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Poll: White Album 2 Episode 13 Discussion

Nov 30, 2018 5:00 AM
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It has a nice ending best anime
Dec 31, 2018 12:21 PM
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 MrPatrickbuit  Setsuna only said she confessed to be together together with the trio cuz of her guilt for barging into their little world and stealing away Haruki. She wanted to lessen the guilt Haruki had for cheating with Touma so he could be true to his feelings when meeting Touma at the airport. She knew what would've happened if the 2 met in the airport but she still insisted for Haruki to meet Touma.

The reason why I love this anime way more than School Days, for lots of obvious reasons of course, but more specifically how they managed the love triangle. No character was particularly at fault. It didn't make me hate any of the characters. I, went into this anime, after seeing all the spoilers FOR FUCK SAKE, voted for Touma from the start cuz obviously she wins, but midway through the anime, I started to find myself shift into the middle ground and just hoped for the best for the characters. I didn't want any of them to get hurt. I want all of them to find happiness but ultimately that wont happen since i already know the ending. Again, nobody was particularly at fault, and I don't think we should argue who's at fault and who's not. They're all equally guilty. Selfish or not. Who initiated the conflict of not. They all commited equally the same amount of mistakes, that's how they got themselves in that grave situation, but they're just human. High schoolers. Their first loves, at that. We make mistakes and that's our nature. Well this got deep real quick. Well this is just my thoughts on the whole "Who's at fault argument".

Now for the whole anime. School Days Done Well. The beginning was really nice. Executed extremely well. Again, the characters were portrayed incredibly. Easily can emotionally attached to them. The more intense kisses and the sex scene gave me too much School Days Vibes so I'll pass with that. Its 4am rn so I'll just keep it short. Overall, great main characters, pretty good music and soundtracks, good execution on love triangle, alright drama, reasonable ending though unsatisfying ending. I'm attached to the series rn so 9/10. Probs gonna change it to an 8 or a 7 further along the line.
Mar 28, 11:53 PM

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Well, this was good...kinda weird, kinda melancholic. I had a tough time immersing myself due to how hard it was to suspend my disbelief that this immensely boring character got the two school divas to fall for him at the same time, though. Also, I feel bad for saying this, but his VA sounds terrible.
Apr 20, 11:44 PM

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Attaboy Haruki, Touma can't even walk straight the next morning! That's how you do it, quick deposit before the girl flies away. She'll be back to Japan in a year with a newborn.

Omg Setsuna is the BEST girl! I guess this is kind of a harem ending? Haruki was crying for the second half of the show but at least he got the job done.

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Apr 23, 6:20 AM

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Well, I expected some hardcore NTR. But wasn't as bad as I expected it to be.

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Apr 30, 2:42 AM

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First half of this show was much better when it was about the music and forming their friendship. Then it all just went overly dramatic and ends on this note. Bit disappointed with the ending.
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