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Poll: Toradora! Episode 19 Discussion

Feb 18, 2018 5:23 AM
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every part breaking away!!! are they gonna be together??
Mar 15, 2018 4:31 PM

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Loooooooooved this episode, the bear santa thing was *adorable*, and Taiga finally, finally realizes her feelings for Ryuuji, thank god Minorin saw that and backed out, Taiga and Ryuugi belong together! Hopefully it will happen soon.

Also the parrot kills me every time, and Ami and Taiga singing together was priceless.
May 25, 2018 10:47 AM

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Bittersweet. .. So I cried when they sang together when Santa appeared and also when Taiga started to cry. This show kills me. I'm definitely going to read the light novel.
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Oct 9, 2018 7:12 PM

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A fond memory of this episode was half the reason I decided to rewatch Toradora!. It’s one of the best Christmas episodes I’ve seen in anime. I remembered the singing and the bear but I didn’t recall Taiga’s realization at the end.

Great stuff. I’ve been looking forward to this episode for awhile and it didn’t disappoint.

I feel like this was the climax of the show in some respects. I doubt Ryuugi will have quite as emotional of a realization as Taiga, so while there may be later climaxes I’m thinking of this as falling action overall from this point onward.
Jan 3, 11:26 AM

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That Santa Bear scene was pretty great. Ryuuji would make a good furry.
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May 11, 10:50 AM

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Haruta is really annoying. Please, leave.

My boy Ryuuji looks so great in a suit.

Everything else was predictable. Bad arc except for Taiga scenes.
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May 26, 1:51 AM

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I am hating this show, but I will watch it till the end to give it a proper score.
Jun 2, 7:38 PM

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notsomacho said:
Am I missing something? When did she start liking Ryuuji?

yep u are missing something, she had feeli gs for him kittle bit sins ep2 when she ttied to confess to kitamura but what came out said she likes ryu slightly, she has slowly falling for him sins beginning talk about blind 😊

not to mention when he nearly drown and she yelled stay awy from my ryu
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Jun 14, 11:38 PM
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Before I get into my rant below: I must say that Ami and Taiga this episode were so adorable, I loved looking at them, such great artwork on the eyes and just the general face and lighting, such good work.

Damn, my girl Taiga doesn't get an episode alone and she runs out into the street crying.

That's some real petty selfish shit I am sorry.

I get missing Ryuji, but Taiga's selfishness was so high, she didn't even want to see Minorin and Ryuji hanging out, she just broke down instantly.

At least Ryuji saw Kitamura and Taiga hang out and not break down, Taiga is different I guess.

Rip Ami, I already said my discussions about her in the last episode but what can you do, girl is getting ignored, such a pain I feel so bad for her, she is the one in this story that needs an anime for her where she is the love interest, Ruji legit can't understand a single word she is saying as his mind is only on Taiga.

And not to be rude, but how do these damn users on this discussion not know that Taiga and Ryuji already like each other? I don't want to be offensive, but how did you get miss this?

They hang out EVERY EPISODE, TALK ABOUT EVERYTHING, WALK EVERYWHERE, how do people miss this?

Did people forget the:
"Pool Confession?"
"Taiga confessing to Kitamura but talking about Ryuji?"
"Taiga not wanting to let Ryjiu go on the trip alone with Ami?"
"Ryuji missing Taiga after she leaves?"
"Ryuji and Taiga bonding?"
"Ryuji making Food for Taiga daily?"

Like truly how do people miss this?
Jul 2, 7:57 PM
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silky heart>pre-parade
Can’t change my mind

Jul 22, 12:28 PM

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The ending of this series will either make people love or hate the show, I can feel it. There's no in-between.
Sep 23, 1:04 PM

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Probably an unpopular opinion (not gonna read the thread to avoid spoilers for what's ahead) but Taiga really annoys me. Makes Ryuji look at her fawning over another guy the whole series, only to get selfish now she can't have him. Fuck off.
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