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Nov 20, 2013 4:28 AM
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Like I gather most of you do, I would very much like to see a third season of Code Geass (that follows Lelouch and the core characters). However, that could be problematic since I believe that Lelouch died in the final episode of R2. This is not necessarily a problem though! Given what I've read of the extended CG universe I've come up with an idea for how a third season of Code Geass (with Lelouch in it) could start.

Firstly, it'd probably be set 1-2 years after the end of R2. Enough time for things to move forward in the world and for new problems to arise that Lelouch didn't foresee. During this time Nunnally, who has been living with her pain for the last 2 years, finally becomes unable to bear it and convinces 'Zero' to assist her in searching for C.C. (who has withdrawn from the world and disappeared) in the hope of persuading her to give Nunnally a Geass power of her own. Nunnally is hoping that she can acquire a Geass that will allow her to see her brother again (Charles had a power to resurrect the dead in CG: Nightmare of Nunnally, so I am using this as a similar lore precedent. I also believe it was mentioned in CG that Geass powers seem to be based on the inner most desires of their owner).
Although unwilling, 'Zero' is unable to dissuade Nunnally and ends up assisting her so that she doesn't do something dangerous in secret. Eventually they succeed in finding C.C., and Nunnally is surprised to discover that she has a Nephew (or it could be a Niece, this isn't particularly important. I believe that given their developing relationship at the end of R2 & the fact that Lelouch had some time before his planned death, this eventuality isn't impossible).
C.C. is against assisting Nunnally as Lelouch left clear instructions to not give anyone any new Geass powers after his death, they cause too much chaos in the world & could potentially bring danger to her child. Also, C.C. doesn't believe that Nunnally has anything that she wants in return for the contract.
Nunnally tries to persuade C.C. with the idea that if she is granted a Geass power there is the chance that she could see Lelouch again, and that Lelouch could see his child. Although C.C. has been conversing with Lelouch in C's world, over the last two years his communications have become less frequent and have lasted for less time. It is clear that despite his strong personality, Lelouch has been fading into the collective unconscious and may soon be unable to surface & communicate at all.
After some time C.C. is finally persuaded to agree, a contract is formed and Nunnally gains her Geass. C.C. comes back to the Britannian palace with Nunnally & 'Zero', & Nunnally tries our her new power over Lelouch's grave (her Geass, by luck or good thinking, works more or less as she had hoped. The requirements are that it be used near the dead body of the person to be resurrected).

After this I don't have any firm thoughts. Obviously a threat has to be established somewhere along the way. Also, I feel that Nunnally's Geass needs some limitations, perhaps the dead are ethereal and cannot interact with the real world, or maybe they are forced to stay within a certain distance of Nunnally or they will disappear again. Perhaps the power can only be used on a person once? With this Geass there is the obvious potential to bring back other characters, whether temporarily or permanently. Shirley, Euphy & Rolo all come to mind.
I'll admit that this may seem a bit sci-fi standard for what we've come to expect from CG, but I generally feel that these ideas fit into the lore &, generally, the personality and interactions of the characters that we have observed in the series.
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