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Sep 5, 2009 10:10 PM

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Zankpakuto: Phantym
Shikai Release: Wander under the Moonlight!
Shikai: Regular katana with a grey and white hilt. With a wolf paw at the base of the blade.
Attack: If Phantym touches opponent he takes possession of their body for an infinite amount of time or until opponent breaks the possession, faints, or dies.

Bankai Release: Lend me your wings!
Bankai: Blade is crystal, with all the potencies of a regular blade. Guard is triangular, while the hilt is a light blue. Wielder also sprouts wings from back. Eye's take on that of a wolf.
Attack: Delves into opponents mind searching for a past memory that was so horrible they haven't learned to deal with it and locks them in the memory. Slowly Phantym tortures opponent while they lie within their past.
Sep 6, 2009 4:51 PM

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Eclair88 said:
Shikai: Divine Blade

Release command: pass judgment to my enemies

Description: outfit doesn’t change, the sword becomes slim and long (like sephiroth´s sword) and has no weight so the user can use full speed without worrying about the weight. The blade gets hollow in the inside (like Halibel’s sword) but a blue-yellow-like electric reiatsu is coming from it.

Ability: speed and power increase

Attacks: thunder impalement (the yellow-blue electricity is shot in a strait beam), power strike (the blade glows blue and slashes with enormous power), time mirror (some small mirrors appear, an anomaly goes through the mirrors and the only place you can see them is in the mirrors, when it reaches the final mirror, the opponent freezes in time, if he still is in the way of the attack then it will go through him, the user can’t move during this attack, he can only stop the attack)

Bankai: Great Divine Blade

Description: the shirt of the user is removed and somekind of blue pattern appears on his body. The blade itself doesn’t change shape except for the fact that the electricity is now also flowing around the blade

Ability: user gains power to control electricity with his bare hand together with more power in the blade and speed increase.

Attacks: same 3 as the Shikai, God’s judgment (the blue patterns on the user start to glow and a giant enormously powerful beam comes from the sky) merciless judgment (the user grabs the head of the enemy and lets all the electric power from the blade flow through it, the head of the enemy explodes, same happens to limbs that are grabbed and if the hand is placed on the body, a hole appears in the enemy)

cr0wn33cl0wn21 said:
Shikai: Twin Destroyer

Release Command: Let thy flesh burn, and hit on eneny's soul!!




Attack: the left sword (sword of pain) can attack soul without putting wounds on them, and the right sword (sword of hatred) cannot attack soul but can inflict great damage on veins, and can cause fatality..

Bankai: Sword of the Twin Illusion

Description: Releases the 3 spawn of hell and form the 3 Unholy Sword

Release Command: O iron centaur trampling the battlefield... Thy spear pierces steel and flesh alike

Ability: The ability to manipulate demons, monster, and immortals.. And also the user gains eternal speed, power, and intelligence, the more hatred the user has the more powerful this sword is.

Attacks: Releases 3 powerful waves that can hit both the human, soul and mind. after it hits physically, the wounds will never heal again, that can cause sudden fatality.


Zpitfire said:
Zanpaktou Name: Bishamon 毘沙門 ["God of War"]
Zanpaktou Release Name: Haeru Bishamon 生える 毘沙門 [Shine ~ God of War!]
Bankai Release Name: Saekagayaku Bishamon 紗枝輝く 毘沙門 [Shine clearly god of war]

Unreleased appearance: Two Twin Swords (With two blades on one guard) (Double blade sword.) The outer blades are Black and inner blades are white (twin swords) and the Guard got black/white Stripes with a Pure white chain connecting both of the swords.

Released appearance: it only gets longer (1.54) also it do aloud the swordhoulder to use one of the four warriors Powers. Sothe sword holder can choose between

(Healing,Potion/bow,Closecombat/all weapons,/Stone manipulation/axe.)

Lenght: First Release it get's 1.54.
Weight: Like Feathers (God's sword)

Soul slayers sealed appearance: the swords sealed appearance is four ancient warriors send by god.

Chi 茅= He's a professional assasin and can take the shape of any weapon and also shape of an [ White Polecat ] He is also the strongest among the four warriors.

Rokkü 六区 = He can Manipulate Stone and uses war axe, takes shape of an
[Black Viper ]

Aya 文 = She has Healing abbilities and can take shape of a [White wolf] ( Use some magical powers insted of weapon)

Shitto 嫉妬 = She's specialized in Potion's and uses the Bow, She can take shape of an [Black Eagle]

Bankai Release : The bankai release dosent change form into a bigger sword (or smaller) , it brings the four warriors into the battle area so they will give aid to the holder of the Sword. They can all Manipulate the four elements during Bankai.

Picture of unreleased (not right colors).

all these swords ur godmodding
Sep 8, 2009 2:32 PM
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this is supposed to be your own there is no god modding
Sep 9, 2009 3:41 PM

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then why would some1 be a 10th seat if they r stronger than all the captains?
Sep 19, 2009 12:02 PM

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Zanpaktou Name: maneki neko (beckoning kitty)
Zanpaktou Release Name:beg for them maneki neko
Bankai Release Name: give luck to them maneki neko
zanpaktou abilitie:maneki neko makes both players equil with in a degree of spirirt power and strength and damage done whin released in bankai it turns to a large cat with a coin on the coin is text saying lucky, whin the letters light up fully no damage can be done to each other but any damage done before then will double
Oct 15, 2009 9:05 AM

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My Zapakuto- twin blades (Wakisashi and katana)

Name: - Yuuen / pronounced 'Yoon' (wakisashi)
- Subetahitokage(Katana)

what they do.. there full description

The Bankai manifestation is a wolf cub.

Appearence if it was freed:
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Nov 4, 2009 4:08 PM

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Release Command:sakebi kaze hageshii (cry violent wind)
Name:Kaze hageshii (violent wind)
Form(the spirit): kinda kazeshini like
Shape(the weapon):purple scythe
Abilities: can control the wind and the force of him
Attacks:chinmokushi (silence death)two nearly invisibel blades attacking you at full speed from both sides

Abilities:grete huge cyclones and catch es the oppenents within where they are cut but bades and their force
Attacks:fusha: inprison you into a cyclone and cuts ya too death

Zanpakuto: Kaze Hageshii
Nov 5, 2009 11:36 AM

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how do you put pics in ????? >:O
Nov 5, 2009 1:44 PM

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dAeMoN21 said:
how do you put pics in ????? >:O

you do brackets (spoiler)(img) the url(/img)(/spoiler)
♛ Venelia's slip ♛ DeliveryTamo's slip (^_^) set by Bunnyama

Nov 5, 2009 1:48 PM

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i don't really get it, u mind giving an example?? ^_^
Dec 10, 2009 9:04 PM

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dAeMoN21 said:
My Zapakuto- twin blades (Wakisashi and katana)

Name: - Yuuen / pronounced 'Yoon' (wakisashi)
- Subetahitokage(Katana)

what they do.. there full description

The Bankai manifestation is a wolf cub.

these are the swords

ur sword is way to powerful for a 6th seat
Dec 11, 2009 10:01 AM

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I didn't think that Zanpaku-tou strength determined the seat you're in.
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Feb 20, 2010 6:03 AM
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Name:永遠の光 (Eternal Light)
Shikai Release Command:Accept
Bankai Release:Bow to me.

Shikai State:A hilt with no blade
Bankai state:A 100 mm nodachi with a 25 cm hilt

Abilities:1.the shikai has the power to increase of body movement and has the blade reacts to the extent of the users reiatsu capability
2.the bankai form creates a atrium like territory and allows anything to within the atrium like completely rendering the enemies zanpaktou useless to the users spririt pressure's maximum level then it returns to its shikai form.
Feb 20, 2010 6:04 AM
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dAeMoN21 said:
I didn't think that Zanpaku-tou strength determined the seat you're in.
actually the court select seats
Feb 23, 2010 2:20 PM

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thats y i be confused lol ^^ i'm Akuma by the way, Akuma Chichioya
Oct 17, 2011 6:32 AM
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Zanpakuto Name: Kaihenyaiba (Blade of Change)

Release command: kamonisuro (mislead)

Shikai Description: Normally wielded in a reverse grip, the guard
curves back to cover my knuckles. The blade is straight until
it tapers to a point (looks a bit like ½ a spear head). The
pommel has a spike on the end. The blade is the color of normal
steel, while the guard has a more bronze-like color. (see
shikai form sketch)

Shikai Abilities:

>sentan wana (tip snare) = When an enemy’s weapon slides into the
slit formed by the spearhead-like point, the tip of the slit
claps down on the weapon, allowing me to more easily stall for
time or disarm my opponent as the case may be.
>sassoku koutai (instant shift) = The spike on the pommel can
instantly elongate into a duplicate blade and either blade can
instantly shrink to become a spike again. This allows it to be
concealed easily with 2 spikes and no blades or to be used with
a reverse grip, traditional grip, or double-bladed style.

Bankai Name: Seishintai Kyuukyoku Kaihenyaiba (Body and Soul, Ultimate Blade of Change)

Bankai Description: The guard is the same but spiked and golden
rather than plain and bronze. The blade is gleaming silver and
is straight until it widens out and comes to a smooth forward
curve, ending in a small hook. (see bankai form sketch)

Bankai Abilities:
>sentan wana (tip snare) = see shikai abilities

>sassoku koutai (instant shift) = see shikai abilities

>inaketueki kega (bloodless wound) = I can render both my sword
and myself immaterial (untouchable by temperature or physical
things) for very short intervals. However, I must remain solid
for at least twice the time I was insubstantial in order to do
it again. While in this state, all my strikes (rather than
doing any physical damage) absorb the reishi from the part of
the body it passes through, weakening my enemy. That reishi is
stored in my sword and I can use it to increase the time I can
stay immaterial, increase my speed, or decrease the recharge
time for this ability.

Spirit: A young boy with golden hair, tan skin, and bronze eyes.

Character: I’m a normal member of squad eight, not a captain or
even any form of officer because I am generally pretty reserved
and reclusive and do not like attention so I have refused every
promotion I’ve been offered. I have short hair but long bangs
covering my right eye. My hair is the color of rust except for
inch or so on the end of my bangs that’s steel-gray. My eyes
are silver, and I almost always wear an intense expression on
my face. I’m short, thin, quiet, and fast (both physically and
mentally fast).

I just made this a few weeks ago, and I think it's pretty sweet. Please comment and tell me what you think.
Oct 29, 2011 10:50 AM
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Hey here's my idea, hope you enjoy it cause its a little long-minded

Name: Nolan Cerami

Zanpakuto: Kiba no Raion (Lion's Fang) takes the form of a regular long-blade katana with a black tsuba and a lions head printed on it, it hangs from a sheath attached to the shoulder.

Shikai release: "Engulf the world in darkness, Kiba no Raion!"

Abilities:Upon release, my eyes became different with a black sclera and pupils, as well as red irises indicating the influence of kiba no raion's immense spiritual pressure, my zanpakuto becomes a black armor that utilises the power of darkness, releasing dark energy blasts and can freely manipulate shadows, the armor starts on the right arm, and through the release of higher levels of reiatsu can encase the user in a full suit of armor and equip him with a staff weapon that uses a staff form as well as a sword form called "kagemori"(shadow lance) the weapon also has the ability to separate into a nine-sectioned chain that is used as a whip for both offense and defense, and can release dark energy bolts from the spear like head, this allows for an attack in which the chain snakes its way to an opponent, ensnares them and penetrates them with the energy spear on the end of the chain, once it penetrates it discharges dark energy in the form of crackling reiatsu and causes the central nervous to explode simultaneously with the brain of the opponent, this attack is known as "hebikage kujikutakai" (serpent shadow death break), the staff form can also condense energy into itself and release dark energy blades in the form of a light-saber like weapon, the blades have the power to open the underworld and engulf its enemies till they reduce to ash in a technique called "meidou zangetsuha"(dark gate full moon blast) the armor allows the user increased speed in the form of jet-streams generated by dark energy and with which also allows a high-impact punch attack that disintegrates body cells on impact, the attack is called "kageryuusei"(shadow meteor) and is the most powerful technique available due in part to its combination of increased strength and immense reiatsu delivered on impact with the target, the user in times of heavy battle can also access a shield in the form of a sphinx head, the shield also has protective guards that extend from the center in the form of massive wings that can absorb access reiatsu, the shield is known as "kagetate no anubis"(shadow shield of anubis).

Bankai release:kurai kiba no raion (Dark Lion's Fang)

Abilities:When bankai is released the armor's power becomes more enhanced and allows the user the option of two forms, the original human armor previously released as well as a beast armor in the form of a lion motif, the beast armor allows a pair of razor sharp claws extending 6 to 18 inches long and able to generate slashing energy blasts of dark energy, they permit the user a new attack option in which the user generates dark energy around him and spins in a high velocity in what appears as a tornado that slashes the opponent on impact called "kurai sokuryokudo kiba"(Dark Velocity Fang),this also allows for a full armored beast form known as "kuroi raion no kaosu"(black lion of chaos)that gives the user a new techniques known as "kage tatsujin"(dark master), where in the lion form the user charges up with dark energy and impacts the enemy at a speed of over mach 4, exposure to bankai however causes the user to revert to a primitive state of mind that increases the longer the user fights in bankai, causing them to become increasingly more ruthless, with an increased desire to harm and inflict damage to his opponent until nothing remains.

Secondary Abilities:Saigo no Kurai Kiba no Raion (Final Dark Lion's Fang) the user has the option of a final form restricted by reiatsu spell seals and to be used only under the highest of circumstance, the release of the final form must first be permitted by the highest authority in soul-society, with the release the user and kiba no raion become united allowing the full power of kiba no raion to be released, the user is encased in a more powerful form of the armor, slightly altered in a heavier suit, this form allows total control of the energy of darkness, equivalent to the power of the devil himself the user is given the power of flight in the form of angel wings with what appears to be black feathers rather than white protruding from the armors back, the only technique this form allows is called "kuroi seken no metsubou"(Dark World of Destruction) utilizing "kagemori" the user charges the cursed spear with dark energy and is then thrown at the target from close or long distance, upon impact a sphere of darkness ranging from 10,000 to 50,000 miles long engulfs the target in darkness and disintegrates anything in its path, this form is almost impossible to defeat due to it immense reiatsu and is called "the final" because without proper mastery will overwhelm the user with power causing his own death, it is the soul-society's last resort for fighting the enemy.
Apr 8, 2013 8:54 AM
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Zanpakuto: Nekuro no honō (Necro Blaze)
Zanpakuto release: flood their souls with eternity Nekuro no honō

Spirit: A metallic skull with ruins on the crown, drenched in ectoplasmic flames with a cursed tombstone chained to him. His body is in stiches like a zombie with the chain from the tombstone as a belt and wears a bladed samurai Gii>

Unreleased form: a katana with blood shot eye on the hilt leading to the blade been dark purple and a pitch dark tip.

Released form: the blood shot eye closes and transforms the whole blade into a transparent crystal sword only to have ghostly flames around it. it leaves a faint foggy trail with each movement.

Abilities: plays mind games, releases a blast of dead energy collected from hollows that have been slain by the blade. each hollow killed by this blade is absorbed into it making the blade develop. Causes a fog from that you find in a graveyard.

1. Know your nightmare (part of the mind games, stuns the opponent while they see their greatest fear come to life).
2. Necronic plague (the blade oozes poision which causes decay on anything it touches)
3. Banshee scream (self explainatory)

Bankai: the sun becomes eclipsed and a tombstone rise from the ground, it breaks apart and sends a dark crystal shard at me which pierces me. the crystal then morphs over my body thus encasing me into an ectoplasmic cocoon. i break out the cocoon are engulfed in purple flames, my katana has a hollow head for a hilt with a pitch black blade coming out the mouth. i have armor made of bones and stone. behind me, to intimidate my opponent is a dark flamed figure of what looks like me but it has a mettalic skull. we battle in a giant black pyramid which is the dimension of the damned. and every time my zanpakuto cuts the enemy, they lose energy and feel a sense of exhaustion. My most powerful attack is in the form of me opening a rift which brings forth a giant version of said Zanpakuto spirit only with armor like mine. Then we strike the opponent with
Damudo haka keshigomu (Damned Grave Eraser)
Jun 24, 2015 7:39 PM
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Zanpaktou Name: Shīruchēn(Sealed Chain)
Release Command: Break your seal!
Zanpaktou Spirit: A 9 year old with slightly tanned skin and a red iris. He's shackled on his wrists and feet, also wearing a black robe, the chains on the shackles connect to the center of his spiritual world(Which is tons of prisons with chains everywhere). The chains extend as fat as he goes, so even if he walks 999999 kilometers, the chains will be with him. So he can move freely.

Unreleased Form: A regular katana, the handle is chained, making it hard for anyone but the wielder to grip, anyone else touching the handle gets their reiatsu absorbed. At the end of the handle, a chain extends for 2 feet which only the weilder can grab.

Shikai: The chains leave the handle, except for the chain on the end, which can now extend as far as the weilder wishes, the area where the blade and the handle connect has 2 shackle like extensions that shoot out chains, the blade is also able to shoot out chains from any direction. The blade is still white, but is decorated with chain symbols. Also, another ability is that the user can perform kido through the chains(Use byakurai, light prison, etc, from a chain, sending it out from a chain, this also works for zanpaktou attacks.)

Supirittochēn(Spirit Chain): Chains are sent out at the opponent, if a chain even touches them, it drains reiatsu, the longer the chains touch, the more reiatsu is drained.

Chēn hakai burasuto(Chain Destruction Blast): Tons of glowing chains come out at super speeds at the oppenents, making it look like a blast, the chains are just blasts of extremely powerful kido, destroying whats in front of them.
There are 4 colors for this, the other is weakest to strongest:

Chūkū chēn(Hollow Chain): Black chains are send at the enemy that resemble chains of fate, if the chain touches the opponent, the chain between hollow and shinigami, hollow and human, inner hollow, whatever is cut, the inner hollow starts to take over, and while it is taking over, the opponent is immobilized and begins to die.

Shikai Ability: Controling any and all chains, and also being able to send out chains from my sword(I mentioned it already, but whatever)

Ok, now bankai.

Bankai Name: Mezame Shīruchēn(Awakened Shīruchēn)

Bankai's Form: The weilder wears the black robe that the zanpaktou was wearing, he is shackled in the same spots the zanpaktou was shackled in and the chains aren't connected, they're dangling, tons of chains start appearing from everywhere, ground, buildings, everywhere, the sword still maintains it's shikai's abilities, for the most part it looks like shikai, however, the blade is black, the handle is decorated with chain symbols. The right arm which wields the blade is now chains to the handle, so you can't take your right arm off.

Bankai Exclusive Attacks:

Furupawāchēn hakai burasuto(Full Power Chain Destruction Blast): Looks the same, except the attack is white, the blast hits the target with the power to destroy sereitei focused down to that target, it uses a lot of reiatsu, so you can only use 3-4 in a single fight.

Seishin Mezame Shīruchēn (Spirit Mezame Shīruchēn): This technique uses all the reiatsu the weilder has atm(He can get it back), it calls forth the spirit of Shīruchēn, free of the chains, so the chains are dangling, he is able to use all your techniques and helps you fight the enemy, you're also able to use all your techniques without fail, no reiatsu required, but when the enemy is defeated, both you and Shīruchēn are sent inside the zanpaktou, and have to fight eachother to see who gains control, if you win, you're back to normal, reiatsu restored, and back in regular form(Not shikai, unreleased form), but if Shīruchēn wins, you become the zanpaktou and Shīruchēn remains in the material world, weilding the zanpaktou, unless you gain powerful enough to regain your control, or he uses Seishin Mezame Shīruchēn again.
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Jan 22, 2016 11:48 AM
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Name: Shadouraito (Shadow Light)
Release Command: Find the good in the evil.

Spirit: A black demon and a white angel.

Released appearance: A black katana and a white katana.

Abilities: Black katana can control fire, white katana can control lightning.

Bankai: Summons a black demon and a white angel
Apr 25, 2019 12:49 AM
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Name: Kiseichuu (Parasite)
Shikai: Agaru! Kiseichuu! (Absorb, Parasite!)
Bankai: Kyuuketsuki (Bloodsucker)

Gender: Male

Appearance/Personality: A tall lanky male measuring in at 10 ft. 6 in. wearing a red kimono with sleeves reaching the floor. Body has skeletal features. Is cunning and ruthless but hides it past a pity inducing expression to joke around with user

Ability: Sacrifices user's own reishi and blood to enhance speed, attack power, and perform special abilities.

Basic Ability: Using Shikai boosts user's speed by 1.5x, can be increased in bankai, more blood and reishi used for bigger multiplier

Chi Ni Nurasu (Bathe in Blood): User's reishi enhanced blood congeals on the blade, reinforcing it and giving it a sharper edge.

Chi Tanto (Blood Shortsword): User condenses reishi enhanced blood into a solid tanto in their offhand, used typically to suprise opponents or parry blows

Chi Oobaadoraibu (Blood Overdrive): User uses a last ditch effort to defeat opponent, using most of their reiatsu for a 1-2 minute boost increasing to multiplier to 2.75x. After the technique is used, user is immobile for 3 hours(Technique made before bankai was unlocked)
Bankai has nothing but enhanced forms of shikai abilites (sans one), except he can increase them at will (NOT DECREASE) the multiplier by forcefully pulling more reishi and blood from their body.

Chi No Inka (Blood ignition/Ignition of Blood): All attacks use fire as well as blood to enhance blade strikes, the fire is no normal fire as it is made from the user's blood and pure reishi
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