the door...
Sep 30, 2012 7:51 PM

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That fat useless fuck Andou wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes without Kaiji.

Apr 24, 2014 1:18 PM

Joined: Aug 2012
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This is just too good. So intense and unpredictable.
Jun 7, 2014 3:17 PM
Joined: May 2014
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I feel like Andou is a complete idiot. He only needs 3 stars to go to the correct room so why wouldn't he give up those remaining two? All that really matters is paying back his borrowed money now.
Jun 26, 2014 11:23 AM

Joined: Jun 2012
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Andoooooouuuuuu!!!!! Kisamaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Arrrrrgggggghhhhhh!! I want to kill this bastard. >:O

Not going to lie tho. I'd probably do the same thing in his situation. They've only known each other for 4 hours. Although only if is it was $5 million US or Euros. 5 million yen is like only $50000. $50000 a piece isnt worth ruining someones life.
Dec 19, 2014 6:33 PM

Joined: Dec 2013
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Just noticed there are no girls in this show lol
Jan 4, 2015 7:56 PM

Joined: Dec 2012
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Kaiji Ultimate Hyprocisy.

Jan 27, 2015 9:24 PM
Joined: Mar 2009
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Not sure how to rate this one.

On the upside, the wonderful exaggerated expression of dismay near the end was priceless and made me laugh, but on the downside, I could not fathom why on earth Kaiji would sacrifice himself.

Keeping the three stars and having the other two "burn off" the excess cards in draws was perfectly possible. After that, yes, the odd card would remain, but there should be a by-law which allows it to not count since it was someone destroying three cards that made them uneven.

In any case, even if he did HAVE to sacrifice himself, perhaps because of the one odd card and not thinking of getting the others to draw down the other thirty two pairs of cards before the time ran out, he could have kept his three stars and asked for special dispensation when the time ran out, as there was no way he could end up with an even, and thus zero, cards.

Anyhow, now that I write it out, I understand why he did what he did, but, it was still not clear that he had no choice... loopholes were being found all of the time and this whole revival loophole was the hardest one to exploit. The odd-card one would have been the easiest and more reasonable, but then I guess there was no excuse for full male nudity.

Which also, was a downside for me... but, you know, to each their own.

So overall I rated it 4/5 but I didn't enjoy it at all until the end made it totally hilarious. Andou, you bastard. From the time they were rushed by the crowd buying stars, the exaggerated drama of the last few minutes made up for all the shortcomings of before.
Feb 20, 2015 7:35 PM

Joined: Aug 2012
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Fcking andou , now i'm just more pissed at him
Mar 30, 2015 3:54 PM

Joined: Jun 2013
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Kaiji's fault for being so naive. Didn't he learn after he's tricked by Funai? He shouldn't have ditched those two guys in the first place.
Apr 20, 2015 9:29 PM

Joined: May 2012
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lol fuck andou dude, hes betrayed him 3 times now?
May 5, 2015 7:51 AM

Joined: Nov 2014
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Andou SON OF A BITCH LOL. Awesome episode, I knew Andou wasn't trustable. That guy is a tickling time bomb.

BTW, Kaiji has no penis :P
May 6, 2015 5:52 PM

Joined: Jun 2014
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Never have I been more angry at a character, and all I can do is watch more Kaiji!!! Hmmph!

Jun 4, 2015 5:52 PM

Joined: Jan 2011
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Fucking Andou...
Joudan janai wa yo~!
Aug 18, 2015 1:14 PM

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Never trust fat people.
Sep 13, 2015 9:48 PM

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Kaiji is almost too dumb for me to bear.
Oct 21, 2015 7:08 PM

Joined: Aug 2013
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That fat fuck. He did it. Pretty ironic episode title for what happened. Kaiji will never forget that debt, Andou will have to pay at one point or another.

Anyway, what a twist! I honestly expected Furuhata to betray Kaiji, but it's true that Andou had absolutely no link with Kaiji. He was a wild card since the beginning.
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Nov 18, 2015 7:50 AM

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Human's nature never changes, rotten till the end
Dec 18, 2015 10:03 PM

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Kaiji can't get a goddamn break.

Fuck you Andou!

"Netflix licensing anime was a mistake. Seriously fuck them." -Me2017
Dec 31, 2015 12:52 AM

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People like Andou deserve to be crucified
Feb 10, 2016 2:01 PM

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I never liked that fat fuck Ando. Whiny little crybaby bitch, fat whale, backstabber, fat whale, sweaty, greasy fat whale. Even if he comes to his sense, I still hope his bacon ass is burned to a crisp later. Puhi puhi! Disgusting.
Feb 25, 2016 3:47 PM

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Backstabbing POS Andou strikes again!
May 20, 2016 6:21 PM

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Never trust anyone, ever, ever, ever
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Jul 27, 2016 12:19 PM

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Hail Hell for Ando!!
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