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Jan 3, 2009 8:16 AM

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Suggested by teh wonderful Raffie <3 (RaffLovesApples)

mmmkaayz. So, here's the idea: We get together a list of songs ... let's say fifteen for now, that represent Hikaru in some way. (Bokura No Love Style and Mata Ashita are givens, no one suggest those please :P). It could be the style of the music - the beat, the notes, etc. - or the lyrics that remind you of Hikaru. The lyrics can be Hikaru-centric, HikaHaru, or twincest related.

Please keep the following in mind:
  • Be sure to name the title of the song and the artist who sings it.
  • A link to the lyrics is appreciated, but not necessary.
  • Every song suggested will be looked over by myself to see if it really does represent Hikaru. I'll pass pretty much everything :P
  • You are allowed to say that you don't like the song that so-and-so suggested, provided you give a reason, and I will keep what you have to say in mind.
  • Suggest as many as you like.
  • Songs in foreign languages are allowed.
  • We're aiming for fifteen right now, but if we get more songs, that'd be great *__*
  • As I said, Bokura No Love Style and Mata Ashita will be included automatically. No one suggest those ;D
  • Again, as I said, the song can remind you of Hikaru because of the lyrics or the music.
  • Again again, as I said, songs can be Hikaru-centric, HikaHaru-centric or twincest-centric.

That's it, really. <3
I'll post some of me own later, bwahaha. :)
Don't be shy to post! ;DD
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Jan 3, 2009 8:42 AM

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Cool idea :D ... Too bad I can't think of any songs that remind me of Hikaru, though~

I'll be thinking about it.

EDIT: Nevermind, I've thought of one: Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol.

There's a trillion and one Ouran AMVs out there to this song, and since that was the first time I heard the song, I have a picture of KaoruxHikaru or HikaruxHaruhi in my head whenever I hear it.

Here's a YouTube video:
And it has the lyrics in the description.

Gee, what an original suggestion. -sarcasm-
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I like to make people cry.
Jan 3, 2009 8:45 AM

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okay :)
thanks :D

not unoriginal ... :)
as long as it's hikaru, we welcome it :DDD
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Jan 3, 2009 8:52 AM

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Okay, je suis excited, so ima start now :DD
Sum 41 tiem!

Song: So Long Goodbye
Artist: Sum 41
lyrics right here. song right here

Song: In Too Deep
Artist: Sum 41
lyrics right here. song right here
Note: The lyrics of this song have less than nothing to do with Hikaru, but the Happy sound and ridiculousness of the video make me think of nothin but him ;D

I'll think up more later =0

Jan 3, 2009 9:19 AM

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Bowling for Soup - High School Never Ends

Funny song, the lyrics are good and the rhythm in good. I don't like this kind of music (pop-rock?), but it's remind Hikaru.

Jan 3, 2009 9:22 AM

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Allright, here is mine:

Song: When You Say Nothing At All
Artist: Ronan Keating
lyrics right here, song right here

Note: This song reminds me of Hikaru because of the lyrics. I just get a picture of Hikaru and Haruhi in my head whenever I hear this song, a really really sweet one. <3
I think that is because Haruhi was the one who pulled him out of his slumber, as I call it. You know, the first person that could keep Hikaru and Kaoru apart. I thought it was a really sweet scene, and so, this song reminds me of that moment.

Kya-ha! Ash-chan, gary-chan, ashgary-chan XD I copied your style.
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Jan 3, 2009 10:33 AM

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Placebo - Every You Every Me ( lyrics )

I just happened to see an amv of the twins on Youtube set to this song, so I couldn't possibly ignore it. It's really well edited ;PP
And here it is:3

Well, maybe I'm just a damn Placebo fan. Sue me XDDD
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Jan 3, 2009 2:03 PM

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Artist: Blink 182
Song: First Date -->> admin edit - ashgary says: W00t ITS TOM DELONGE :DDDDDDDDDDD THE ONE I LOVE JUST AS MUCH AS HIKARU OH YES. lawl thanks raff xD [/end pointless note]
... keeps reminding me of Hikaru's and Haruhi's date in episode 16.

Artist: Boys Like Girls
Song: Learning to Fall
This song to me, talks about how Hikaru feels when he first fell in love with Haruhi. It could also speak about his jealousy with Tamaki and his relationship with Haruhi. HIKA-ANGST!

... I might get randomly more later on. ^^'''

.. I cant type for my life.
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Jan 3, 2009 2:50 PM

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I have one :3
Artist: Nickelback
Song: Far Away
For HikaKao ♥, and in some parts for HikaHaru.
This song is really awesome... but sad u___u

O.O... well here is another u____u
Artist: Puddle of Mudd
Song: She Hates Me
For HikaHaru. Uhm, maybe this song is not good at all but it's really funny xDDD, reminds me a lot the episode when Haruhi said that Hikaru is a little more evil than Kaoru.

Jan 3, 2009 3:18 PM

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awesome o.o
great suggestions, guys :DD

everything up till now has been approved ;] (as if I would do anything but that)

lollers, Hiina~ xDD I go by ash-chan , gary-chan AND ashgary-chan O u O I guess I'm just one of the lucky ones XDDDDDD :P (call me wtv yew want, I go by sara in real life :o)

and since we're posting ouran vids, (darkshines xD), I wanna do that too :O

for the twins. I love this vid <3 :D might as well nominate the song while I'm at it, it's:

American Psycho by Treble Charger
makes me think of a third person looking at and thinking about the twins

wahh, this has ot me in the mood to post a bunch of ouran amvs for you guys
O u O
but this isn't the right thread ..... guess what's gonan open up next? :D
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Jan 8, 2009 1:34 PM

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Just came up with one..

Song: Your Guardian Angel
Artist: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus lyrics
Read the lyrics, it's like Hikaru to protect Haruhi with everything and he does notice she might not love him back "Use me as you will,Pull my strings just for a thrill" which might she's just a friend and she just teases him for the sake of them only being friends.

Song: Chemistry Of A Car Crash
Artist: Shiny Toy Guns lyrics
This is in the view of he knows that she doesn't like him like he loves her but, he'll do anything for her to stay with him[as friends]. And Haruhi tends to speak her mind. Read the lyrics to understand xDDD;;

Jan 8, 2009 2:44 PM

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This is a really old song...but it makes me think of the twins for some reason...

You and me song by The Wannadies
Jan 8, 2009 2:50 PM

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cute songs <3
not too sure about the shiny toy guns one, since it's kinda overdramatic for hikaharu. but whatev, its good xD

ONE SONG LEFT omg what!

edit: I actually really wanna post one from angels and airwaves or blink, if I can find an appropriate one ... hmm.....

edit again: found one ;DD

Not Now - Blink 182
meaning behin this song is kind of a spoiler, if you've read the manga, then go on, if not, then just pretend it's hikaharu XDDDD

lyrics. music video. which is AWESOME btw, tom is freakin hawt. :3

edit again again: you can just about forget everything I said about this song. I must've been cracked or high when I suggested it, 'cause it really has less than nothing to do with anything (I'm joking about the being high part, but not about the irrelevance part xD). so yeah. withdrawing it!! but, we have the beach boys one, so we still got fifteen. yayz. XD

if you have some more ideas for songs, keep posting them, and we'll keep updating the released playlist with the megapacks :]
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Jan 9, 2009 6:43 AM

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Hmmm if it is for hikaru why not their actually song? :)
Bokura no love style, because let's face it this twins are like a pack you can't have one without the other, though no one can deni that Hikaru is the best!! (fan girl screams)

Now for a more different music hmm lemme think

Beach boys - wouldn't it be nice?

I know it sounds kinda strange but the begining sounds like something he would say to haruhi xD
Jan 9, 2009 3:17 PM

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did you read the rules? Bokura no love style is included already.
but thx for the beach boys one. :]

Jan 27, 2009 12:57 PM

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Well, there's this song called "Sexy boys" and it's sang by Suzumura Kenichi.

there's the link. I get really cheerful and all when I listen this x3

Then there's also *I just browsed through my playlist and had no better things to do xDDD*:

  1. Unbalanced by Yuki Kimura ((this is about both of the twins, since they really are unbalanced xDDD beautiful melody))
  2. 7 things - Miley Cyrus ((I really can't stand her but this song just kept playing in my head that I had to get it... So ashamed... But this really goes well with Hikaru and his emotions about Haruhi/Kaoru.))
  3. Futari no kisetsu ga by Nozomi Sasaki ((again about the twins and their relationship. If I'm not too much wrong, the song is about "the two of us"?? I don't study Japanese or anything so I might be very wrong xDDD;; ))
  4. Identical twins - Olsen twins ((Twins. Identical twins. Hah?? You get it?? No? Ok. ))
  5. Drop Dead Casanova - Disco Ensemble ((So how this song just reminds me of Hikaru. I don't know why, but it just sounds like him xDD))
  6. I don't wanna be in love by Good Charlotte ((Well, if you have read the real fight between the twins, you will get this : DD ))
  7. Sk8er boy - Avril Lavigne ((It's about the triangle between Hikaru, Kaoru and Haruhi))
  8. Misery Business by Paramore ((It reminds me of both of the twins, of their past and stuff like that.))
  9. Ihmisten edessä - Jenni Vartiainen ((It's about a gay couple who have finally come out of the closet together. Two gay people=Twins <3 ))

Hoo : OOO many songs xDDD
Feb 1, 2009 1:21 PM

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gawd, I my goddamned computer is so fhucked o_x
If by tomorrow I still cant upload the playlist for you alll, I'm getting raff to do it >_<

raff, if you see this before I ask you......... please? D:

and now .....

omg :o
we can almost make an entire playlist with what you suggested alone, Huppu XDDDDDDD

thanks VERY much ;DDDD
one thing about numbah six - the song is called "Dance Floor Anthem" :D Common misconception, I'm sure lol.

And so many foreign songs! :o

Mar 11, 2009 4:11 PM

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since ten whopping songs were already suggested, I feel like making up the difference :D


1. blister - our lady peace.
This songs reminds me of Hikaru's inner turmoil when wondering whether to tell Tamaki or not about his trauma. "You wonder why; I don’t know; You shout at me; Let me go". That line in particular.

2. signs of life - lifehouse
I <3 this song.! But, aside from that, I think it really really represents the Junior High Hikaru and Kaoru well. "A heart that’s been buried in the ground, Can't break if it’s never found, I spent so much time digging that grave, And even if it’s pain that I feel, At least I know that it’s real, I’d rather be broken than afraid". This line especiallyy <33

3. signal fire - snow patrol
HikaHaru or twincest, whatever you prefer. xD It's a pretty cute love song, and pretty generic, too. Basically, if you're in love, as Hikaru is, this song is quite perfect. :D

4. seein' red - unwritten law
Reminds me of Hikaharu. The whole I-love-Tamaki-not-you-Hikaru-kun, thing. D:

5. pork and beans - weezer
This is so Hikaru. Basically talks about doing the things you wanna do, and not caring what other people think. Now, really, has Hikaru ever given a flying shit about what other thought of him? I didn't think so. :)

......and playlist one still hasn't been posted. this is kinda embarassing.