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Poll: Soul Eater Episode 39 Discussion

Nov 2, 2018 8:38 AM

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If this episode came after that episode when Chrona did Medusa's order to put that snake in Marie's cup then it would be more impactful. Many things have happened since then so I don't necessarily feel the feels even though I remember the events that had to happen as clear as the day.

Still, indeed it was a great emotional scene, Chrona's pain of guilt and regret along with the fear for Medusa, her mother is too much to bear even for Chrona. I'm glad Maka got to Chrona and convinced Chrona to stop hurting and blaming themselves. Medusa is the source of pain for Chrona, it's up to the others to take her down! Speaking of Medusa...

That surrender is absolute bullshit!!! Kill her right now! (Yes, in the little girl body) Or at least, contain her somewhere other than in DWMA!
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