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Poll: Tsundere meter poll

Jan 5, 2014 10:29 AM

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This time it is tsumiki miniwa

Well you know the drill!

Or are you a baka!? Do i need to tell it numerous times

Hmmpf alright then..

In the poll, vote for the character's level of tsundere. 1 is the lowest rating which means she is not a tsundere and 5 is the highest, meaning she's an ultimate tsunderekko. Please understand the term, as written in the club page, prior to voting. The first two threads were nice with people replied with their reasons on their ratings. If you may, please do so. ( ^^)b

Don't recognize the featured character? Please skip ahead. When you recognize her eventually, come back for this poll. If you want to see the result without voting, click the "View Results” link in the bottom right of the poll.
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Jan 5, 2014 11:52 AM

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I say she's far from being a tsundere, having the anime call her one doesn't mean she is. Besides, that term seems to be only one used than the other "dere" terms, like yandere, kuudere, dandere. The term might as well just been used as a ploy to attract tsundere enthusiasts.

Now to talk about the character. When we think of tsunderes, we think of what Rie Kugimiya plays but not all tsunderes are like that. We also have tsunderes that are more like ojou-samas or characters that are like Rin Tohsaka, Hinagiku which are more of my taste. But what they all have in common is pride. They hide their love for the male lead because they don't want to come off as weak or it would be "losing" as some of the tsunderes have mentioned on other animes. But with Tsumiki, she does neither of that and just acts all shy which any character that has love for the male lead does anyways since it wouldn't be "dere" of them if they didn't since she doesn't outright deny it or try to change the subject.

Now lets move onto how she interacts with everyone and the male lead. Most tsunderes treat other characters like normal schoolgirls would, depending on the setting. Tsunderes show a wide arrange of emotion, happiness, anger, tears, and the like of what normal girls do anyways to their friends. But with the male lead, its more exaggerated, they show these emotions at a higher level when something sparks their love for the character, rather it be positive or negative. Tsumiki on the other hand, she speaks with her friends at a calm matter and show little to no emotion but when someone sparks her love for the male lead, things change but only so slight but regardless it would of course have her show some emotion otherwise she would just be an emotionless girl. Anyways, I don't want to drag this out but there is where I'm coming from with my 1 score. xD I think you get the gist of it. I also couldn't help to think of Louise when I was making these examples thanks to your avatar Chloe. xD But I believed I generalized of how I see them than just Louise. xD

Oh one last thing, thanks for making the poll. You didn't have to since I don't like arguing how we should see characters and what archetype they portray since we care about particular characters traits at different levels and that it's not my place to debate since I'm only a temporary member so that I could speak with you guys. xD But yeah I like tsunderes but at a smaller scale though. So I wont be posting again after this since I said more enough. :p
Jan 5, 2014 12:09 PM

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Well for me it is a 3

She leans more to the deredere side rather than tsun :3
But i do think shes tsundere but probably more a parody on it than a "true" tsundere though
Jan 5, 2014 12:43 PM
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I'd like to say 2.5 but I guess I'll go with 3. She does show some tsun elements every once in a while but they're not very powerful. Her dere side is through the roof though, easily one of the cutest characters I've ever seen when she's blushing (furthermore since her hair transforms into nekomimi when she does it :3).

She's too shy to be properly considered a tsundere, but I wouldn't really classify her specifically as any other -dere character setting either. All that matters is that regardless of what you call her, the only part of it worth taking into account is her dere side.

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