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Poll: Sakasama no Patema Episode 1 Discussion

Oct 28, 2017 10:15 AM

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ugh i got a stomachache from watching it
dem 69 jokes tho :D

overall a pretty nice movie. glad i stumbled onto it.
Oct 31, 2017 3:03 PM

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I really liked it although the end confused me.
Dec 31, 2017 8:37 PM

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That turned out to be a lot better than I was expecting.

That "bat man" scene really got the movie going. Dang, that got freaky.

The whole falling (into the sky) thing is terrifying. Great job on the angles. My hands would have been too sweaty to maintain grip just watching.
Fear of heights/falling is what made this movie good.

I didn't really like how the head dude was practically a cult leader. Ha ha, it was he who was inverted. I think it would have been better if he "knew" the truth but had been trying to keep it covered up for "peace" or something... would have fit with that society a bit better...

I kind of saw the twist coming (fake sky was a pretty big giveaway), but it was still a nice transition from the beginning, were Patema was assumed to be the "inverted" one.

8/10 (very good)
I was never bored watching this. Kept my attention very well.

I don't understand previous posts about not understanding the ending...
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Jan 30, 2018 12:39 AM

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So from reading other people's comments apparently Eiji's world was in fact the true underground world all along, and he was inverted not Patema. The world they discovered at the end being the true surface. Mind you I probably never would have come to that conclusion on my own, but reading it makes sense. Maybe it's that inability to understand that has left me fairly indifferent about this film. Before reading those comments as the credits rolled my primary thought was, "Well, that sure was a movie." Not bad, not good, just a movie. The thing that probably stood out to me the most honestly was the over the top douchey villain who I couldn't wait to see get killed since pretty much his first scene. Patema and Eiji's relationship, the core of the film, was cute...but that's it. Nothing fantastic or anything like that. Certainly not something on say a Renton/Eureka level, but then there really wasn't enough time for anything like that to develop. For me anyway. I dunno, even other films with similar runtimes have certainly done relationships better. The one I watched just yesterday for instance From Up on Poppy Hill. The visuals were fine, and things certainly got trippy with all the inversions, but I dunno. I don't really feel like this movie will stick with me. More of a forgettable curiosity than anything else. But considering the overwhelmingly positive reviews of it I'm reading by others I dunno, maybe I just didn't get it. I'll still give it a 7 out of 10 which is my generic "good" score.
Aug 8, 2018 3:40 PM

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This movie really does a fantastic job at putting things into perspective. Whether it was Patema slowly overcoming her fears of falling into the sky or Age beginning to learn what she was going through, it's able to take that concept of being upside and turn it on its head. For me, it had to be the moment when Age almost falls off the top of the tower that made me finally understand Patema's fear of the "sky."

But even in that fear, there was beauty to be found. Even as Patema was afraid, she was able to admire the starlight and share that connection with Age. Even though fear & fascination were what divided their perspectives, they could still find common ground by learning to understand one another. And really, it's that theme of overcoming differences to unite that makes this movie ring so true. For Age & Patema, who lived in two entirely different worlds, they were able to find that bond through holding onto each other.

Something else that this movie made me think of is that with freedom comes fear. It's overcoming that fear that makes freedom so precious.

Sep 4, 2018 10:04 PM

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That was pretty cool. There are a few parts that didn't make any sense to me, like when Porta and Age go to rescue Patema. How the hell did Porta get to the tower if he pulls Age towards the sky? How the hell did he get back underground afterwards? Even if there was something he was doing to traverse the world it surely wouldn't have taken him such a short amount of time to get there and back, let alone by himself.

Also, Age and Patema falling to the sky (or rising, idk) took long enough for them to pass out, wake up, and still be falling, yet somehow the flight machine slowly rising takes them maybe 3 minutes to see the ground. I'm not sure if the machine is faster than it looks, or if Age and Patema just fell really slow, idk.

Whatever it was still a cool movie. I'm not one to lose sleep over a few things like that, I enjoyed it.

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Sep 22, 2018 3:49 PM

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it was a nice watch, but I highly doubt it would be good a second time, it basically relied on the plot twists to stay interesting. The fake sky they landed on was a pretty weak plot point, there is just so much wrong with it.

Surprisngly enough literally nobody was on the "real" surface of earth, which seems odd as well. Apparently there are only few humans left in total. Just when it was about to get interesting to see how the societies would react the movie is over. Convenient.

The whole concept seems interesting at first but the closer you look the worse it gets. Generic no character evil dude, generic no character acually nice hecnhman of evil dude.
The "romance" was weak, the "oh look at this nazi society" was weak. Wtf was that 5 minute scene with nothing but photos of Lagos and his father.

the Ost might as well be calles non existent, there was one good song and that was used like once in the middle of the movie and for the credits.

And how they managed to make a 2013 movie look so bad at times is beyond me. It had nice backgrounds, but the overall artytsle seems more like from a series then from a movie. Oh, and this is the first anime/movie which managed to give me motion sickness. Not when the camera turned around, no. During Patemas stay in the lodge. Was that animated which half the fps or what? Not even pure CGI anime like Sidonia no Kishi were that bad.

I see the director getting honored for his works quite often, I really wish to know for what exactly.

I will give it a 7/10 mostly for the unique concept. It should probably be a 6 considering 0 rewatch value or even a 5 considering dated artstyle and boring ost. But since the initial experience was alright I will leave it at 7 for now.

This is as shallow as it gets. The high score is beyond me and a shame for all the actually good movies.
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Oct 15, 2018 5:16 AM
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I just finished watching Sakasama no Patema (Patema Inverted) and I absolutely love the concept. I've watched the film "Upside Down" and I must say that this is definitely better.

However, the ending is a bit confusing.

I understand that Patema and her people are actually the "real" ones - the ones who aren't really inverted and Eiji/Age are the ones who are really inverted. And the world of Aiga is just something the scientists created out of guilt because they wanted the inverted people to still have a normal life.

The part where I'm confused is regarding the email shown at the end. From what I understand (and desperately hope), there are people who continued living on the "abandoned" original surface and deduced that there must be an area in the whole planet where it wasn't damaged by the failed experiment aka the other side of the Earth's mantle (wherever that is). When they settled there and tirelessly searched for a cure for those who are inverted, they found one and they're urging whoever has received their email to disseminate information in order for those who are inverted learn the truth and will be able to live normally.

So now, they're urging people to go on to the place specified by those coordinates and are willing to wait for generations. From that point of view, is it safe to assume that once Patema and Eiji's people go to that place, they'll be able to step on the same ground, fix everything, unite mankind, and live happily?

Because I seriously want the two of them to get together and live a happy life. I can't even start to imagine how hard it must be to have your boyfriend upside down and you have to hug each other all the time just to go on dates or something.

I really hope that my assumption is correct.
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Mar 30, 11:32 PM
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All I got to say is "well that was interesting" and I liked the movie
Mar 31, 12:03 PM

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interesting plot point but honestly i was bored most of the movie. felt like it relied too heavily on visuals, and the twists of it. villain didn't have depth and the dude who betrayed him had like no depth or reasons as to doing such too.
May 22, 12:13 AM
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- The “mysterious stranger” — “BAT MAN” — who scared Patema at the beginning of the movie causing her to fall down the pit. WHO WAS HE? They never revealed that! Why was he there? HOW did he get there? Age’s world apparently hadn’t a clue where the Inverts were hiding. So how did this one man find it? How did he climb down the hole? How would he have gotten back out? Wouldn’t this one “bat man” have revealed his findings to Age’s world? The figure ends up disappearing and we never found out what he was doing underground. This is one example of the film revealing something, only to never touch up on it again.
- What happened to Lagos? What was his fate? We saw him in a test tube but was he dead? The movie stereotype is that test tubes can conserve a body. The film never touched on what happened after his body was revealed too Patema. We saw her shocked expression and that was it. Other than that, we just know that he was “captured”. Seems like the film forgot to touch up on that.
- Did you notice how at the beginning of the movie: Age leaves Patema in the shed and heads to school, and sneaks on a conveyor belt (smiling and then frowning). Then SHORTLY AFTER, he’s shown running through the grass, sneaking alongside a wall, and then jumping on an entirely DIFFERENT conveyor belt? Inconsistent much? Wouldn’t the first belt have led to the second one?
- Patema has multiple stuffed animals in her room, including a hen and a rabbit. I don’t think Patema OR Age’s world know animals are though. Especially Patema’s. Neither worlds actually have animals, as far as we can tell. So… what does Patema think the stuffed animals are based on? (Then again, Lagos apparently knows what “bats” are — since he knows “bat men” allegedly exhibit the same traits as the animal.)
- The first two inverts to ever witness Age’s world (aside from Lagos) were Patema and Lagos. How come Age was just there — by coincidence — at that time and location — both times the inverts climbed on the fence.
- So Age’s world turned out to be the inverse one. I still can’t believe it’s entirely underground though, and that they somehow managed to simulate clouds and a blue sky.
- Not that this is relevant to the plot, but does Age have a mother? He was very reckless throughout the movie as if he had a death wish or as if he could YOLO without troubling any family. I know his dad is dead, but who is Age staying with? Where does he live? I guess this would lead me to think he lives in a type of boarding school style settlement. There’s one (somewhat irrelevant) shot in the movie that flashes to Age’s desk… his comparably messier than the others, and featuring photos of his father (and the sky). These kinds of things are forbidden, which leads me to think this shot of his desk takes place in his dorm room.
- And Patema? Where’s her parents? I don’t think her OR Lagos are related to “Gramps”. Patema’s “family” (as they’re called in the movie) are actually just her acquaintances.
- Age gets shot in the leg but in the next scene he doesn’t even notice it. Just an observation. You can justify this one by saying he’s stunned by his new surroundings (discovering the “real” surface), which distracted him from the pain. But still. He got shot in the leg, was eventually rendered unconscious, and later woke up without feeling a thing.

I think the plot progression was sort of typical. Predictable at times. Nonetheless, the concept is innovative, unique, and ambitious; and it’s decently executed. Also the art was astounding. Extraordinary. It stands out. It’s detailed. It’s “pretty”, and “beautiful”. It’s colorful, and immersive. The concept is good and the art is great, and I just want to point that out. A few reviews said the plot was bad (which it wasn’t HORRIBLE — just kind of inconsistent at times)… and some said the art was bad, which is an awful thing to say because the art for this movie must’ve taken ages to produce. If this movie doesn’t have good animation then I don’t know what does. My criticism lies, once again, in the plot inconsistencies. And because it was kind of hard to keep up with the inversions and multiple perspectives — my dense-ass brain had a hard time processing everything. The character traits were a bit forced, like the main villain and the protagonist. Finally, as one review put it, the movie leaves you with more “questions” than “answers”. There’s still so much I’m wondering about. And not so much as the fate of the character AS MUCH as the logic behind the world. Age’s world turned out to be the inversion, but geez, how did they construct such a simulation like that. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I give the movie an 8 for effort, and I think if some of my concerns were nonexistent it could easily be a 10.
Jun 7, 11:28 PM

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Love but different from the world. At the end of the moon look like the planet Saturn. So Patema is the real inhabitant of the earth?
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