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Jan 25, 2009 4:18 AM

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if you have any questions, something that is unclear, something to tell the admins or anything like this, post ot here. try to do not use the comments for questions so if other people will have the same question they will be able to get theyr answer here.
answers for questions you may ask:
How much characters can claim me?
-if you are not one of the 5 first members, or an admin, only one.
If i don't want to be claimed more than once and i can?
-then you can always give your extra claim. however, you cannot take back that extra claim or change the owner of it, so think before you give it to someone eles.
And if i don't want to be claimed at all, can i give my claim?
-no. each member can be claimed one basic time, and some can be claimed one extra time. only the extra can be given, not the base.
If the character i want to claim me alredy claimed someone?
-this is ok. a character can claim 2 members.
I claimed, asked for a banner and i still don't have one. what do i do?
-if more than a week have passed, please contact the baka. maybe we missed your claim.

we will add more questions that will be asked!