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Poll: IS: Infinite Stratos 2 Episode 12 Discussion

Dec 20, 2013 6:45 AM

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ernietheracefan said:
Zeta986 said:
Name all 10 instructions about how to educate Ichika Orimura anyone?

Bright Noa slaps Ichika... xD

Indeed that slap makes young male pilots grow up. Ugh well heres hoping to a more than mediocre S-3. Though I wonder if the end of the light novels will be published at least then I could find spoilers for the ending.
Dec 20, 2013 6:53 AM

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This will probably go down as the worst sequal to any show that i have ever seen. Ichika had absolutely no character development. It was a travesty of epic proportions. Even Issei from high school DXD had much much better character development after season 2. This anime was such a wasted opportunity for Ichika to become independent and finally show why he is the main character in the series. just awful imo.
Dec 20, 2013 7:34 AM

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The only reason i was watching this was because i hoped the main would suffer a terrible death, so my main question is why is he still alive?

I have to say first season was bad but this season was just terrible.
The first episode was one of the worst episodes i have ever seen and didn't make sense in any way the overall anime was just relying on bad fan service and action.
Story and plot wise nothing much happened they where pretty non existent, most of the characters are just useless extras that don't contribute much.
And worst of all a very very bad main character.
Dec 20, 2013 7:40 AM

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Honestly.., Railgun S is far more better than this......
I was hoping for the action, but it didn't...
I wonder if the Japanese have some kind of Razzie Award for anime....??
Dec 20, 2013 8:30 AM

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1/10, total piece of crap

But considering that the anime is meant for fanservice and I actually enjoyed a few episodes of fanservice, I'm going to rate it in that department only. I give it a 4 because I found myself more frustrated and irritated than amused for most episodes, although I did enjoy a few.
Dec 20, 2013 9:51 AM
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An entire season just to have Ichika get 2 more girls in his harem. What a waste.
Dec 20, 2013 10:40 AM

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Will miss all the girls. Waits for season 3
Dec 20, 2013 10:59 AM
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The action this episode was GLORIOUS.
The ending was funny, but there definitely a lot of loose threads.
The ED was great, all 7 girls. This show definitely has the best cast of girls ever.

Overall, I enjoyed IS 2 but it was a really big let down. I know this probably is selling like crazy. I honestly would love to have another season, but one with more plot and more glorious action scenes, not pandering bullshit.
Dec 20, 2013 11:00 AM

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So dissapointing, Despite being a huge Infinite Stratos fan I really am dissapointed by such an ending. They only made more plotholes and problems and solved zero problems.
Dec 20, 2013 11:10 AM

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Well that felt rushed... Houki's sister on the other hand seems pretty evil.
Dec 20, 2013 11:16 AM

Joined: Nov 2013
Posts: 1459 Ichika keeping up w/ Madoka?
Why doesn't Madoka just go for Chifuyu?

When did Ichika get better at handling his IS ._. NVM, guess it rlly was just Byakushiki.
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Dec 20, 2013 11:29 AM

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Considering the Japanese love this series (just by looking at its sales). I can definitely see a Season 3 being made in the future.

As a reader of the Light Novels, I was let down by this season of Infinite Stratos. They cut out so much from the LNs and replaced it with filler. They somewhat did it in Season 1, but it was much worse this season.

I will watch the OVA, I wonder what it'll be about (probably more harem and fanservice). And I will also be awaiting for Volume 9 of the Light Novels to be released and translated.

I'll give this season a 6.5/10 compared to the 8/10 I gave the first season. I like Charlotte and Tatenashi too much to score it lower.
Dec 20, 2013 11:31 AM

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nervshatter said:
Worst anime of the season.

Walkure Romanze was way worse than this. The MC of Walkure somehow manages to be even worse than Ichika and the girls in that show are annoying.

At least in this show, the girls are funny. Charlotte, Laura & Tatenashi were a barrel of laughs every time they do something.
Dec 20, 2013 12:07 PM

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Lefty112 said:
Considering the Japanese love this series (just by looking at its sales). I can definitely see a Season 3 being made in the future.

Blue ray sales are down around 50% compared to the frist season....

Dec 20, 2013 1:28 PM

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Newhopes said:
Lefty112 said:
Considering the Japanese love this series (just by looking at its sales). I can definitely see a Season 3 being made in the future.

Blue ray sales are down around 50% compared to the frist season....

Are they really? Thanks for the info. I guess it'll depend on what the final sales are and how well the next volumes of the Light Novels sell.
Dec 20, 2013 6:38 PM

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They never even explained what were there motives behind attacking them
Dec 20, 2013 7:35 PM

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Totally incomplete ending.
Nothing really found out about Orimura Madoka let alone Phantom Task.

Kinda expected it to end with a fanservice scene though.

Overall, still great to watch S2 though I found it a bit lacking in plot. Hopefully there'll be another season to clear this up.
I mainly see the animes... so don't blame me for not knowing about the Manga/LN
Dec 20, 2013 8:40 PM

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wow what a bad ending.... anyway this season was crap, Ichika is so retarted,useless,stupid ect.....

p.s this season 2 was a complete crap.... not even sure it will have a season 3 anime, pretty sure sales are going to be bad. there is absolutely nothing that could make me feel to want buy dvd or whatever about this show, sadly
Dec 20, 2013 8:50 PM

Joined: Nov 2012
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a bit lame somehow :/
but not bad.
there should be another season.. still curious who is this 'new' orimura? :/
too lazy to read the manga -_-
Dec 20, 2013 9:26 PM

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I wanted to see Chifuyu-nee fighting.
Anyway, garbage of show, not a real plot and not even a single explanation in the last episode. 3/10

Also, who was the white-haired girl in Ichika's "dream"? The byakushiki? lol
Dec 20, 2013 9:37 PM

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Akanezora said:
I wanted to see Chifuyu-nee fighting.
Anyway, garbage of show, not a real plot and not even a single explanation in the last episode. 3/10

Also, who was the white-haired girl in Ichika's "dream"? The byakushiki? lol

If we have any luck at all, Chifuyu will do some real fighting in the World Purge OVA so keep your fingers crossed.

Yeah, I have the same questions about "the dream" and I've read all the novels too! The novels have forgotten about that scene from the first season and I wanna know just as bad who that white-haired girl is.

Anyway I do kinda want to make a point that the anime's failings really stem from the novels. Do not go in thinking that the novels are some kind of shining pot of gold where everything is awesome and soo much better because I see on the Internet some people who have read the novels make them out to be like the Holy Grail when compared to the anime... it isn't. There were a few scenes that I wish the novel had animated instead of some of the original stuff we got (God why did we get that "disappearing panties" episode!?!) but there is a lot of junk in the novels that was better left forgotten.

Example, does anyone remember Ran Gotanda? She's the little sister of Dan, Ichika's middle school pal and showed up for 5 minutes in season 1? Well in the novels she appears all the time. Like at least one appearance per volume 5, 6, & 7.. And she's in love with Ichika too. That makes Harem Member #8. Holy crap, man, we've already got our hands full with 7!

Anyway, back on track: The anime didn't tell us anything about Phantom Task and Madoka because the novels haven't told us anything about them either. You can really tell Yumizuru is milking this franchise as hard as he can. I mean Phantom Task was introduced in Volume 5, it's now Volume 8 and we have gotten jack when it comes to knowing more about them hahaha... I can tell you guys right now that Phantom Task isn't involved in World Purge at all so yeah. Until more Volumes are released we're not going to know anything about them.
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Dec 20, 2013 9:44 PM
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It was bad, and now I feel bad.
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Dec 20, 2013 10:18 PM

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look what they did! epic action at the last episode!! what a genius. seriously if most of the episodes are like this and not boring shit and forced fanservice then I would've gladly given this an 8 or maybe even a 9.

looks like Tatenashi became part of his harem after all... and also this is how they and it??? pathetic. if not for the epic action this episode I might've given this a 5.

if ever they plan on making yet another sequel I HOPE that they focus more on the plot and action and maybe romance but if they plan on making something like this again.. pls don't bother.

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Dec 20, 2013 11:05 PM

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Whelp, that was bad.
A complete disappointment.
I'm not even sure if I want a third season....
Dec 20, 2013 11:10 PM

Joined: Feb 2012
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Ive got no one to blame but myself for even picking up this series in the 1st place. 3/10
Dec 20, 2013 11:49 PM

Joined: Jun 2012
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full of fanservice, crappy rush story, bad ending, i'm done 3/10
Dec 21, 2013 1:54 AM

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Holy crap, this was bad to the end, really should have just stopped at season 1 or something but this really took the worst parts of IS 1 and made it a whole season.

Dec 21, 2013 2:08 AM

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Some scenes felt awkward, especially when

this anime is just stupid, plain stupid, 4/10
Dec 21, 2013 2:09 AM

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teddyggg said:
This series is a complete piece of crap i mean everything about season 2 was bad and the MC is so beyond horrible hes WEAK Dense retarded scared of girls and like makes a O face when they touch him hes just plain awful all in all terrible plot boring cheap fan service how in the world is this even popular like really??????? score.....2 if there is ever a S3 i will not being watching it.

This. Fanservice Stratos 2 finished, finally.
Dec 21, 2013 2:25 AM

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Now they need to make a show about Charlotte, Laura and Chifuyu as their leader
Dec 21, 2013 4:03 AM

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Waste of time. Had a ton of potential. The first season focused more on plot advancement, and this one not so much.

'Was this the final episode?' is a question I actually asked myself when it was over with. Thanks for throwing together a final episode with almost zero cohesive plot. I'm done with this show.
Dec 21, 2013 4:05 AM

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That ending felt rushed alot.... Oh well, Maybe we'll get a 3rd season. 8/10 from me.
Dec 21, 2013 5:20 AM

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Unbelievable. After spending so much fucking time on filler, they have the audacity to get to the "plot" and leave loose ends untied? Fuck, they should have just gone with filler all the way through the end. There's no denying it, this series gets:


There was a little tidbit about Ichika's past that they could have expanded upon, but I guess the writers don't give a damn about him for it to matter. Even if you weren't looking for plot or characters and instead were after the harem, fan service, and some action, you could find much better shit in other series like High School DxD. Go watch that instead of wasting time with this pathetic excuse for a series.
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Dec 21, 2013 6:23 AM

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Eh Im actually fairly pleased, they managed to make an ending without screwing up anything major continuity wise, so when we get season 3, which we will because IS sells, it won't be too much of a problem.

Also there are much worse adaptations Zero's Familiar and Rosario Vampire come straight to mind. I mean you honestly have not seen RV season 2, if you think this is anywhere near close to the worst sequel ever.

Also go check out the summary the guy did, for all your whining it covered 4,5,7, and sort of key parts of 6,8. Besides a lot of the points from 8 I think can be addressed in the ova and in some early episodes of season 3.

Also nice to see Tatenashi added to the ending.

And another thing all things considered, this was probably Ichika's best fighting performance ever, light novels included. Even before his comeback, he was doing decently against Madoka who close to one shotted Cecila. Then when he came back he was overpowering her.

All things considered it was not bad, plenty of intrigue left, and at least they confirmed that Madoka is their sister. Its left vague in the Light Novel, but here Tabane specifically says "Oh who would have thought Chi Chan has a little sister", and going by the fact she made her the IS, I am assuming she analyzed her enough to know she was the legitimate article.

I will though parrot the rushed feeling. at the half point of the episode I did not think they would make it within the 25 minute time slot, and then they kind of wrapped it up. They need an extended episode of 12 like they did with 1.

Also like the guy said, PT task is still relatively ambiguous even in the anime, as are Squall and Madoka.
Dec 21, 2013 7:15 AM

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Wait, so what happened to Ichika during the part where he was knocked down? Magically got back up after the dream and made it to the train out of no where and got a super power boost from power of tears?

End of the fight was hilarious, basically the same shit that happened in the previous season, nothing. Oh, and zero fucking casualties, lmfao, they were blowing up the town.

Was surprised to see hotspring scene shortly after, well I can't complain, that's a plus in my book. Needs less steam though.
Dec 21, 2013 7:38 AM

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This season isn't bad...
It's rubbish....
Dec 21, 2013 7:48 AM

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Thank god this is over.

This episode felt very rushed. I guess that´s what happens when they spend the first episodes on fillers and fanservice. They ruined the few good expectations that i previously had for this show.
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Dec 21, 2013 8:23 AM

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The last episode was really bad and the first season was better. I'll give it a 7/10 because I enjoyed most of it except for this episode.
Dec 21, 2013 11:42 AM

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I'll repost what I wrote for episode 11.

AzureAlert said:
[...] The first season laid some solid groundwork, but this is a failure of a second season, and doesn't deserve a third season to be honest.

I like how Ichika almost dies from Madoka's shot, and then blocks it like it was nothing, then almost dies from it again...

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Dec 21, 2013 12:56 PM

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I had fun with the first season, but this has been a pointless exercise in futility. It's not even ecchi in a good way. They shouldn't bother with a third season.
Dec 21, 2013 3:39 PM
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Infinite said:
This reminds me of the finale of the first season so much. Anyway, I have a theory. IS's are magical, or something. I dunno, but that constant dream land is such a strange addition. I don't understand what the **** it means, why it's relevant or why it would be included as a feature in an IS.

So, little run down of points:

1) So Madoka wants to kill Chifuyu, okay, fine. However, is she simply unaware of the bomb on the train, or does she just not care? Maybe she wants to do it with her own hands?
2) "The system is being hijacked", wasn't it hijacked to start with? Like, isn't the entire situation a result of the train being hacked? Wut?
3) The banter between Kanzashi and the scorpion tailed IS yellow haired pilot person was absolutely shit. Like, the worst insults and comebacks, ever.
4) "There's a bomb on the train!" -> A timer appears out of nowhere on queue for no reason. It's like the bomb itself has said "okay, the jigs up, let's tell them how much time they have".
5) Why would you have a timer anyway in this day and age, just set it as a remote detonated device. Not exactly hard. Like, especially since they were kinda keeping the bomb a secret. How come it started timing when they recognised its existence? Does that mean that it would have been fine if they were ignorant of the bomb?
6) How come the IS's they have are so shit? Like, everyone else seems to have much better IS, and the army have the shittest IS ever. Like, they aren't even personalised. How can an army even casually send out ten IS's when there are less than half a thousand in the entire world?
7) The heat signature can recognise specific individuals, all whilst she spins around and around endlessly for no good reason, but then she isn't at all. Why is the camera spinning then when it's clearly not the thing searching? Why would it continue searching after it found it's intended target?
8 ) Army IS pilots cannot shoot for shit. ****, stationary targets are hard man!
9) Army IS pilots know not of the concept of dodging, evasion or maneuvering. Did they learn nothing in training?
10) "A mass of energy", otherwise known as... mass. Can't she figure out it's an IS? Also, it didn't shoot anything down, it laser sworded them.
11) "You are to stand by BECAUSE I SAY SO! I don't care if it doesn't make sense, I will tell you to do something later or summin".
12) All of the previous 11 points came within the first 5 minutes, including the OP sequence.
13) Cecilia and the angry enemy woman both know very little about dodging, fortunately they both can't shoot for shit either.
14) Oh wait, she does shoot 9 down with a massive beam cannon. Of course they don't think to dodge, or move, or shoot. They are literally just stood in place waiting to die.
15) "Aww shit, this train is about to be shot, I could start up my IS and defend the train, but that sounds like a hassle" - every girl on the train.
16) Casual block of the laser cannon. Like, if it's that easy to block then why bother dodging, how come that laser was able to mow down 10 IS instantly, but it doesn't even scratch Orimura's?
17) Why is Orimura being told about the bomb? He can do **** all to help, even if he wasn't been attacked. He couldn't do more than the people currently on the train at least.
18 ) "Please hold out until then" = "Please wait around on that ticking time bomb, even though you could all have flown to safety by now, or started doing something productive".
19) Why are cecilia and Houki coming to "help" when they haven't even dealt with the ****er that's assaulting them yet?
20) Wait, so the doors were locked? That's why they were waiting around? Right.... something doesn't seem right here.... Hmmm, it's almost like they could have just busted out the roof or something with an IS when this started.....
21) The one chasing Houki shoots in the direction of Houki, but not at Houki, but something past her which explodes. I don't know what this something is, and why it was so important to it took precedent over the stationary Houki, but whatever.
22) "A brother who can't protect his sister can't even be called a man!". Hmmm. Here I thought we lived in 2013, not the 20th century.....
23) Given that you spent so long in the train doing **** all, couldn't you have thought to run through the plan beforehand, so you didn't need to do it when time was really really tight?
24) How does she locate the bomb with hacking, or a computer in general? So the people who placed it made it a timed device, but made it so it produced signals? Wut?
25) Yeh, I can accept that Ichika would be stupid/shocked enough to forget about the enemy right behind him because of the explosion.... but what about Houki and Cecilia who were there watching her shoot him? What were they doing? They are like 5 meters away as well (all of a sudden, since when were they there?). They actually want him to die don't they?
26) This happened last season in the finale (Ichika being knocked out and going to magical land). It kind of takes the tension away when they go through the exact same routine all over.
27) Cecilia, the long range IS pilot, challenges the other pilot from point blank. Probably needs that range in order to hit. Oh wait, she moved further away in a different shot, without moving....
28) Ichika's IS didn't explode, but all of the army IS units did, why? In fact his unit looks fine considering he just got shot in the back point blank. Did she miss the easy shot on purpose?
29) She keeps grabbing their faces and using it as a leverage point to fling their entire IS unit into the ground. How heavy is the IS? It looks pretty heavy, at least 300 kg. Think about the amount of strain that Cecilia's neck would have to endure in order to be able to swing the IS around whilst grabbing her head. If that didn't rip her head off, she'd have a broken neck. Why is Cecilia still alive?
30) So Charlotte managed to surprise Madoka with her appearance even though she appeared in front of her, but Laura didn't think to take her rear by surprise. She could have ended it right then and there. Also another casual block of the cannon. Also Laura, don't scream if you are trying to surprise her. Maybe you weren't going for surprise, I dunno your German tactics.
31) Ichika is in the magical mystery land, again. What the **** is the magical land? Houki has magical tears?
32) 10 o'clock is so ****ing stupid when you're fighting in 3 dimensions. Plus doesn't the IS have a tracking system anyway? It can apparently find specific people by their heat signatures from 500m easily, but an enemy IS? Nope, no luck, have to tell each other. More to the point, who's 10 o'clock? In IS battles where you are constantly turning and spinning, 10 o'clock one second ago would mean another direction fraction of a second later.
33) Mountain Storm is shit.
34) Dream land is a bizarre place that makes no sense. Like literally what the **** is this whole dream sequence shit? He sees his older sister, but then it goes black, starts killing him but he prays to the lady with white hair and shit's cool? Wut?
35) Cecilia regained consciousness? That was fast. Why is she blowing up streets?
36) How come there are no cars.... oh wait, this battle has being going on for over half an hour now I suppose..... no parked cars though?
37) Lots of buildings with lights on, meaning they are at home. God, so many must have die- oh wait no buildings were hit. Miraculous. In a huge city with packed buildings in all directions, a massive gun fight in the sky above lasting a significant amount of time has no stray bullets that hit any buildings.
38 ) Oh wait shit, they just crushed some poor guy's house, oh wait, several. So projectiles missed, but IS's can hit them? Got it. Like the OP shockwave move.
39) Kanzaki unveils a laser cannon as if it had been there since forever. Did she know that this was going to happen all along, and that the train would stop at that exact place? ****ing genius!
40) She somehow only grazes with the huge beam cannon.
41) Ichika uses his deus ex machina move.
42) His dues ex machina move is shit.
43) All the girls just left the other one to go save Madoka. They were like "**** this I'm done already".
44) Houki appears without a sound, out of nowhere. She also starts saying "Phantom Task escaped" as she stands there, letting them escape.
45) It turns out the reason the student's IS's are so shit is because the maker of them is an asshole. She and her white haired buddy like shit stirring the entire world for some reason.
46) "Oh look, the signs are on the wrong way round, let's not check to make sure there aren't any men or women already in the baths!".
47) Zero causalities. SEEMS LEGIT. Must have been no one in the buildings that the IS's destroyed by being shockwaved into them.
48 ) They don't really seem too bothered by Phantom Task all things considered. They kind of treat it like an annoying kid that bothers them every so often rather than an actual serious threat when they speak of it in hindsight. "Such a bothersome day". Maybe the subbers fault. I doubt it.
49) I suppose it isn't Infinite Stratos if they don't close on a fanservice scene.
50) Ichika faints, sinks under the water, travels unnoticed all the way over to the girls underwater, then suddenly resurfaces, all whilst he's unconscious.


Well I liked the ED sequence sped up by 1.28 times. It's a lot more likely.

Let's see, score.... 3.

Agreed with most of these. Also a 3 in my book.

But what does the century have to do with a virtuous brother wanting to protect his sister? Did that bother you that much? IIRC, IS takes place decades ahead of 2013, not like it makes a difference. It seems old-school cameras are back in style, though.
Dec 21, 2013 3:46 PM

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The old bath sign switcheroo. So the harem size grew +2 this season, wonder how much it'll grow next season.
Dec 21, 2013 6:08 PM

Joined: Aug 2008
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Only thing that made this worth watching was reading all the bashing i agree with in the episode discussions you guys are the best
Dec 21, 2013 6:41 PM

Joined: Jul 2013
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LMAO, that bath scene!!!
Dec 21, 2013 6:50 PM

Joined: Oct 2013
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If only they started focusing on Ichika's character and development, the ratings of IS 2 would've been much higher...

I honestly don't even know whether or not Ichika is even the main character anymore. It definitely does deserve a chance of redemption at a 3rd season, though, in my opinion at least. IS 2 seems like a huge build-up for a possible IS 3. Fortunately, IS 2 was pretty popular in Japan, so it just might get a season 3... hopefully a good season.
Dec 21, 2013 8:51 PM

Joined: Apr 2012
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This was the worst sequel of an anime which I really loved. I am very disappointed and I am glad it's over. If there will ever be a third season I hope the producers will make better episodes and maybe drop the two blue haired sisters but it's not gonna happen.
Dec 21, 2013 9:24 PM

Joined: Nov 2013
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To be honest, this season was very.... underwhelming. And same goes for this episode; it seemed rushed and we still don't have any answers. Also the ending bath scene seemed forced and too cliche if you ask me. I'm not too sure of the chances of a third season after how poorly this season seemed.
"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty" - Winston Churchill

Dec 21, 2013 10:21 PM

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So let me get this straight Tabane Shinonono upgraded her IS . So what if Houki Shinonono had been killed along with the Chifuyu Orimurae and the kids on the train, you telling me Tabane Shinonono is all cool with her sister and friend being killed because it's all just shits and giggles for her no matter who or how many people get killed as longs as it's interesting. If this is the case then why isn't she portrayed to be more evil in this show since she just basically toying with everyone like some God and basically doesn't really care about anyone?
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Dec 21, 2013 10:33 PM
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People saying that this show is a piece of crap and a waste of time even though they watched all 12 episodes amuses me.

Even though the plot was terribly executed, I still find myself enjoying the fanservice of the show even though Ichika is a complete retard of a main character.

And the amount of plot holes in this last episode is actually hilarious lol so much inconsistency in the last fights. Like where the the f*ck are the people in the city LOL
Dec 22, 2013 1:30 AM

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AICW said:
Yeah, I have the same questions about "the dream" and I've read all the novels too! The novels have forgotten about that scene from the first season and I wanna know just as bad who that white-haired girl is.

I think they were trying to make it obvious in this episode that she is the Byakushiki. I think he said something to the effect of "[Byakushiki please give me a little more strength.]" and she says "[Mm.]" or something in reply.
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