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club community

Aside from the nomination and discussion threads, here are other ways to get involved with the club.

Please join #qd on the Rizon network! We boast a small but active channel with a fair number of regulars. Chat is generally anything worth discussing in an informal live feed rather than under more prepared circumstances. It can often lead to interesting topical issues, but above all it is a place for socializing and making new friends. If you do not have a dedicated IRC client, you can use a browser web client: #qd. Of course, chat is not 24/7 so do expect inactivity during the off hours of a day.

Club comments
This is the anything and everything place for discussion. The subject of conversation will always toss and turn from day to day, and it is usually but certainly not limited to:
  • General socializing
  • A very recent work or group of works
  • Current industry news
  • English or Japanese anime communities
  • The current or upcoming season(s)
  • Club improvements/suggestions
  • Meta-discussion about the club or the current ongoings in the threads

On the chance occasion, there may also be events such as group simulwatches and even silly things like Skype sessions. They will be scheduled in advance (sometimes), and regular members are also encouraged to suggest, propose, or even arrange events as well. Be sure to be on the lookout if they crop up on the frontpage!

public writing & advertising

One of the primary goals of QD's system is that it promotes a healthy, growing member base with as little manual effort as possible. It should be self-governing, and as such, we do not manually advertise. By the sheer quality of our club, QD relies on word of mouth in order to consistently attract good new members. It is of course encouraged that you invite any friends you believe would find the club interesting, but certainly do not feel compelled to do so.

On the side, we do write club reviews. This is a collaborative effort that is still in the development stages before we decide to begin writing some (news will be tentatively released near the end of Winter season the world).


We do not regulate member behavior unless a current member is so belligerent that booting him or her is the only proper course of action (warnings will of course be given beforehand). Expect a fair degree of administrative discretion with regards to how harsh a member must be in order to receive such a punishment. In general, we do not aim to regulate heated arguments. We're all adults (in brain age) here, and so we expect mature conduct to follow the same route.
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