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Poll: Golden Time Episode 3 Discussion

May 25, 2016 3:58 AM

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This is a total rip into Happy Science in Japan.

Curious to what led to Tada simply "falling" off a bridge and losing his memories. Sounds like suicidee.
Jun 3, 2016 11:18 PM

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Cults are crazy.

And I'm falling for Koko, damn...
Dec 7, 2017 5:19 PM

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Holy crap that cult was SUPER awkward and weird to watch O_O Sitting through the first half was torture, but at least the second half was OK. We learn more about Kouko and Banri, and man, I really hate the amnesia trope >_< He must have hit his head really hard after falling huh? Maybe it's because of that motorcycle gunning towards him in that flashback scene last episode? I wonder what Mitsuo did to make him mean so much to Kouko. Well, at least with Linda next episode I feel as though we're back to "reality" :P
Apr 7, 2018 3:29 AM

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Eh, that episode was quite bad tbh. There is no way such cultists would let so many people leave just to keep one here, that makes no sense at all. Also another MC with amnesia? It's really getting old you know... *coughs*Nisekoi*coughs*
Nov 3, 2018 8:33 PM

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I didn't realize it until I started watching this anime, but I appreciate how it's realistic in the sense that most of us won't remember a person's name even after several times interacting with them. Some animes pull that wrong name gag, but with an obnoxious uncaring character as opposed to Golden Time where both Koko AND Tada had trouble with remembering names. It's a very fresh spin to the joke lol

Getting lost in a forest or the middle of nowhere is always a perf time to bond with someone C: I'm liking their budding friendship. Koko's 10% is obvs a pique of interest towards Tada-kun, romantic or not, at this stage. It's unfortunate to say, but her love for Mitsuo is currently very toxic. You should always have your own sense of self value apart from your lover. They should never define you or your existence.

With that being said, I hope Linda won't end up the side girl superhero; always saving Tada in the nick of time but ultimately not winning his love TT^TT I'd be sad for her if that happens ;~;
Mar 7, 4:29 AM

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The final part is very funny, who is Barbara? even though it was Linda xD.
Jul 16, 7:15 AM

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Barbara! no it's Linda LMAO
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