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Poll: Fresh Precure! Episode 1 Discussion

Feb 5, 2009 3:32 AM

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I didn't see anyone make a topic of this precure series. It's very confused me. Because...

It's FRESH and a great start !!! better than most of them in the past.

Character development of the main heroine(Love Miki and Inori) look interesting. Especially Love...She is... interrupt someone love scene...looks courage....
Main Villians is interesting too...No more monster or old guys/ this time It's cool girl/guys...

And of course...action scene..It's very impressed me !! but in the future I want more deep story.If they can do.This series is going to be a lot and lot better.

The last is...ED ...CG is the winner.... well...It's make me happy ! Shiawase get dayo !

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Feb 7, 2009 3:35 PM

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Wow, I really really liked it! A lot!
First, the main character is so lovely <3 and the story seems to be nice. I was a little disappointed with the animation and the drawing though. And her attack looked boring to me, but it's nice to see a change ^^
Can't wait to see Buuki henshin and attack *-*
Feb 8, 2009 3:15 PM

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yea,i'm sure Bukky is most kawaii girl in this seriese!
I come to love her than Nagisa, i'm sorry Nagisa...

though, quality of picture isn't so good...
Feb 9, 2009 11:35 AM

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i liked Iisu transformation *__*
the backgrounds are still weird like in Precure 5 ...the first 3 series in this aspect were perfect, i wonder if this is the price to watch precure in HD or it's just a choice of different art

i really hope that this time we'll have the full season subbed and not just a few episodes
Feb 9, 2009 5:20 PM

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Graphic and music are horrible, but after all it wasn't that bad as i expected.
Feb 10, 2009 10:26 AM
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I enjoyed it. Love seems the normal stereotypical team magical girl heroine. I'm wondering who the fourth Precure will be (since there were four keys).

Feb 10, 2009 7:37 PM

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I think the forth one will be Eas (the villain). Let's wait and see! ^^
Feb 13, 2009 4:25 AM

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I just adore Inori ..and I'm so happy that somebody is subbing the episodes....
But Berry has 1000 times better transformation then Love =)

tnx to raylu for this set ^^
Feb 13, 2009 7:01 PM
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LeoHamasaki said:
I think the forth one will be Eas (the villain). Let's wait and see! ^^

I hope it is East as well. I think the idol girl is Infinity or is my runner up for being the fourth magical girl.

Feb 23, 2016 7:57 AM

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this was really fun, and i already really like love haha. and eas seems like a pretty cool villain :o
Jul 2, 2016 11:17 AM

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The animation seems to have changed a lot from the previous series! I don't hate it... I think the three girls will have nice personalities, it will be nice to follow. ~ Also the group of villains look so cool! XD;
Jan 12, 2017 10:27 AM

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Yeah,the art/animation wasn't too good but hear Fresh makes up for it by being a very fun/wacky series.

Apr 3, 2017 8:34 AM

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Alright start. There were some funny moments and I like Cure peach.
Intersting that she was apperently that a very different person when transformed.
Apr 13, 2017 5:04 PM

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Nice start. All three of the main girls already being close friends was a little different from other Precure I've seen, but even moreso than that the whole alternate Cure personality thing seems like it could be interesting. I thought it was odd that Love was saying things she couldn't possibly know and fighting like a pro when she only just became a Cure, and surely enough when she snapped out of it she described the experience as being in a dream-like state.

If the Cures wind up being able to hijack the girls' bodies whenever there's danger, that's going to be pretty crazy.
Sep 2, 2017 11:51 AM
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This episode did come really well! And I loved the story too!
Nov 11, 2018 11:08 AM

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-The bgs are so bad it's almost funny. The opening song is pretty catchy. Love is pretty cute and she has nice eyes, they're so pink. I love that Miki has a boyfriend, finally that's realistic and it doesn't happen often in anime. I love that the uniforms are pink aww.
-The villians look cool wow, also the whole fortune telling house thing is interesting. That's way too much sugar ahah. Love is really likable, I really like MCs who are energetic and positive, they usually turn out to be my fav chara. Miki is also pretty good looking and i love her shade of blue.
-Aw I'm happy for the couple, and Love is a good person for helping them. The insert song was so good I need to look for it after this.
-Oh god the male mascott is soo cute I want to hug him.
-Love fights the thing without being scared, not even for a second, she's such a cool character. Cure peach looks so cute, beautiful hair- and she kicks ass. "I'm the legendary warrior" wow so she's not clueless like the leads of some othe precure seasons, nice.
-End dance was awesome
Dec 31, 2018 4:59 PM

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The Precure train never stops and it's now time to start Fresh!

First episode was neat, our protagonist is named Love and she sure lives up to it so far, seeing her help and emphatize so much for the others is so nice. The first interactions with the villains were interesting too, the best moment was when one of them put all that sugar on the drink and was like "wtf, humans really drink this?" xDDD

Looks like Love didn't really control herself when transformed into Precure but more like someone else was controlling her instead, at first I was pretty surprised about how hard she kicked ass for being the first time but looks like it was this, interesting.

I find very interesting the fact that the girls who will become Precure seem to be all friends from before the start of the story, unless I just forgot I think that all of the ones I have seen started with them getting close in first place thanks to becoming one.

Woah, so Miki has a boyfriend? If true I'm pretty shocked seeing what I watched of shoujo series.