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Poll: What do you think about this

Aug 23, 2013 1:00 PM

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Lets say, forget science.
Just the notion that at the end of end your life, people live on in theirs and your memories, like they say at the end of this film.

The thing I have trouble with, is that the one who says this (Melina) is a copy of herself.
How could the memories that Melina gained from being in Jenis' body transfer to Melina when she died from her illness?
Which can only mean that Melina has become two entities (a double existence).
Does that mean that you should believe in the copy of Melina alone, or does believing in the copy or the real one mean believing in both?
The copy is kind of like a reincarnation of herself, but if you believe in the one on her death bed, or the Jenis copy, would that mean that one of them is being left out?

Things like this seem trivial, but they always pop up in my head when I read/watch stories with premises like this. It always ruins the dramatic ending for me!
Curse me and my analytical mind (Lol).

All of this is based on the fact that it's copy of Melina's memory.
If it's a move of her memory and soul, then that's completely different.

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Apr 30, 2014 4:42 AM

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Maybe the answer you are looking for has to do with the very meaning of ones personality (remember that her father copied her memories to recreate her personality).

The personality are different for each people because they learn different things over time, that means they have different memorys (even if it is about the same thing, for example the 1º time you had seen the sea you probably said "WOW! What a giant swimming poll!" and other person maybe said "Look! A large lake!") this may seems that not make to much sense but if you multiplied for every thing you saw it will create a different idea of the world and with that a different personality.

Your question is about who's the one are "Melina" or the one that really was the "last living Melina" (if it can says in that way) and what about the other.

Well, science apart, lets says the memories were copied right after she "died" (to get the entire memory). After she "reborn" in Jenice body (or mind) she had felt and learn new experiences and continued to grown her memory and her personality (an easy example was when she was suprised when Jenice accepted her insted of the "natural" rejection, that changed her way to see and of course the personality about that).
1 year passed (I think it was a year but) now think about how much she learn and how much she change her personality (and Jenice personality too, they both lived in the same body). Its most like you have a record of you when you were 10 years old, it was you but not like you are now. It the same for the original (the dead 1) and the so called "copy".
The answer (with this explanation) is simple now: They both were Melina, the more "grown up" were the "copy" and the other was the live but the "young" one. If it matters who the one have more meanig I would say its the "copy", but they didn't lived at the same time, so it wasn't any problem about the 1 who means more. (if they lived at the same time you could see the "copy" more like a clone, its very familiar to the original but its different because they don't have the same experience only the ones they share when the "copy" was made, after that they were being in different experiences, even if it in the same place they are not the same, one of them have a body with other personality in their. In this case they both be named separately, but for this question it doesn't matter any way. xD)

This is my opinion about your question (an intriguing one I must say), I hope it has helped you.
Apr 30, 2014 11:38 AM

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You made some good points r_justo, thanks for your reply!
I'm glad this thread is getting some feedback after 8 months. :)

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Sep 7, 2014 6:32 PM

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I see it like this. If they literally cloned Melina and the clone was just finished being created - there are literally two of the exact same being living at the exact same time. However, now that they both exist in separate places, they will experience different things and essentially become different people over time with only their physical resemblance to note. They will share some memories in the distant past sure, but they will be different if they lead two different lives. That is also how I see everyone, we all start as a clean slate and our experiences make us who we are, whether we all shared the same physical appearance or not.

I don't know if I'd consider a dead person having their memories implanted into someone else as still being alive or not, but there is a debate to be had about that certainly.