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Poll: Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 8 Discussion

Apr 6, 2015 1:40 AM

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I really enjoyed seeing Eren kick those titans asses c:
Damn Mikasa don't cry ;-;
Really great episode.
Apr 28, 2015 6:50 PM

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Ok I figured Eren was the Titan but didn't expect him to become human again. Crazy good series's of far.

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May 19, 2015 7:16 PM

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Wow! That just blew my mind! I sort of but didn't really see that coming. I hope we get an explanation of how this was possible eventually.
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May 19, 2015 7:34 PM
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Decent episode. 4/5
May 27, 2015 9:18 PM

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Mikasa crying and Eren coming back. That's the whole episode for me.
Jun 29, 2015 2:15 AM
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Nice episode. This show is really amazing ! Now Eren is back. Titan's story is mysterious. Yet now they have some clues !
I didn't think that this show was so deep. Emotional ! Great characters !
Jul 27, 2015 12:34 PM

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Aug 28, 2015 12:51 PM

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When you're caught up with the manga, you just can't help but notice Annie, Reiner and Bertholdt's reactions in this episode. Especially Bertholdt, with his stupid fkng face and that stupid fkng sweatdrop he's wearing all the time, which obviously shows that he knows about that titan (that it's a shifter and shit).

God, I hate the three of them. Lol.
Oct 5, 2015 10:22 AM

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I am speechless
Oct 24, 2015 8:16 AM
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Eren butchering the Titans made this Episode for me.
Also great emotional Scene at the end with Mikasa.
Mar 6, 2016 10:56 AM
Soli The Lewdy

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I suppose his father injected him with some weird genes or something like that.

Anyways amazing episode!
Mar 17, 2016 4:17 AM

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The feels. ;_;
I shed a tear.
May 31, 2016 8:06 PM
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So it's Eren as I though
Aug 8, 2016 10:00 PM

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Crazy episode. All the cadets came with the absolute rest of their gas to the base. Armins strategy was brilliant, even if it was a close call for Sasha and Connie.

I can't believe Elen was the titan. Yogatta, I'm sooo happy. The scene with Mikasa was so touching, I never saw her crying like that before. I was also crying like baby ;_;

His arm and leg are also regenerated. Poor Armin was also crying. Would be interesting to know what happened to Eren.

But the preview of the next episode seems not really promising. Hopefully nothing to bad will happen.
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Sep 4, 2016 7:39 PM

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Was good until the end.

Guess the protagonist doesn't have to face the consequences of his actions.
Oct 22, 2016 1:16 PM

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Ugh. This episode was so disappointing. Since Eren died I feared they were going to "revive" him in some stupid way, what a letdown. The show was really great up until this point, now the rest of the series is spoiled.
Oct 25, 2016 10:52 PM

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i felt an evangelion vibe on this one. horrible episode though.
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Oct 26, 2016 2:54 AM

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Oh hai Eren.

Yeah don't piss him off or FALCOOON PUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH!
Jan 14, 2017 7:06 PM

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The scene where Mikasa goes down, embraces Eren, and listens to his heartbeat is so precious ;______; Her reason to live has returned. LOL, I remember how shocked I was to find out Eren was that titan when I read the manga... xD The anime displayed the fighting scenes nicely, and the way the titan fought was completely like Eren :P

The character development on Armin's part was well. He used to see himself as worthless, but he slowly learns to see his value through his intelligence. I like that despite how crazy Armin's plan sounded, Mikasa had faith in him and Connie went along with it, lol.

It's also nice to see Jean's leadership, despite being so afraid! All he needs is more experience to become a better leader. Marco's faith in him is even more touching. :)

I found Sasha's reaction precious when Mikasa saved her. Cheers to those who were brave enough to fight so many titans (guns and swords)!! I'm glad we didn't lose 7/10 of our Top 10 when they went down to slice at the titans' necks... ;____;
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Jan 19, 2017 7:40 PM

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better when he was dead tbh =)
Mar 25, 2017 3:49 PM

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Eh.. Something is bothering me. That Titan was not the one who ate Eren. So what happened there? Did the Titan got younger when Eren got in control of him or was that an error? Seems suspicious considering how obvious it would have been to know Eren was the one responsible, if it wasn't because both Titans were not physically the same.

BTW, is anyone actually surprised that Eren is alive? lol
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Apr 1, 2017 3:30 AM

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well that was an epic watch...good to see eren's true that Mcs never die huh...
Sep 17, 2017 8:12 AM

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Mikasa was so happy to see him alive :')
Nov 26, 2017 3:28 AM
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Yeah, I figured the mysterious Titan was Eren.

I'm still on the fence about this show. On the positive side, it does manage to remain unpredictable (usually), the movement in animation is effective, and the mix of action and horror elements works better than I expected. On the other hand, it beats the point to death when the characters are in despair (a well written 60 second scene could be sufficient), and the shonen idealism is ham fisted.
Nov 26, 2017 3:30 AM
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In addition to what I just said, I could say that I want to see what happens next, but I don't quite care (so far, at least).
Jan 3, 2018 12:07 AM

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Eren biting on that titan's neck and then using it like a hammer to bash the other titans - sick!!!
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Mar 3, 2018 5:11 PM

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Was anyone surprised the titan was Eren? I mean the animators did a good job suggesting it by how they animated the titan's movements.

On the other hand, the animators didn't want to animate people walking down the stairs. I can handle freeze frames, but that scene kind of stuck out like a sore thumb with how long it went on.

So if you get eaten by a titan you will die, but if you're important enough, you will be able to kick ass and heal your entire body. Sounds legit.

This was a rare episode were everything didn't go to complete shit, all thanks to Armin's quick thinking.
Nov 14, 2018 12:01 PM

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ok. wow.
I was thinking something like that, but what does it make other titans? they shown up from nowhere, the biggest ones are intelligent or abnormal and the biggest one teleports with thunder. Does it make other people behind this?
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I hate it when anime/manga that I enjoyed ends, especially when there could be much longer plot and when I love main heroine :P

I wish I had magic glasses that let me see real world in anime colors ;)
Jun 6, 4:51 PM

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Wow coming back to this episode and understanding all the foreshadowing is unreal.

Crying Mikasa is cute af.
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Jun 11, 8:57 PM

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So much foreshadowing, jeez! Great episode, like the usual!

Mikasa running up to Eren and checking his heart beat and then the two in tears seeing Eren emerge out of the mysterious titan was so heartwarming to see! Definitely one of my all-time favourite Shingeki no Kyojin moments right there! Armin’s risky somehow works out, props to the genius, and they look a lot more alive now, good to see! Glorious Music kicking in during the intense moment was bloody amazing! Eren’s Titan managed to take revenge for his fallen comrade and that was very satisfying to see!
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Aug 11, 12:03 PM

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I was worried that this was just going to be like every other horror show. Walking Dead and such where there is no hope and everyone keeps dying but FINALLY they are killing titans. FINALLY there is hope. Love that Erin became a titan.

I had seen like bit of the show in past years completely out of order so even tho i saw the coolness of it i didn't understand who anyone was nor what really was going on. I did see inklings that Erin was a I see the genesis of that. Neat.

I wonder if any of the other swallows can do that or if that's just erin. If i were erin...well if erin were erin he would have sliced his way out of those titan's bellies.

I love that witch looking female titan. awwww she's dead now.

someone said the manga is better. Really? Would love to hear how.

Also really happy that both Armin and Jean are coming into their own. We haven't really seen much skill from Jean and him being in the top ten I wondered why.
Aug 28, 12:05 PM

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It’s beautiful when your dreams come true. Way to go, Eren! (totally haven’t been laughing my ass off)
Sep 12, 11:07 PM
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Huh. I thought the twist was going to be that Eren had been reborn as a Titan after being eaten (which would answer the question regarding their reproduction).
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