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Poll: Toradora! Episode 25 Discussion

Aug 24, 2019 6:58 PM
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Overall the ending was pretty bad. They tried to squeeze out one more Episode, which was not needed at all.
The season should've ended with Episode 24, the pointless addition of a stupid life lesson was unnecessary.

Anyway going for the important part:
Inko said his name.

10/10 good Ending
Sep 1, 2019 6:16 AM
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Everyone's saying it's a great ending ut idk I'm so dissatisfied??
Sep 6, 2019 11:18 AM

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ShiroBlake said:
Everyone's saying it's a great ending ut idk I'm so dissatisfied??

Did you watch after the credits? If you did then it's just personal preference. I like it because Taiga finally left after seeing how much her family life is screwed up compared to Ryuuji's and how she wanted to tie up loose ends before getting married (iirc she also wanted their blessings). It shows how instead of running away from her problems she matured and is now facing them head on.
Oct 8, 2019 5:03 AM

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Tsundere till the end. I still hate that character running away then appearing at the end cliché. Doing that shit has no point anymore. I relate to Takasu so much cause we're basically the same minus the girls. I'm still aboard the Takasu x Kawashima ship. Anyway, good watch. Even though that running away and changing school bullshit was bullshit. 7-8/10.
Dec 3, 2019 12:44 PM

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Uhm well... it was an ending I guess? Not a fan of the whole running away thing, seems really disrespectful to the person you're supposed to like.

Even though I did not like the ending, it'll keep the temproary score I gave it 21 episodes ago. It got better in the middle but then worse again. Especially when they butchered Minori's character and Ami got really boring along the way. 4/10
Dec 22, 2019 8:54 AM
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0ni_Link said:
Superb show, 9/10... but needs a remake adapting more stuff from the novels.

There was little to nothing they skipped, really, only a couple of scenes with Taiga during the Xmas arc, and the ending of the LN expanding more on what happened, giving more dialogue between the two before ending.
(also one or two scenes from vol10 didn't make to ep25, they were romantic scenes, but oh well..)

I would recommend the LN to anyone since the thoughts of Ryuuji add a lot to the development of their relationship, if I recall, from very beginning he was very conscious of Taiga.
Jan 4, 1:36 PM

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really a total let down... I gave it 6, but I was thinking about 5... earlier I was even thinking of giving it 8....
actually the worst ending of anime I have ever seen, but yeah I did not see many, still I really loved the mid part of this anime when we didn't know what pairs will the story end up with, but then we get this bs

this is great example of author who ruined own story utterly maybe to keep up with canon and some watchers? I mean canon is that always first starting main characters end up together but that didn't even happen.. there is no love marker between them just really good friendship
as I already said earlier this romance is totally forced and not real, we also got two other girls hurt Minori and Ami.

We get to see great masterpiece of buildup ( I never ever seen in any movie/story) showing how love subject can change especially in short time - making Ryu x Ami
and how you can fight for your real love even after many failures and own mistakes Taiga x Yuusaku
two birds in one anime, but no he had to go with standard story where two main characters get together even after he made no love between, but made many really many hints that there should be real love between Ryuji and Ami and/or also Ryuji and Minori.

That would be a one exceptional story showing how love is unpredictable, but no! anime always have to end the same...

Best pairing would be Ami and Ryu also Taiga and Yuu.

I did like the end part with Takasu Yasuko, her making up with parents, then followed by very lame making up Taiga with her mother that ruined it all, it seems that real message of this story was family not love as author failed in love aspect

I also give +1 vote if I like opening and ending songs with visuals - this anime was not that case, totally below average probably because lack of funds
the art was also average even compared to old animes

really worst anime I watched in last years...
(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ ちゅっ ちゅっ キス (´。✪ω✪。`)

I hate it when anime/manga that I enjoyed ends, especially when there could be much longer plot and when I love main heroine :P

I wish I had magic glasses that let me see real world in anime colors ;)
Jan 17, 8:43 AM
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It actually ended better than I expected. I was planning on giving this a 5 or 6, but due to this better ending I'm giving it a 6.

Somehow this last episode made me more accepting of the Ryuuji x Taiga ending, maybe because things with Ya-chan got resolved (which I loved, it was really sad to see Ya-chan so much in pain). So Ryuuji's father left him and Ya-chan when she got pregnant, huh? All this time I thought he was just like Ryuuji, a delinquent in looks but not at heart. Turns out he's just a scumbag. Great job, Ya-chan, for raising such a capable and kind child in Ryuuji. You did really well.

I didn't really understand why Taiga had to move away from everyone, honestly. But the ending was good. I was afraid of a bittersweet ending, felt like it didn't fit Toradora!. But turns out they saw each other.

All in all, an okay series for me at best. I was on the verge of dropping it early on until Ami-chan came. Favourite character's still Ami for me. Would've loved an ending with either Ami or Minorin (leaning more towards Ami now), but that would be impossible since the main leads are Ryuuji and Ami. I thought early on this series would buck expectations, like not have Ryuuji end up with Taiga, but evidently I was wrong. At least it seems like Ami sort of confessed her feelings this episode, saying that it was okay even if the person that understood her, which is obviously Ryuuji, didn't love her, as long as he understood her.

I felt the same way as Ami about Minorin's little talk though. It felt so cheesy and I was honestly cringing. But I guess that's to be expected of this series, and Ami's little comment made it all better.

All's well that ends well, I guess. I went in with too high expectations and thought this was a masterpiece or a classic or something. But honestly for me, it was just okay. Enjoyable. But nothing more. Maybe it would've been better with an ending not with Taiga. Who knows, can't say since it didn't happen.
Feb 22, 1:36 AM

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This anime had some of the worst pacings i've ever seen. i still can't believe this was 25 eps long. speak of little accomplished in such length. rly underwhelming show and extremely overrated.
Mar 4, 7:56 PM

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Characters personality got some problems

MC and his cleaning things gone
The blue haired girl we got almost nothing about her
The pink one started like a funny energetic cute girl to end up in a sadistic be*ch
taiga was ok but almost nothing about her family yet this family was bothering her all the anime

Still got some great characters , Unko , teacher, mother , but not a lot of screentime

Realy enjoyed the first part 8/10 but 2nd part was almost boring 6/10
7/10 for the anime , 9/10 for ova and drama cd
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Mar 14, 2:06 AM

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Man, wtf? What happen to the plot here? I dont understand with the story in the end anymore! Anyone can explain a simple thing what happen in the end? Damn, i am really surprised how this series come to and end. I really surprised and just simply blank for some minutes before my life forced me to become normal. Oh, man, what a story!
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Apr 26, 2:14 AM
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The final scene worked. Brought everything full circle. But the final episode overall - the final few episodes, for that matter - weren't very good. They were just too random and bizarre.

The show had done a good job to build the uncertainty and drama down the final stretch, and it fizzled out.

Knocked it down from an 8/10 to a 7/10 for me. Oh well. Still good, just not as good as it should've been. This is coming from someone who likes the Taiga/Ryuuji pair.
Apr 27, 7:28 AM
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That kiss was so good though..
May 2, 1:00 PM

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I personally didn't like the ending that much... neither I understood why Taiga made the decision to leave without telling at least to Ryuuji (I care less about the note!) :/ My score still remains 7/10.

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May 5, 10:32 PM
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Best RomCom Anime ever

A truly wonderful show

The emotional Rollercoaster.. I experienced was unbelievable but I enjoyed it
The ups and downs

The characters were great

I can re-watch this show and never get bored
Truly magical
May 15, 4:51 PM
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this episode is LOVE!!!!
May 17, 6:52 PM
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This anime was insanely good I just love it <3
Jun 8, 1:05 PM

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I enjoyed Toradora after watching it again, but im not gonna go masterpiece like most users do. Still the best romantic dramedy for me. The beginning episodes were the best. But from episode 11 till the end, it became kind of a chore to watch even though i enjoyed it. I would have like for MC to end with softball chick since I really liked their interaction between both of them, and I only saw Taiga as a sister for male MC, and Blue hair chick kinda got annoying as anime went along with her know it all personality.

It was 25 episodes, but I thought it was too long of an anime. But it was an enjoyable anime.
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Always make sure to watch anime in marathon mode and not one episode per week mode, because its the only way for you to tell if an anime is enjoyable or not. Countless times Ive seen anime weekly and enjoyed them but when I watch them marathon, I didnt like them anymore. And many times Ive seen anime that I saw weekly and hated it, but when I watched it marathon, I enjoyed it. Marathon is the way to go, specially if you plan to add an anime to your favorite list.
Jun 8, 9:46 PM
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I dislike the "I need to work on myself, so ill run away" stuff never made since to me. Just because you may need to work on yourself doesn't mean you can't love someone.

Also when Ryuuji lied about saving Taiga from the snow. Just makes you wanna tell 'em that that's a bad idea.

Otherwise I really enjoyed the show.
Jul 13, 5:35 PM
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kenizl86 said:
I am a sucker for Happy Endings (as in, I really suffer when it isn't), and this was not one (in my mind). I binged the series (probably like everyone else watching this after it's been fully released), and I still can't get over how quickly this all turned around. They spent about 22 episodes building around the premise of Ryuji x Minori and Kitamura x Taiga, then the last three episodes were like "Ha, gotcha sucka!" Yeah, there were signs here and there that perhaps Taiga and Ryuji could be in a more serious relationship, but gosh-darn-it I feel like no one got what they wanted at the end, including me! I was cringing the whole of episode 24, yelling at the computer "stop making dumb, unwise decisions you love-struck children!", and episode 25 didn't do enough for me to redact my accusations. Okay, maybe a little. But only a little.

I really enjoyed the depth of the characters and how real they felt, but there's too much of non-communication happening between all parties involved I just about wanted to tear my hair out. I can't stand open-ended metaphors and convoluted reasoning that almost all the characters employ for their love life, and Ami didn't help at all with her enigmatic riddles. Phooey on people who say things just to confuse people even more then they are.

I guess I can say that I'm conflicted.
It was semi-plausible to see Taiga and Ryuji as a couple about halfway through, but due to the premise of the show, I was still over here rooting for Minori and Ryuji (sorry Kitamura, can't root for a guy who totally ignores a girl's love confession) up until the very end. And I mean up until the last two minutes when it became clear that that wasn't going to happen.
I just can't get over how fast Ryuji and Taiga did a 180 towards each other and away from the people they were chasing the whole show. More so Ryuji than Taiga. And not only that, but they were going to run away together? AND ALL THEIR FRIENDS WERE TOTALLY FINE WITH IT?!? I feel like everyone waited until it was too late to tell the other person how they felt, which led to way too much confusion. And that was aggravating.

Mixed feelings aside about who finally ended up with whom (which by the way, it was just Taiga and Ryuji, everyone else was left in the sad corner of lonely-town Japan), it was a good show, and one I would recommend for a nice romance, and as a good study in how to build nuanced and engaging characters.

Actually I agree with you that noone got what they wanted at the end. I was really hoping for ryuji x minorin but yeah from ep 1 I knew this was going to be ryuji x taiga. Also it is not the last 3 episodes but from ep 20 where they show taiga x ryuji happening. Also you have to realize this is from 2008, this was really popular back then and was considered the right way to move in an anime, I guess.
Aug 3, 3:23 PM
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I love the anime, and the ending was good... But In a realistic standpoint it shouldn't have took the rest of the school year for Taiga to reconcile with her family, and for a couple who wanted to get married to be separated for however long it was just felt weird to me.
Aug 5, 5:56 AM
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This last episode was a masterpiece on his own, playing with my heart like no other episode from the series before. The kiss scene was unbelievable and better than what I was expecting, it really is a great final, couldn't have expected more from the final of this beautiful anime.
Aug 23, 10:33 PM
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A great anime indeed. The development of Taiga and Ryuji was great. Some feelings were hurt, but ended with a lovely grown relationship. I want to see what happens next and everyone's future.
Oct 19, 8:43 AM
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What a disappointing mess of an ending.
Oct 23, 2:09 PM

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This last episode combined everything that is wrong with this show. Well done.
Seriously, Taiga saying she won't run away and then... RUNNING AWAY ?! It is doing it on purpose, right ? It's just a big troll, right ?
And that post-credit scene didn't solve anything at all.

I won't repeat myself, I already said everything I think about this show in previous discussions, and nothing have changed.
I'm just gonna say one little thing that I didn't say before : Ryuuji's mom is a very confusing character. I feel very bad for her, and I also admire her for what she's doing for Ryuuji, but I don't get why she's acting so much like a child, to the point Ryuuji doesn't even call her "Mom".

And I'll say it one last time : Ami is best girl and would've deserved her own show. There.
Nov 26, 12:00 PM
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yunadestined said:
Loved it. I hope they animate the spin-offs too.
wait...isn't this is from prison school?
Nov 26, 12:01 PM
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I don't understand it...where and why did Taiga go for 1 year?
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