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May 26, 2013 8:13 AM

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Happy Birthday Dearest Vomic!

And with that we are kicking off our CAPTION CONTEST of the month ^o^~~~
Kuroshitsuji brought the most unique and wondrous butler in front of us and is also one of the most popular roles of Ono Daisuke san…So in celebration of our third anniversary, we are looking for how creative you guys can be ^.^ Most of you know the characters of Kuroshitsuji, but for those who want to know more about the characters check in MAL.

We have given images below and you need to give us some funny captions/picture title ^.^

The Butlers - Sebastian & Claude

Sebastian & Ciel

Claude & Alois



1. You can caption/title any or all of the images.
2. You can caption/title the same image more than once, but not in the same post.
3. You must wait for someone else to post before you may post again (This makes it a fair contest and stops spam).

Note: The captions/pic title will be judged by Vomic admin team and the winning caption will be featured in our next Caption Contest, as well as Anniversary SE cards. Ganbare Minna!
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May 30, 2013 10:34 PM

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Hm... actually haven't really watched more than a few eps of this series but... might as well start things off with my lameness, in hopes that others will join. =) I'm not sure what you mean by a caption, but I'm hoping either picture titles or quotes that fit the picture would work...? Not sure what they will be used for. XD

Undertaker - Close relative of Belphegor *ushishishi*

Grell - I use Pantene.

Sebastian & Ciel - Five bucks says you can't do this with your butler.

Jun 2, 2013 9:04 PM

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hmmm let me see what would be perfect titles for them ^.^

1st pic(The Butlers - Sebastian & Claude) Title: The Ciel Obsessionators Caption: Sebastion: Lay a hand on him and I'll kill you. Claude: Humph Not if I can get to him first.

2nd pic() Sebastian & Ciel Title: King of the World Caption: Sebastian: Yes my lord enjoy being King on my arm.

3rd pic(Undertaker) Title: Curious Caption: hehehe Sorry but you can't see how sexy I really am.

4th pic(Grell) Title: Oh Sebastian~ Caption: Do you want me now~?

Well I hope they were funny I had a tough time thinking of great titles/caption xP
Jun 11, 2013 8:35 AM

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The Butlers - Sebastian & Claude
- Title: Butler association
- Caption : Random voice "Capable, sexy, polite and dangerous - You won't meddle on their affairs" Claude "Says who? Look at this moron behind me, always meddling on my affairs" Sebastian "Here we go again...."

Sebastian & Ciel
- Title: Sebastian: marketing for butlers
- Caption : Sebastian "Look at my lords' socks.. pure silk... what a delight to the touch" Ciel: *ahem* "Sebastian? can you stop touching my leg?"

- Title: Providing assistance to an old lady
- Caption : Undertaker "Tell me... how old was your husband?" Lady "96" Undertaker "And if I may ask how old are you?" Lady "Well... 94" Undertaker " *ahem* So how would you like your coffin? I'll make a discount for you" *ihihihihihi

- Title: Sebasssss-chan!!!
- Caption : Do you see how unique my "chainsaw" is? Yes Sebas-chan, that is what you'll be saying when we wake up together in the mornin~~~~!!

Hope those are funny. Took quite some time to come up with some of them hahaha
Jun 25, 2013 12:38 AM

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1. Sebastian and Claude
Title: The Rival
Caption: Sebas: This knifes is pretty sharp you know?, Claude: Not as sharp as my eyes right?
2. Sebastian & Ciel
Title: I'll take you anywhere
Caption: Sebas: Sebastian Taxi Service shall takes you anywhere, Ciel: it's very comfortable, fast and of course, GO GREEN!
3. Alois and Claude
Title: Photo Box
Caption: Claude: Please look at the camera my lord, Aloise: But your glasses isn't in the right position, Claude: Oh your necktie isn't in the best shape either.
Title: The Smile
Caption: Oral-B Pro Clean N0.777AFX, your smiles never looks this miraculous
5. Grell
Title: My Chainsaw
Caption: Is this chainsaw's good enough for you? or should I takes another "one"?
Jun 25, 2013 2:19 PM

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1) The Butlers - Title: Demon Butlers Captions: Sebastian: This series doesn't need more than one butler, so prepare yourself! Claude: I'll take you anytime!

2) Sebastian & Ciel - Title: Badass entrance Captions: Ciel: Sebastian, I choose you! Sebastian: Yes, my lord!

3) Claude & Alois - Title: Make sure your glasses aren't out of the place while taking a picture Caption: Alois: Say cheese, Claude! Claude: Wait, Your Highness! I am still not done prepa... (*picture taken xD)

4) Undertaker - Title: Sending people off with a smile Caption: Undertaker: Hehehe, the business is going quite well these days ^^

5) Grell - Title: Ookama Shitsuji Caption: Get close to Sebby and you're going straight in my Death Note! (Has nothing to do with the chainsaw, but, ah well xP)

Told you I suck at this xDDD
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Jun 26, 2013 4:53 PM

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1)The Butlers - Title:Knifeyao vs Megane kun Captions: Careful Megane kun, I have knives! Claude: Megane look is more impressive and proper for a butler, Knifeyaro (*smirks*)

2)Sebastian & Ciel- Title:You Raise me up! Captions: Ceil:You better not drop me, Seb! Sebastian: Bochama, I'll keep you lifted no matter what...

3)Claude & Alois - Title:Megane photo OP! Captions: Claude: Alois, hold it still! Alois: Oi megane, this is first & last time I’m taking an order from you (*pouts a little more*)

4)Undertaker – Title:Look at me, aint I pretty! Captions: He…He…He… Minna san Gokigenyou!

5)Griell - Title:For my Sebastian chan! Captions: Sebesatian chan, do I look kawaiii now!

(Ahh…done…woh...this needed some thinking…), I hope they r funny ^.^
Jun 28, 2013 12:19 AM

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wahaha~ so now I'm unclear about whether it needs to be a separate title and separate caption? I thought it was just two words to describe the same thing: text to put on the pic?

Claude & Alois - It's a secret, but...
These glasses will fall right off if I ever move my hand away.

Undertaker - Does anyone else wonder what that green thing is?

Sebastian and Claude - Sebastian may have knives, but Claude shoots daggers with his eyes.

Oh, forgive me... I haven't really watched this anime... ><