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Poll: IS: Infinite Stratos 2 Episode 12 Discussion

Aug 21, 2015 12:36 PM

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First season was generic as hell, but this...this was just god in the blue hell this shit sells so well is beyond me...

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment"
Sep 22, 2015 6:41 PM
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Why only 2 seasons
Sep 22, 2015 6:43 PM
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Why only 2 seasons why why?
Sep 29, 2015 6:09 AM
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LoverofIShaha said:
Why only 2 seasons

LoverofIShaha said:
Why only 2 seasons why why?

Because that was more than enough.
Nov 3, 2015 11:30 AM

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Those military guys should really send someone who can shoot and evade. They just stood there while getting owned. And this show really need a better sense of destination from point A to point B placement. I don't know the place, but suddenly there is a city with no one in it. How much distant was that place from their first location to the city? Suddenly they come to city but I have no idea how anyone is close to whom. I suddenly see Houki appearing near Ichika but wasn't Ichika almost as far behind?.

Fight scene was alright, but of course Ichika had to pull some power out of his ass at the right moment. I find it funny that Kanzashi started hacking something on her computer. After a few scenes we see Ichika's sister telling Kanzashi to start hacking and she confirms it. Inconsistent things like this make my head hurt. Any police? Anyone from the academy? Of course not, since the only two STUFF MEMBER THAT WE SEE WENT ON THIS TRIP!

Not a lot of answers, more questions with this episode. And one of the worse endings for a season. Everyone takes a bath and Ichika's naked butt swims out in front of them. Really... that's the way to end it...? Alrighty...

This show desperately needs a larger story and better direction. I don't know how Light novels are, but showing more characters from other companies and some people that are not related to the Chifuyu could help. This show gives me a vibe that IS only exist in this academy and only Ichika and gang have suits that aren't made of shit. I have said it already but the Academy lacks things that even shittiest anime have. The doctors, more teachers and more instructors shown with their IS. We hear that there are there but we never see them. We have a Council president but no damn Council members.

The only thing that has going for this show are character designs and characters themselves. Not the best bunch, but characters like Charlotte will make me remember this show. I like the ecchi scenes here. They are tasteful and never too naughty. I don't want girls being naked at every damn moment and I don't want a perverted male ether. Ichika may be dense and clueless about romance and love, but he is at least a nice guy and I appreciate that. Having girls taking initiative brings out more of their personality. All in all, Id don't mind the five main girls from the first season at all, kinda dig them all. Of course Tatenashi is also a new favorite, but I'm not liking her sister much.

That said, I had some fun with it, first episode was among my favorites and few others like Photo-shoot with Houki and how the girls surprised Ichika for his birthday made me enjoy it. Shame that there wasn't more development and scenes with the individual girls. Everything else was a mess...

It's hard to score this. I gave the last season 7/10 only because I loved the characters. This one is a solid 5/10 on overall how I enjoyed the show. Giving it a 6 would be a too generous but I will do so ONLY cuz' I love the girls. If they ever make a third season they better get their act together and produce some better story sequences.
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May 29, 2016 12:12 PM

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Rushed and unresolved ending. Meh.
S1 was way better.
Jun 30, 2016 10:45 PM
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Banshee-IV said:
C'mon people. Ichika is not worst harem protagonist ever.

That honor belongs to the star of Walkure Romanze. See I can't even remember his name that's how bad he is.

Always boggles my mind when people complain about harem protagonists. They aren't the point of the harem shows.
Aug 2, 2016 12:32 PM
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was there any moments in the series, where chifuyu or any of member in the harem gone berserk with rage & almost done something terrible, & ichika had to keep them in check? please list when too
Sep 21, 2016 3:56 PM

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This made no sense at all and just left me wondering why I bothered watching any of this crap at all

It's like the team got together, discussed everything that worked in the first season, then decided to use everything BUT what worked!

4/10, wouldn't watch again
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Nov 29, 2016 7:18 PM

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Aww cliffhanger and prob no chances of season 3. Lol rip that ending cliche but we can all guess what's gonna happen to him.
Jan 13, 2017 3:54 PM
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2/10. Would be 1/10 if they didn't have Tatenashi. Cause Tatenashi is the only good character in this show.
Jan 31, 2017 3:29 AM
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Actually I've finished this in just 1 day.
I enjoyed this more than 1st season, idk why because I've expected this season to be worse, I guess not caring about how stupid IS is and doubling the speed of video(double the speed, double the fun) helped.
IS should learn more from TLR.
Apr 23, 2017 3:55 PM

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Sweet. Season 2 was very nice. 8/10.
May 29, 2017 10:23 AM

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It's over, finally. The only reason I won't give this a negative rating is because of Tatenashi. 5/10
Sep 3, 2017 10:12 PM
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KingForaDay said:
Too much fanservice, alot worse than S1, fights were nice still although they tried too hard on the drama and fanservice, it just cant get more generic ^^''
Ep12 was pretty good overall, lots of fighting scenes.

HOW DARE YOU, and you watched this anime yourself you wuss this is called an ECCHI ANIME FOR A FUCKING REASON, THERE IS ECCHI IN IT for nonexistent gods sake man be a little more intelligent
Sep 3, 2017 10:26 PM
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Infinite said:
This reminds me of the finale of the first season so much. Anyway, I have a theory. IS's are magical, or something. I dunno, but that constant dream land is such a strange addition. I don't understand what the **** it means, why it's relevant or why it would be included as a feature in an IS.

So, little run down of points:

1) So Madoka wants to kill Chifuyu, okay, fine. However, is she simply unaware of the bomb on the train, or does she just not care? Maybe she wants to do it with her own hands?
2) "The system is being hijacked", wasn't it hijacked to start with? Like, isn't the entire situation a result of the train being hacked? Wut?
3) The banter between Kanzashi and the scorpion tailed IS yellow haired pilot person was absolutely shit. Like, the worst insults and comebacks, ever.
4) "There's a bomb on the train!" -> A timer appears out of nowhere on queue for no reason. It's like the bomb itself has said "okay, the jigs up, let's tell them how much time they have".
5) Why would you have a timer anyway in this day and age, just set it as a remote detonated device. Not exactly hard. Like, especially since they were kinda keeping the bomb a secret. How come it started timing when they recognised its existence? Does that mean that it would have been fine if they were ignorant of the bomb?
6) How come the IS's they have are so shit? Like, everyone else seems to have much better IS, and the army have the shittest IS ever. Like, they aren't even personalised. How can an army even casually send out ten IS's when there are less than half a thousand in the entire world?
7) The heat signature can recognise specific individuals, all whilst she spins around and around endlessly for no good reason, but then she isn't at all. Why is the camera spinning then when it's clearly not the thing searching? Why would it continue searching after it found it's intended target?
8 ) Army IS pilots cannot shoot for shit. ****, stationary targets are hard man!
9) Army IS pilots know not of the concept of dodging, evasion or maneuvering. Did they learn nothing in training?
10) "A mass of energy", otherwise known as... mass. Can't she figure out it's an IS? Also, it didn't shoot anything down, it laser sworded them.
11) "You are to stand by BECAUSE I SAY SO! I don't care if it doesn't make sense, I will tell you to do something later or summin".
12) All of the previous 11 points came within the first 5 minutes, including the OP sequence.
13) Cecilia and the angry enemy woman both know very little about dodging, fortunately they both can't shoot for shit either.
14) Oh wait, she does shoot 9 down with a massive beam cannon. Of course they don't think to dodge, or move, or shoot. They are literally just stood in place waiting to die.
15) "Aww shit, this train is about to be shot, I could start up my IS and defend the train, but that sounds like a hassle" - every girl on the train.
16) Casual block of the laser cannon. Like, if it's that easy to block then why bother dodging, how come that laser was able to mow down 10 IS instantly, but it doesn't even scratch Orimura's?
17) Why is Orimura being told about the bomb? He can do **** all to help, even if he wasn't been attacked. He couldn't do more than the people currently on the train at least.
18 ) "Please hold out until then" = "Please wait around on that ticking time bomb, even though you could all have flown to safety by now, or started doing something productive".
19) Why are cecilia and Houki coming to "help" when they haven't even dealt with the ****er that's assaulting them yet?
20) Wait, so the doors were locked? That's why they were waiting around? Right.... something doesn't seem right here.... Hmmm, it's almost like they could have just busted out the roof or something with an IS when this started.....
21) The one chasing Houki shoots in the direction of Houki, but not at Houki, but something past her which explodes. I don't know what this something is, and why it was so important to it took precedent over the stationary Houki, but whatever.
22) "A brother who can't protect his sister can't even be called a man!". Hmmm. Here I thought we lived in 2013, not the 20th century.....
23) Given that you spent so long in the train doing **** all, couldn't you have thought to run through the plan beforehand, so you didn't need to do it when time was really really tight?
24) How does she locate the bomb with hacking, or a computer in general? So the people who placed it made it a timed device, but made it so it produced signals? Wut?
25) Yeh, I can accept that Ichika would be stupid/shocked enough to forget about the enemy right behind him because of the explosion.... but what about Houki and Cecilia who were there watching her shoot him? What were they doing? They are like 5 meters away as well (all of a sudden, since when were they there?). They actually want him to die don't they?
26) This happened last season in the finale (Ichika being knocked out and going to magical land). It kind of takes the tension away when they go through the exact same routine all over.
27) Cecilia, the long range IS pilot, challenges the other pilot from point blank. Probably needs that range in order to hit. Oh wait, she moved further away in a different shot, without moving....
28) Ichika's IS didn't explode, but all of the army IS units did, why? In fact his unit looks fine considering he just got shot in the back point blank. Did she miss the easy shot on purpose?
29) She keeps grabbing their faces and using it as a leverage point to fling their entire IS unit into the ground. How heavy is the IS? It looks pretty heavy, at least 300 kg. Think about the amount of strain that Cecilia's neck would have to endure in order to be able to swing the IS around whilst grabbing her head. If that didn't rip her head off, she'd have a broken neck. Why is Cecilia still alive?
30) So Charlotte managed to surprise Madoka with her appearance even though she appeared in front of her, but Laura didn't think to take her rear by surprise. She could have ended it right then and there. Also another casual block of the cannon. Also Laura, don't scream if you are trying to surprise her. Maybe you weren't going for surprise, I dunno your German tactics.
31) Ichika is in the magical mystery land, again. What the **** is the magical land? Houki has magical tears?
32) 10 o'clock is so ****ing stupid when you're fighting in 3 dimensions. Plus doesn't the IS have a tracking system anyway? It can apparently find specific people by their heat signatures from 500m easily, but an enemy IS? Nope, no luck, have to tell each other. More to the point, who's 10 o'clock? In IS battles where you are constantly turning and spinning, 10 o'clock one second ago would mean another direction fraction of a second later.
33) Mountain Storm is shit.
34) Dream land is a bizarre place that makes no sense. Like literally what the **** is this whole dream sequence shit? He sees his older sister, but then it goes black, starts killing him but he prays to the lady with white hair and shit's cool? Wut?
35) Cecilia regained consciousness? That was fast. Why is she blowing up streets?
36) How come there are no cars.... oh wait, this battle has being going on for over half an hour now I suppose..... no parked cars though?
37) Lots of buildings with lights on, meaning they are at home. God, so many must have die- oh wait no buildings were hit. Miraculous. In a huge city with packed buildings in all directions, a massive gun fight in the sky above lasting a significant amount of time has no stray bullets that hit any buildings.
38 ) Oh wait shit, they just crushed some poor guy's house, oh wait, several. So projectiles missed, but IS's can hit them? Got it. Like the OP shockwave move.
39) Kanzaki unveils a laser cannon as if it had been there since forever. Did she know that this was going to happen all along, and that the train would stop at that exact place? ****ing genius!
40) She somehow only grazes with the huge beam cannon.
41) Ichika uses his deus ex machina move.
42) His dues ex machina move is shit.
43) All the girls just left the other one to go save Madoka. They were like "**** this I'm done already".
44) Houki appears without a sound, out of nowhere. She also starts saying "Phantom Task escaped" as she stands there, letting them escape.
45) It turns out the reason the student's IS's are so shit is because the maker of them is an asshole. She and her white haired buddy like shit stirring the entire world for some reason.
46) "Oh look, the signs are on the wrong way round, let's not check to make sure there aren't any men or women already in the baths!".
47) Zero causalities. SEEMS LEGIT. Must have been no one in the buildings that the IS's destroyed by being shockwaved into them.
48 ) They don't really seem too bothered by Phantom Task all things considered. They kind of treat it like an annoying kid that bothers them every so often rather than an actual serious threat when they speak of it in hindsight. "Such a bothersome day". Maybe the subbers fault. I doubt it.
49) I suppose it isn't Infinite Stratos if they don't close on a fanservice scene.
50) Ichika faints, sinks under the water, travels unnoticed all the way over to the girls underwater, then suddenly resurfaces, all whilst he's unconscious.


Well I liked the ED sequence sped up by 1.28 times. It's a lot more likely.

Let's see, score.... 3.

im legit laughing my arse off right now fromt this but i still give it a 4 out fof five cuz i loved IS and the way they did the ecchi even if it was all F***ING CENsORED SO HARD THAT IT ALMOST TURNED PG
Sep 4, 2017 5:49 AM

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Uninterested_Cat said:

im legit laughing my arse off right now fromt this but i still give it a 4 out fof five cuz i loved IS and the way they did the ecchi even if it was all F***ING CENsORED SO HARD THAT IT ALMOST TURNED PG

I mean if you want a better ecchi anime with actual tits I'd recommend Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou (uncensored obviously). The ending is disappointing but otherwise it's on point for a generic harem ecchi show.
Feb 27, 2018 5:34 AM

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Better animation from s1 ..other than that it is the one of the stupidest shows i have seen..The arc and the fight seemed to be rehashed from s1 waste of time...4.5/10
Jul 17, 2019 8:07 PM
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personally I liked this series. deep inside me, but the end sadly surprised me. I was shocked how horrible the ending was. I do not understand: The great enemy attack (18:30) and two minutes later the hero finds herself with her friends in the bath.and if have excluded the end. I will put 8.00 to the note
May 28, 2020 7:59 AM

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This didn't really feel like much of a season finale and I'm not even talking about the cliffhanger ending either. Just felt I was finishing a side story OVA or something with the way it just drops everything on that hot spring scene. Then again, half of this season felt like it was one extravagant fanservice episode. And while season 1 certainly had its fill of harem antics, it felt like there was actual direction to getting to know the girls.

Gotta say though, Tatenashi was easily the best part of this season. Perhaps even the saving grace of it. Her wild, flirtatious exploits stole the show all too often. I've never settled on a "best girl", but she definitely comes close to securing my vote.

6.5/10. A real shame considering I bumped season 1 up to an 8 since I had so much fun rewatching it.
Aug 15, 2020 12:27 PM

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This show was so pointless....1/10, it's appalling.

A terrrible, dense, stupid MC gets a harem of 8, which says more about those girls staying with him.

No plot, no development, no resolution...I can go on and on but the pain is over now.
Aug 25, 2020 10:35 AM

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Still entertaining but average like the first season
Aug 29, 2020 10:26 AM
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I've watched this entire season and i have no idea what the villains wanted.
Aug 29, 2020 11:33 PM
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As much as I want to support and is my ideal anime wifu Houki, unfortunately i have to pick Cecilia.. she's just too cute
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