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Poll: White Album 2 Episode 4 Discussion

Sep 13, 2014 11:05 AM

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at first, i really didn't like touma, but she's starting to grow on me a little. Honestly, i don't know wether i prefer ogisa or touma
Oct 19, 2014 4:12 PM

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I'm loving Touma so far. <3
Hopefully she wins in the end if she likes the main character.
Dec 23, 2014 3:41 PM

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Toothbrush, the savior from cavities and the source of love triangles.
Feb 22, 2015 10:42 PM

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>Invite friend to house
>Take a shower
>Get pissy when friend sees you leaving the shower

Apr 21, 2015 6:33 AM

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While showing a clear imprint in the narrative from harem, is pleasant to follow the story, because the shares are not so blatant and unreal.
Drawings and animations in the media as quality, the plot satisfies me for now. Soundtrack pleasant to listen to.
Apr 23, 2015 11:00 PM

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This episode's title is anothe call back to the original White Album.

I have never seen a girl be more obvious to be into a guy. Sesuna was touching her hair and touching Haruki a lot during lunch. It couldn't be more obvious. She's totally into him.

Touma also seems to be into Haruki too. Touma holding in her laughter at Haruki was so damn funny to me. That was great. She does have a great smile. She needs to smile more.

Looks like Setsuna found out that Haruki stayed at Touma's for the night. That's goijng to lead into some misunderstanding and problems later.

So far Touma is best girl for me.
Jun 14, 2015 12:51 AM

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I erupted into laughter when I heard that guitar solo. Haruki is going to have a rough time. Anyways is it bad that when Touma pulled Haruki out of the train i thought they would kiss? I mean Touma is best girl so it should happen. I'm rooting for Touma x Haruki till the end.
Aug 1, 2015 5:05 AM

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Now that I saw her warm side, I'm starting to like Touma more and more. It's kinda hard to choose between her and Ogiso.

Ohh, it would've been so much better if Ogiso was to find a razor! xD
Sep 21, 2015 1:30 AM

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Setsuna definitely masturbated in the shower. It's not even her shower. It's okay to piss and all but man, this is just ..
Nov 7, 2015 11:24 PM

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let the drama begin
May 22, 2016 12:08 PM
Hitagi's Pet

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PeacingOut said:
Man Setsuna is nice, but they're really not making the choice between the two heroines very hard so far. Touma just has it all going on.

So much so. They should give Touma some sort of imperfections besides the tsun tsun.
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Apr 8, 2017 5:28 AM

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sound of destiny... probably my favorite song from WA even more than White Album

dem fanservices

all of a sudden touma becomes so moe my heart cant take it
May 4, 2017 7:03 PM

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I didn't think of masturbation when I saw shower scene lol, thanks mal comments ;_; Anyway, toothbrush thing had to happen eventually, although tbh if I saw a blue toothbrush I wouldn't instantly connect it to my love interest staying in a friend's house lol.

Maybe she just likes blue toothbrushes dammit?! If anything, pink one doesn't even suit Kazusa lolz.
Dec 1, 2017 11:35 AM

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well that ending though…I really seem to like this show though
Apr 3, 2018 12:41 AM

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Ogiso is sure a brute for forcing that hard song on Haruki.
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Sep 18, 2018 6:43 AM

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the shower scene was keks

Touma best girl
Apr 20, 6:21 AM

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Very nice steamy fanservice! I like how some fanservice is showing up consistently.

Setsuna is still prettier than Touma. And she's the idol.
Jun 2, 11:00 AM

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lol ogiso was maturbating to kitahara.
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