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Jan 5, 2009 9:43 PM

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Here is how the threads work. Btw, blogs are preferable over portfolios, but either works.

If you have a request:

  • Before anything, read this guide to finding good images. This will help your requests be filled quicker, and it will be easier on us.

  • Post on one of the stickied threads in the category that you are requesting.
  • Giving specifics always helps the person to create the image for you.
  • PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT BEFORE REQUESTING. The artist puts a lot of effort into making you a graphic, so make sure you request something you can live with for a while.
  • Please wait at least a week before bumping your request. We know your request exists, and if we don't take it, there must be a reason. Reminding us once a week is suggested, and lets us know that you are serious about wanting and using our art.
  • The image maker will inform you via PM when he/she is done with your request, and they will post it in either their blog or their portfolio thread (you can find out which one by going to the Artist Queues / Work thread.
  • Please wait 2 MONTHS before requesting another graphic of the same type so that other people can get a turn to request that type of graphic.

If you are an image maker:

  • Post in the Artist Queues / Work thread before doing anything.
  • When you want to take a request, simply post in the same thread, letting the requester know you will take that request. Quoting the actual request is ideal.
  • PLEASE PUT EFFORT INTO EACH GRAPHIC YOU CREATE. We want graphics that we can all look at for a while without getting tired of them, and your effort helps us to make quality images that can keep the clients satisfied for a while.
  • When you complete a request, PM the user as well as posting on the thread that the request was made on. Letting them know where the image is will help a lot (blog or portfolio / link possibly)
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updated rules about bumping ^.^