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Nov 30, 2013 6:39 AM

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I liked the main characters as well as how original were the supernatural powers involved, and some of the mysteries were pretty good as well (some others were too easy ImO, but it was still entertaining thanks to the other good points).

I was really looking forward to see Fukuhara develop his power and rise in rank in the billion game.
Unfortunately, except if the author comes back after all those years to continue it (unlikely :/ ), we'll never know anything about Fukuhara's particularity, about Mai's secrets, and so on. Damn.

It was an interesting read so I don't regret buying this. But discovering that the series was interrupted at the end of the third volume was even more frustrating because I wanted to read what was next :(.
Dobashi Shinjirou write a LOT of series and a tons of new volumes every year (he's one of the most productive LN author I think), so too bad he doesn't take the time (or dengeki bunko doesn't want to publish a new volume maybe) to write what's next.