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Feb 8, 2009 10:13 AM

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What did you think in the end of the manga? :<
Feb 8, 2009 4:56 PM

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Lilly14 said:
What did you think in the end of the manga? :<

I was crying like crazy! T__T.. how in the world can he die, I mean not just the fact that he IS the main character but also because it was depicted in the manga that nobody could kill him!. I wanted to strangle the crap out Kaafai for shooting Hakuron >=(. And on top of that, it just had to happen on the day they were getting married, poor Kurumi! =(

I loved the last sentence that Hakuron says when she's leaving, it was soo cute XD
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Feb 12, 2009 5:54 PM
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OMG!! i was crying so hard! i couldn't believe it when Hakuron died. i mean it was on their wedding day! he didn't even get to say "I do". I feel so bad for Kurumi. I wishing i could kill the guy who shot Hakuron. I mean seriously. I was soooo sad!
Mar 17, 2009 9:49 AM

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He's supposed to be so powerful... & my friend even told me it has a happy ending.. I was totally duped! How can he die? by the stupid young kid who's not even a gangster? *WAIL* My heart is so broken!! Their wedding & he even made it to the church & why didn't he go to the bloody hospital? He could've been saved...! *SOB*
Mar 24, 2009 8:20 AM

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Only me that found him as a disgusting creep which was just raping the main girl. And she was a total idiot which started to feel pleasure out of the rape.

This "deep" story tells us that every woman is a sex toy, and It dosen't mather if you rape them because in the end they will like it, they want more and they love you.
So all boys out there go out an RAPE because we girls love it.

May 21, 2009 7:50 AM

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I was crying at the end! I didn't expect Hakuron to die like THAT! I thought that they would have a happy ending together after experiencing and going through so many obstacles. Tragic. T_T heartbreaking.
Jun 3, 2009 12:10 PM
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Totally hate it!! Crying for the whole chapters.
At least make kurumi pregnent and leave a rememberance for her.
She will remain single for her rest of life...
Jun 22, 2009 4:19 PM
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It was sooo unexpected, I mean- I had pretty much FORGOTTEN Kaafai at that point, I mean- he only showed up in one or two of the chapters near the beginning [and all you got to know was that he fell in love with Kurumi (that's how you spell her name, ne?) over a period of 3 days or so...].

Aarrrgh, that was ANNOYING! I mean, he COULD'VE been saved- wasn't he stabbed near the heart in another of the chapters, and SURVIVED?!
Jun 25, 2009 9:59 PM

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drusila said:
Only me that found him as a disgusting creep which was just raping the main girl. And she was a total idiot which started to feel pleasure out of the rape.

This "deep" story tells us that every woman is a sex toy, and It dosen't mather if you rape them because in the end they will like it, they want more and they love you.
So all boys out there go out an RAPE because we girls love it.

Sorry but I can't agree with you there. I know what he did was really bad, but he had his reason. For the most part I blame Kurumi for it (she was being really stupid through out the story), if only she had more trust in him over his ex gf then he wouldn't have resorted to such brutal actions. We all know his past (not that it matters as some say) but if what turned him like this doesn't matter then can't we forget about what he was before and try to look at him NOW who is completely in love with Kurumi and even left the mafia to live a happy life with her. Over all I say that he didn't deserve to die, especially on his wedding day (they deserve to at least get married T_T).

Also that is NOT the gist of this story (though it may seem like it to some). But girls are not toys, though some guys may think so but no female in her right state of mind would want to get raped and especially like it ftw o.0. This story is fictional, the guy is totally obsessed with her to the point where he'll rape her to make her stay with him, that doesn't really happen in real life (unless your being stalked by some mental pervert). So it's either that she totally hates getting raped or she likes it, which then wouldn't even be rape o.0. But then again we all know that Kurumi and Haku LOVE each other and no matter what the hell they say they still have feelings for each other (what a complicated couple hehe ^_^")

You guys may agree or disagree, this was all my opinion (oh and sorry if i offended anyone ^_^)
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Jul 30, 2009 11:24 PM

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And i thought i was the only one crying. :\ Damn... I was like... *waaaa, waaaa* don't die, hakuron! [i remembered their names O.O wtf? i really like/d this manga o.o" no, i usually don't remember the names and i'm... *what's his name, what's her name* xD] kurumi, you idiot, go find some help, don't let him die like that! but, well... he was shot in his heart so i guess... there was nothing left to do [or was there? O.O]. Anyway...

Hate ya from the bottom of my heart! [no, i don't o.o in fact, i love ya for making me cry @.@] I'll never read tragedy again T.T [whaaa, i'll read even more O.O moar, moar @.@]

Nevermind. o.o If i could choose, i'd rate it 11/10 ^^ [._. i really liked it] [yeah, yeah, I not i... whatever xD]
I'm Yulobo-chan ^^ Hajimemashite xD
Feb 1, 2010 5:31 AM
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i agree with KOKO5, well i mean i thought that the end was very sad, because i mean
watching the man you love die on your wedding day... it's really hard, but i kinda thought that sooner or later it was going to happen, you can't expect them to get
married and live happily ever after like in kaikan phrase or love celeb, because this time the plot was waaaaaaaaay so dense, and despite the fact that i got sad that he was killed i didn't cry because all the stuff he did, the fact that you love someone doesn't mean that you can keep him/her againts their will and rape them all you want, that was just... not right, even if he loves her that was just sick and not very cool it was far from teasing her, but oh well i guess she was also very stupid xD but the end, i thought it was right i mean there was all that mafia stuff she will continue to be a target all her life so in my opinion it was fair and the fact that it was on the wedding day was even more memorable.
May 31, 2010 6:58 PM

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yulobo said:
...SOOO agree....:)

Emiliebryhni said:
I agree with this as well...:)
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Sep 13, 2010 5:36 AM

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I really really liked this manga.. it sucks that the ending was like that, I found it sort of bleh when I first read it, but after reading Love Celeb and seen Hakuron's view on true love, it all actually made sense.. As I remember, he said something along the lines that he would give his life to love someone like she loves Gin.
I don't know, it was something along those lines, and at the end he did fall in love with Kurumi, so his life was worthwhile, cause it DID happen.

Amazing manga, I loved it.

I actually liked the part when he began abusing Kurumi, it was just amazing, he had this sort of puppy love relationship with her when he first met her, he didn't wanna show her his true side cause he really liked her, but after she believed the ex's lies, he felt everything was broken and the only way to keep her now was by force.. and by lots of sex lol.

Eh, is a story, like it or not... read it at your own risk.. I liked it, but no, I would not like something like that in real life lol.
Feb 26, 2011 7:44 AM
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i felt the same way the first time I read this manga- however there's some good news!! An alternate ending, and a much happier one!!

Here's the summary (i just copied and pasted): ~ Kurumi and Hakuron seem to be going out on a date and they meet a little girl who starts calling Hakuron, dad! They are both in shock. )_) Hakuron gets pissed and yells at the kid. The little girl starts to cry, Kurumi comforts her and she starts calling Kurumi, mom. (_( It seems the little girl mistaken, Hakuron & Kurumi as her parents (or maybe not?). Hakuron is about to call someone, but Kurumi stops him. Then Hakuron has a flashback about his childhood. He figures he can't win against them and decides to stay with Kurumi and the little girl. By this time they seem to be in a park or something, where they enjoy some refreshments. The little girl acts all cute and stuff and they all laugh. Then suddenly, some bad guys come along and start shooting at them when Hakuron realizes it, he tells Kurumi and the child to duck and take cover. Later you hear some more firing in the distance and Hakuron asking Kurumi if she's okay. (At this point, the little girl seems to have disappeared -not sure why-) Kurumi seems to be a bit freaked out about the whole situation and Hakuron tries to calm her down. Fuoron shows up to make sure that both, Kurumi & Hakuron are okay. Finally, Hakuron and Kurumi are back in their apartment (I think) and they start talking and laughing. -It sounded like that little girl might be Hakuron & Kurumi's future child.- So, the track ends with them together and happy (and that little girl laughing in the distance along with them). THE END OF THE MAIN STORY... ♥

Here's a link to the full story:

Enjoy~ :)
May 27, 2011 1:53 PM
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the end was awful I will never read another story from this autor .
Dec 5, 2011 2:43 PM
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WTF!!! im sooo pissed!! >.<... he wasnt suppose 2 die... n wen i found out he died i was think ohhh the author is tryin 2 trick us!... hes gonna b alive buh than the last pages! he didnt come bak!! WTF!! im so sad... i would have rated it a 10 if he didnt die!! D=... the cat got FAT o.O... n in the end it didnt even show wah happened to Kaafai >.>... like what did Kurumi say 2 him... how did she react... that would b interestin to watch... they should @ least make a epilogue 4 the characters it didnt show >.>
Dec 21, 2011 10:19 AM

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But anyways, the ending was so sad. Hakuron just wanted to have a wedding day that would have nothing related to the mafia, and stupid Ka Fai can't let them be happy and had to shoot him, only making what could have been Kurumi's happiest day of her life into the worst. They didn't got the chance to get married. ;~; Like what Kurumi went through having her husband dying next to her is such a sad experience. At least Hakuron will always protect her in spirit no matter where she goes or ends up with.

For some strange reason though, I wanted Kurumi to get pregnaunt at some time in the story because it could have at least bring happiness for her in the end by having Hakuron's child. ;~; But I guess it was obvious that what happen occured since the dragon mark on his temple represented the end of his clan, no matter how many times he had sex with Kurumi. :(
Jan 9, 2012 6:26 AM
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when i sow that he died my heart startet pounding and i said to me no wayyyyyyyyy no freaking fucking wayyyyyy i started tearing and this was the first manga that made me cry :'((((( at first i sow it was a drama and i said i better stop reading it or else it wond come out of my mind but after a fie days i started reading again and then in the end i was like this => O.O => :'(
i wish the will get married and live hapilly :'(