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Poll: Girls go Around Chapter 1 Discussion

Sep 5, 2013 7:07 PM

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70+ pages huh? That took awhile to read but I like the set up so far so I guess I'll give it a try. Shiina seems like an interesting girl and I guess I understand her past a little? Eh, there's the supernatural part involving time loops (my S;G vibe heightening now) and possibly tragedy later on.
Artwork is decent and set up seems decent as well
Sep 5, 2013 8:11 PM
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Here we have another time loops manga. And by the looks of it, looks like the male protagonist will be helping out these girls.
Dec 23, 2013 2:22 AM

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The story was fine, it reminds me of a manga called Again, but the characters, the dialogue, their characterization, ugh..

Starting with the characters, it's the "I'll look after you" childhood friend troupe. Then, it's the MC with pretty much no interest, no personality (maybe lazy?), and nothing. Then we have bunch of females, hmm.. Why can't we have a balance of male and female for once?

Then, how could she actually came to this conclusion of "Maybe because I made the wrong choice, that's why the loop started"? She read too much manga, that is the conclusion only manga reader could come to, otherwise, normally speaking, if this happened to you, I doubt that it would even come across your mind that you've made the wrong choice of the day. It feels like it's a cheap way for the author to indirectly tell us what's actually happening or took place.

Then we have a bunch of females with trouble and our MC is going to solve them? MC sure is made to be very special.

I am not sure if I want to actually continue reading on, I am liking the time loop stuff and all..

Edit: Oh and, how convenient that everyone got a second or third or fourth chance to make their choice, somehow I didn't really like that fact. People make their choice, whether they will end up regretting it or not, it's entirely up to them, why give them a second chance and all? Why don't or why can't I get one?
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Feb 23, 2018 6:01 AM

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Damn, 70+ pages for this chapter...

Time loops, huh? So the MC will help people to solve their problem.