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Poll: Aiura Episode 12 Discussion

Feb 18, 2018 8:07 PM

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the greatest merits about this are the animation and the warm feeling the episodes left us with and i dare to say it worked exactly because it was so short. it is breathtakingly beautiful because they only needed to animate 3 minutes every week, and i don't think i would have liked any of those characters (specially kana) if this was longer.
but it works. and it was nice. <3
Dec 2, 2018 8:31 PM

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actually surprised by how much i liked this anime xD the characters were all great and the anime was just an overall joy to watch with pleasant art style and VAs
Apr 29, 10:58 AM

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Heartwarming way to conclude this anime. I also liked how it made a good resemblance to the first episode.

The visuals were nice throughout the series and the animation was pretty decent as well. Not to mention that I was also fairly surprised of how good the body expressions and legs were drawn.

Overall, it was a decent show but not something really special either. 5/10
May 2, 11:05 AM

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This episode was particularly uneventful and bad.

Overall, the show was rather weak, I get the premise behind it, but its execution was rather lame. Also the way most episodes end is rather negatively awkward, like there should be something more, but they end it just because, exactly like I end this comme
Jul 30, 1:06 PM

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Pretty good last episode. Overall, unexpectedly this had a lot of fanservice, and honestly, it was rather good.
Yesterday, 8:09 PM

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Girls catching some outs on the seaside, that was a beautiful sunset. But more beautiful was the star gazing by Yukon! I've seen better endings though, but I liked it nonetheless.

Overall this was nice but not a great slice of life, maybe because it was short or maybe the characters- I don't know I just have to check it out someday. Or maybe because I've watched so many and was just not feeling. But I will say this, it did help me pass the time! I can't give slice of life less than 6, so its:


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