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Poll: Log Horizon Episode 6 Discussion

Feb 8, 9:30 PM

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The guild had a party. Marie talked with Shiroe about the unbalance created by strong or big guilds, specially talking about one that abuses of exp potions. Shiroe is worried about the siblings, so he contacted Minori, the sister, to ask her some questions. Shiroe started his mission with Naotsugu and Akatsuki, and Marie’s guild decided that they’re gonna help him.

An arc finishes and another starts, the guilds are out of control now. Slow paced, as far as I can notice, there is no objective at all, or ambitions, just solving the problems.
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Sep 6, 8:03 PM

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Ok, I'm happy now that the lvl cap did increase up to 100 thanks to the new expansion.

In summary, Shiroe has thought up a genius plan to cleanse the city of its filth and potentially even put the entirety of Akihabara under his control?! Yeah... This is getting more exciting! Big guild control town and asserts dominance over smaller, weaker guilds? Not for long! It's about time he attempts to put his intellectual mind to some REAL USE. And it's also about time for him to finally be in a Guild! Log Horizon guild ftw.
Sep 27, 4:50 PM

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