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Poll: Black Jack 21 Episode 8 Discussion

Jan 8, 2009 10:17 PM
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I was quite bemused at Dr. Blackjack’s reasoning to try and bring a boy back from a 65 year coma. The doctors plead with Blackjack to operate on the boy to potentially wake him from his slumber. However, negotiations end after the doctors are unable to pay Blackjack’s $200,000 fee. Absurdly, Blackjack only agrees to do the operation after he finds out the boy is scheduled to be painlessly euthanized by a doctor he himself disdains. Doesn’t this seem like not only a conflict of interest but self-gratification on Blackjack’s part? He doesn’t even consider that death may be the best option for the boy; after all without this operation the boy would’ve stayed in a vegetative state indefinitely anyway.

So Blackjack does the surgery and the boy is revived against all odds and inquires about his family whom are long dead, he screams, “Why did you wake me up…I have no home to return to” rapidly ages and dies. You would think Blackjack would be doing some serious reflecting right now, but the series is too plot-driven to allow any time for such novelties. Anyway, surprisingly as a last slap in the face the boy’s last living relative thanks Dr. Blackjack for giving her a measly 3 seconds to chat with her uncle even though it would’ve been a lot better to just let him die to begin with, instead of letting him face the harsh reality of his fate and than dying screaming in despair.
Mar 21, 2014 11:22 AM

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Black Jack is opposed to the man's life being deliberately ended by others. Refusing to perform an operation with a very low chance of success as a matter of professional practice doesn't really contradict that. He performs the operation anyway because it's the only way for the man to even have a chance to keep living.

I think Black Jack's character is often pretty flat, but his conviction in not giving up on life works because he was once on the verge of death himself...although it doesn't really explain why he's so often intractable about money.

Seeing him react more to the horrible way things turned out would have been interesting, but I believe the character was written to be static, so I don't know if there's really anywhere it could have gone.

I appreciate that something finally went wrong for Black Jack, though. He's usually so invincible.
Jan 15, 2016 2:01 AM

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So last episode you were willing to spend at least 10 billion yen to be able to operate on a complete stranger yet on this one you refuse to operate on a patient unless they pay you an 200,000 pounds.
Then you decide you'll do the operation after finding out he's Dr.Kiriko's "patient" but the way you do it just makes you look like an ass who just wants to prove to Kiriko that you can save him, not that you actually gave a dam about the patient.

As expected, the operation is a success but for some reason the women thinks it's a great idea to tell the patient that his father is dead, 65 years have passed and both of them are the last of their family. Really? You're just gonna lay it on him like that and not expect him to freak out at all?? They make it seem like that was the reason he began to rapidly age, either that or it was just some really convenient timing.

In the end, the operation WAS a success since the patient actually managed to wake up, but he soon died of old age which is really out of his hands there. The thing is that Black Jack refuses to accept that sometimes you gotta let em go but hey, the guy thinks he can save everyone pretty much because the show has made it so that he can. I think the only person that has actually died on him during an operation was Dr.Honma but that was only mentioned in a flashback.