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club purpose

Quiet Discourse (QD) is a club for the discussion of topics related to anime, manga, and animanga culture. This ranges from critiques of individual titles to debates on more encompassing topics.

One of the guiding principles in the club's creation is that discourse should be as free as possible. Moderation only comes in when necessary, in order to lead the discussion if and when it becomes too chaotic. As such, the club uses a simple system of weekly discussion, and anything in a thread—so long as it is relevant to the subject at hand—is fair game.


Every week, there is one nomination thread where members have the opportunity to suggest 3 items:

  • An anime.
  • A manga or novel.
  • A prompt, idea, or question for more general discussion.

All nominations over a week will be added to a list of running totals. The nomination with the highest count in each of the three categories will be used as the discussion subject for the next week. For more details, please see a Nominations thread.


Every week, there are three discussion threads: two "Individual works" and one "Topics" corresponding to the three nominated items.

Individual works
This form of discussion is on anything related to the work. It will most often be an evaluation of the work's strengths and weaknesses. In-depth responses about its themes, how it seeks to express them, their impact, and so forth, are also strongly encouraged. For some advice, fellow club members Don_Don_Kun and 10bit have written an excellent number of quick tips, strategies, and reviewing guidelines.

"Topics" are more open-ended in that they deal with a pressing issue which is either important on a fundamental level or simply fun and interesting to examine. In terms of format, discussion typically starts off with a question, stance, or general idea, and members then present their opinions on that topic. Past examples can be found in the Archives.

On the occasion, there are also events which replace the weekly discussion formula:

  • Anime of the Year: This occurs around early January of every year, with ten discussion threads according to different categories. All anime in the year get voted upon two to three weeks from then, and after voting the club publishes a list of the best titles and characters for each category, one of which includes Anime of the Year.
  • More coming soon! (??)
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