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Poll: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S Episode 24 Discussion

Mar 17, 2:29 AM

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hmm.. this was a good neding..showing accelarator and last order too....
May 10, 6:56 AM
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I loved this season. There was a lot of action, a good plot, new characters and new data, also I remembered some spectacular moments of Toaru Majutsu No Index.
Revelations and curiosities:
1. Quinta Sper from CA, Mental Out, Shokuhou Misaki.
2. The first season of TKNR is located before Touma lost his memory.
3. TKNR-S is located after that until the end of summer vacation.
4. The Sisters (Clones of Misaka) had a greater brightness in the eyes and were funnier 😀.
5. Cuarta Sper de CA, Meltdowner, Meguni
6. The events of Accelerator and Misaka 20000 were in the same chronology.
7. I understand that Saten does not come out in the first season of TMNI, but why did not he leave in the second season? 😅
8. I wonder what happened to the black kitten that Misaka Sister and Touma picked up from the park.

Regarding the end, it was epic and emotional. Fibrie won my heart: 3. The girls are great, Misaka and her friends did really well. Once again they showed me the great power of friendship.

"It's my dream to return home smiling, without having lost anyone" -Touma-
"By depending on others, and letting them depend on you, people can exceed what they can do as individuals" -Misaka-
Sep 27, 2:25 AM
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quite a bad episode, the series was good overal but I hated this particular episode, I just couldn't stand the loud songs that were played during the entire length right one after the other to the point where I ended taking off the headphones most of the time because of those annoying songs.
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