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May 13, 2013 4:08 AM

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[ O P E N ]

Howdy,my dear members!
To say it in a few words, this is one of the two claim treads that
I have ALWAYS wanted to make <3 Nakama (Friends) are something
very important to me,tuss I try to make them happy~ (not always succeding tho ;w;)
Anyways,I wanted to show my peeps that...they are mine and doesn't matter if they like it or now >:D ! XD Now,for real,I'm sure that there is at least one person here, at MyAnimeList,that is a good friend of yours :) So,why not show that mofo you care? Because nothing says a healthy relationship like writing "MINE!!!" with big red letters on all of the walls of a person's room! :D
Nao,FAQ time! :DDDD

[Some Questions That'll Probably Run Through Your Little Head]

★Q: Yo Dawg,I heard claims treads are supposed to have a claimed list. Where is yours,huh????
★A: It's on vacation! :D LOL,but srsly - I know that my friends aren't mine only,so I also can't label that X belongs only to Y,not minding that X has A,B & C as friends~ So,no claimed list :)
★A: Calm yo soul,woman/dude! o.o I have a life too,ya'know. =.= If ya want something fast,buy a cheetah!! >:o
★Q: What's the most awesome thing EVAH?
★A: Seeing someone drinking whiskey while eating pickles! :D

★ In order to claim,you have to show at least 1 card from PSC! (this applies for all who want to claim)
★ Members can claim 2 users.
★ Staff can claim 3 users.
★ My friends (yes,all of them owo) can claim up to 6 users. (it's such an advantige to be my nakama,ne? :P)
★ Please provide High Quality images only! *Note: The image you provide will be used to represent the MAL user you claimed c: Pick an image you think suits them ^^
★ Provide a link to user's MyAnimeList profile!!!
No thank you = No claim!
Failing to follow these rules results to automatic claim rejection without a warning!

Name: Please please please shorten it ><!!!
Rank: (Member/Staff)
Card: (in spoiler~)
User: (Nickname + link) *Note: Please DO provide the nickname you use for said MAL friend! It is NOT optional >.>
Image: (HQ and no hotlinked images allowed!)
How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her:


I'll open/close this on stages :) Just so you know :P
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May 13, 2013 5:23 AM

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can i save this awesome spot so i wont miss out on the claimimg when am at work QAQ

--but but but...but I wanted the first spot QAQ And plus,the claim won't close magicly fast TT^TT /sobsob

★ Name: Billy
★ Rank: StaffNAKAMA!!!
★ Card:

★ User: Nate-Sama-Nya
★ Image: This or This

For the AWW <3
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: lets see....the way me and Nate-Sama-Nya met was all her!! it was october of 2012 and in a far away land called R.A.C.E. i was just about to start a rebellion in which i was going to take control of the club!!! so i was starting to recruit members to my army but then this brave girl approached me and said not only did she want to join me in my struggles but she wanted to make cards, badges, and signatures for those who joined my side! and so i accepted her into my ranks!! after time we grew closer on the battle field as we watched each others backs!!! but when the rebellion ended we did not part ways!! she stayed in contact with me and started to talk to me and to spoil me a lot and we became some of the best of friends!! even though she is busy with the acursed school!!! i am still waiting for her return and comment replies!! it may not seem that long but to me Nate-Sama-Nya is a very important friend and member of my family

★ User: CC
★ Image: This or This
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: the way me and CC became friends was rather simple actually!! me and CC both worked at a far away land called R.A.C.E. and as we continued to work with each other me and her slowly became good friends and we started to cause a lot of mischief in R.A.C.E. and at one point without noticing we came to become great friends and everyday we value each others company!!! we may not talk as much because of RL but we know we have each others backs when it really counts and we are waiting for the time when we can cause chaos and mischief in R.A.C.E. together again xD oh and she was also the one that married me and waffletan :'D CC is not just my partner in crime but she is also a very special friend whom i cant wait to return :')

★ User: Rose-chan
★ Image: This or This
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: haha this girl!! THIS GIRL!!!!!! if there ever was a person i had to put a lot of work into talking to Rose definitely takes first, second, third, fourth, and seventh place together!!!!! i mean we worked in the same place in a far away land called R.A.C.E. but she would barely talk to me!! i mean she talked to every other worker and citizen and i do mean EVUUUUUUUURY ONE but would hardly say 3 words to me >:T but after time rose started to open up to me and let me become a friend and man was i surprised xD i thought she was a shy and timid girl but boy was i wrong!!! this girl is super random and funny and a great person to talk to xD even if she forgets about me a lot and ignores me still she always comes back funner crazier and awesomer than before and we have a blast xD this is one great and irreplaceable friend i am glad to have :'D

★ User: Onee-Chan
★ Image: This or This
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: hahaha this is actually a very funny and cute story even though it happened a very short time ago :'D so i was holding this contest in a far away land called R.A.C.E. and onee-chan decided to participate! so as she was preparing to participates she kept asking questions so i answered them. then after a while we stopped talking about the contest and talked about each other. we found out that we have very similar personalities and likes and dislikes and so we became twins!! now me and her talk all the time about anything and everything and have fun all the time and yes onee-chan spoils me all the time and i support her all the time!! she may be a very recent friend but she is already an irreplaceable part of my family :')

★ User: Waffletan
★ Image: This
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: oh man what can i not say about this girl xD lets see the way me and rozzi became friends was when i decided to work in this far away land called R.A.C.E. in which she is the owner creator and boss of!!! so she accepted me into her organization and at first we were just boss and worker but as time went on me and her became super close friends. me and her talk about anything and i do mean anything even those embarrassing things you dont share or those painful or happy memories or even about perverted hentai ecchi stuff!! me and her also come up with the most randomest and awesome plans ever to be planned in this side of the internet xD and it may seem to others that me and her only fight argue and bicker but we know that are just messing around and joking with each other!! and even if we dont talk much on MAL we still skype and text each other every day xD and me and her are still virtually married ;) even if i dont say it a lot i fucking love this girl to death she isnt just my best friend she is an irreplaceable friend that i would do anything for!! and am happy that she is a part of my family! even if she denies everything and is cold to me in front of others!! xD

★ User: sophi
★ Image: This or This
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: oh man!! the way i found sophi is funny xD so i was just randomly stalking MAL when i happened to stumble to a forum and saw this freaking MARVELOUSLY AWESOME avatar and signature that i just had to go say how much i loved them!!! so i did! so when i went to her profile to compliment her i saw an afjkkklgvkglvcxdrxsnvsanidsnadnas layout!!!! so i told her what i thought of it and she replied and we started talking. when we started our first 3 comments were short and simple reply 4 was 6 PARAGRAPHS LONG!!!!!!!!! so we kept replying those freaking 6 paragraphs long messages to each other and making it longer! and we talk about some random stuff!!! but at one point our conversation was divided into 9 parts each a paragraph long and all of it and i do mean ALL OF IT was about Fairy Tail xD now we talk about other stuff but fairy tail is still there!!!! this girl is freaking awesome and funny and i cant imagine not talking to her no more!!! me and her may have met not too long ago but am sure that me and her cant imagine not talking to each other!!! we get along so much and i love her work so much that i got her to come work with me at a far away land called R.A.C.E.!!!! this girl is definitely a friend i would do anything for i even took off my beloved piercings for her QAQ and she would do anything for me as well :D

i also want to give a shout out to some other ridiculously awesome friends of mine that i didnt mention who are ka-chan, stalker-worker-san, purin-chan, katpyon, hime-chan, baka-chin, yoro-chin, hino-chan, puppy-san, and all those others who's names i didnt put sorry and i love all you guys as well!!! <3

also can this get made into a baner for Nakama Here
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May 13, 2013 6:28 AM
Ashen Awakener

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★ Name: Lyfa
★ Rank: Staff
★ Card:


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May 13, 2013 6:32 AM

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★ Name: Knight
★ Rank: Member
★ Card:


I can't belive I was able to write so much o.O

I can claim six people?!?! alkdjlkahdflkajhdalkdjhf that is so awesome of you!!! <3 I wouldn't have been able to decide if it would have been less T_T actually I need 2 more spots XD but I gotta take what I get and that is awesome btw XD The banners look really cool *.*
Thanks sooooo much pavli-chan!!!! <333

Done + Delivered! ~ Pavli
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May 13, 2013 6:36 AM

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★ Name: Pavli
★ Rank: Staff (Creator :D)
★ Card:

May 13, 2013 7:04 AM

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★ Name: chaosflame5
★ Rank: Member
★ Card:

★ Users:

I wish I can do more XD As I've more close friends, lol. But 6 will do I guess and thanks a lot for that ^^ Anyway, thanks again!
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May 13, 2013 9:22 AM

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★ Name: Alice
★ Rank: Member
★ Card:

★ Users:

lol You can claim people now? This is a great edition though, good job Pavli-san~ (0_<)b Thank you very much!! Thank you to my friends that stood by my side even if I'm slightly weird for a girl lolz :]
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May 13, 2013 9:27 AM

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★ Name: TimmoL
★ Rank: Member
★ Card:

★ User:

Thanks Pav-chan <33 X33
EDIT: Changed chaos's, if that's ok :o
EDIT2: Changed Chibi's too XDD
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May 13, 2013 10:14 AM

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★ Name: TalonBone
★ Rank: Member
★ Card:

★ User: Bill
★ Image: Spike
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her:
We both share a love for good anime and great puns!

★ User: Lotus
★ Image: Ichigo
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her:
Shares my love in trolling, and a pretty cool guy

May 13, 2013 11:23 AM

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★ Name: Jinrou
★ Rank: Member
★ Card:

★ User: Ayase-san
★ Image: This
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: We randomly started chatting and well, there's not much when you make a friend right? You're just drawn to them. And I was to aneue. She's a great person, from what I've learnt and realized. And the only person I've been talking to so much here, since I'm a kind of taciturn.

★ User: Mayu-san
★ Image: This
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: Well, I just really liked her from the first time. She's very sociable and nice, you are always happy to talk to her. We are both mayora & Gintama lovers and generally share similar taste.

Thank you. Nice idea. ^.^
May 13, 2013 12:04 PM

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★ Name: Chibitan
★ Rank: pa-chans holy nakama (Admin/Staff)
★ Card:

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May 13, 2013 12:12 PM
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★ Name: LanaNi
★ Rank: Member
★ Card:

★ User: Mellow or Jello
★ Image:Link
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her:
A trap and I almost fell for it. Biggest attention whore on MAL and I like attention whores.

★ User: Joker
★ Image:Link
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her:
He pretty much agrees with me on everything. I think

Thanks a lot <3
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May 13, 2013 12:41 PM

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★ Name: HotaruKara
★ Rank: Member
★ Card:

Since pavli-chan told me I can claim 4 more, I couldn't refuse her <3
Arigatou in advance *bows*
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May 13, 2013 12:42 PM

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★ Name: Duplicate
★ Rank: Staff
★ Card:
★ User: Pavli-chan Image this oneHow did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: I found pavli-chans work in a club, and commented on her profile that i loved her cards, she being the nice person that she was, decided to gift me a card, and this is how it all started :D of course, i like pavli-chan is because we share a lot of interests, we both are into HIMYM, if you dont know what that is...SHAME, but yeah, i have always cheered up finding that pavli-chan answered ^_^ and yeah XD
Vii-chan this pictureHow did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: I dont really remember anymore, but we have gotten along very well, i made my first layout to her, i guess i have no idea why, but i just like talking to her ^_^
Hina-nee this picHow did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: thats easy, we have a 94.7% compatability XDD it all just started from there lol
mil-san this pic
How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: i just saw him EVERYWHERE, he was on clubs, chats, blogs, games, i just started chatting with him, and thats how he became my first real friend on MAL ^_^
chaos-san this picHow did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: we had instant connection, because me being the nice guy that i am, wanted to help with chaos-sans university stuff by cheering him up, and it just stuck lol

And of course ^_^ thaaaaaaaaaaaaankssss ^_^ btw this took a looong time to write xDD
May 13, 2013 1:29 PM

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Name: dranime1
★ Rank: Member
★ Card:

★ User: TheAoiDragon]
★ Image: $
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: I welcomed him in his introduction form . Then he start commenting on my profile and after talking with him sometime we became really good friends. He is really nice and we share a lot of anime.
★ User: wwwcom12]
★ Image: $
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: We actually go to same school. I know him personally. I just found out that he have a MAL account. He is kind of troll person and really funny.

Thank you so much.
May 13, 2013 2:19 PM

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★ Name: Hime
★ Rank:Staff
★ Card:

★ User: Hi-chan
★ Image: Hi <3
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: I became very good friends with her by another friend who introduced and i started talking to her and had alot in common and we love to joke around and do our own ways of talking by GIFS or even just play around.

★ User: Kise-chan
★ Image: Kise <3
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: i became BFF with her is that we both understand each other really well and we are always there for each other and no matter what if we need someone we go to each other and talk and talk about each other life and no matter nothing can seaprate us

★ User: Rozzie
★ Image: Rozzie<3
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: i became friends with her on her own club and started to know her and all sudden we just became good friends and talk when we can and we have interest conversation but overall we just like to joke around and forget

★ User: Lya-chan
★ Image: Lya<3
★How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: i met her by her own her club and we started to connect pretty good and every since we started to know each other we just are good friends and always there for each other if we have time to talk .

★user: pavli-chan
★Image: Pavli<3
★How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: I like her because we are getting to close to become good friends and maybe even higher, but she is nice and friendly and seen she is always there for someone to need to talk to someone and just listen to anything.
May 13, 2013 6:17 PM

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★ Name: Tamaki
★ Rank: Staff + Pavli's Nakama ♥
★ Card:

May 13, 2013 6:38 PM
Joined: Jul 2012
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Name: Mugendai
Rank: Member
Card: Requested Here
User: Tama-chan

We first met when I was going with my sister and a couple of Friends to the cinema. She was the friend my sister brought with. After some time we learned to know each other better. For quite some years now we hold the closest bond ever. She is the most exciting and wonderful Person I've ever met. Tama-chaaaaaan <3
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May 13, 2013 7:01 PM

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Name: kazumi
Rank: Member

User: Jericho-sama
Image: This please~ (I remembered he uses a pic of Kida Masaomi as his profile pic)
Why do you like him: He is really nice and we can talk about almost anything, especially anime.

User: taiki-chan
Image: This please~ (sorry my lil sis, you're a girl and I can't use a boy's pic =3=)
How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: She is my younger sister in real world. We both like anime, and we both have the same genre taste.

Sankyuu (whoops, I forgot doing this earlier *_*)
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May 13, 2013 9:39 PM

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★ Name: MrKapre
★ Rank: Staff
★ Card:

★ Users:
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May 14, 2013 1:27 AM

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Name: Inoue
★ Rank: member~
★ Card:

★ User: Dollars-chan
★ Image: ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: she's my "bitch", my partner in crime, my slave, my loyal manservant and definitely my oh-so-lovable-but-irritating-too-but-my-forever nakama♥♥♥

★ User: Yue
★ Image: (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: this girl is my personal bear!!! well ,she has a twin who is my personal bear too! sadly can't claim her <//3 hihi i love this fluffy girl so much~ Power HUG!!♥

May 14, 2013 1:39 AM

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★ Name: NiliumX
★ Rank: Staff
★ Card:

Thanks for your hard work pavli ^^
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May 14, 2013 10:08 AM

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★ Name: Chiinisa
★ Rank: member~
★ Card:

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May 14, 2013 11:29 AM

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★ Name: Kawaii
★ Rank: Member
★ Card:

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May 14, 2013 5:37 PM

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★ Name: itsTriz
★ Rank: Member
★ Card:

★ User: B-Rose
★ Image: Here
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: She's actually my IRL sister so she's very special to me. We often fight but we would make up really quickly :P Most of the anime she watched are mostly the ones that I recommend so I'm glad she would have time to watch them.
~Thanks :)
May 14, 2013 9:58 PM

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★ Name: CCtan or CC
★ Rank: Memberu~
★ Card:

★ User: Billy
★ Image: here please~
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: Welllll... let's say I started talking to him in RACE but we actually met in EBR :L I love how talkative he is and he recruited me into the RACE rebellion and even if we lost he was a pretty awesome leader xD He's one of my first real friends on MAL and we've cause a lot of trouble together xD. I swear he's known me since the first time I started making cards and that's pretty legiiiit, he also got to see my uglee cards ;A;. Also somehow he seems to reply to my messages within an hour of seeing them =.= He's really fun to talk to and he's a great friend overall <3

★ User: Lotad or Sexy Pokémon
★ Image: Heree <3
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: Because he's a derp, nuff said. HAHA nooo I don't mean that <3 Um... I find him incredibly funny and awesome at grahpics and even if he loves pairing me with random girls people, he's still awesomeee >w< b. I think he's the reason why I started REALLY liking Kpop and now we talk about anything and everything korean :D my life is complete. THIS GUY IS AWESOME. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT <3. So is his sempai, ludicolo.

Sankyuu for le claims. I appreciate it very much :*
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May 14, 2013 11:03 PM

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★ Name: Lomtad (Poké)
★ Rank: Member
★ Card:

★ User: CCtan (nicknames: CC or Young One)
★ Image:

★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: I met her at a club named R.A.C.E. She was and always will be... most of the time my noona in that club. At first, I don't think we talke that much at first actually xD
At first, when I first joined that club, it was barely the second club I wanted a position for, so I had no idea how to virtually interact with people... But when I first clicked for that club, the layout was one of Megurine Luka, and I really liked that layout, it was made by CC. I admired very much her editing skills.
Anyways.... I think it was after my first hiauts (haitus... no idea how to write this word) was when I first started talking with her. She is so fun! She likes K-pop, she is awesome, she loves GD, she is funny, her reactions of when I pair her up with girls is amusing, honestly, she's so amazing. her friendship is something that i'll appreciate for really really really O.O long.

Thank you very much. Cool claim :D
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May 15, 2013 12:26 AM
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★ Name: -euph
★ Rank: Member
★ Card:

★ User: Zel_Ezl
★ Image: here
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: She's the first one who approaches me, she's very kind and friendly, I talk to her a lot and treat her a my beautiful sister. We've been friends since I joined the club where she's an admin. :D
★ User: Mesaia
★ Image: here
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: Same as Zel-chan, I meet him because we were both admins at a club :D I treat him as my brother and he always talk to me when I was bored :3

Thank you so much! I wish I can claim more u_u
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May 15, 2013 3:48 AM

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★ Name: ptitejuju
★ Rank: Member
★ Card:

★ User: Rozzi
★ Image: here (if it's not enough HQ, you can use this one ^^)
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: I started to play some games in her club (RACE) and she invited me by PM to join her team in a big event/games festival. I fought to the end for the victory and then after we started to talk in profile comments. We realized that we have many shows we loved in common and even one (One Piece) that we discovered and loved at the same time. Comments have grown bigger and bigger. She is also one of the card makers who make me want to make cards myself, she told me that I make really good ones and we always allow each other to request all the cards. Now she even invited me to be a card maker in her club! I love her and I hope we'll be friend for a long time! :D

★ User: chaos
★ Image: here (you can use this or that if the first doesn't work ^^)
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: still in my period of playing like a crazy in club's games such as male vs female, count to 3000, etc; we found us playing the same games over and over, especially in male vs female. For some hours we didn't stop increasing and decreasing the number which remained the same at the end so we both founded that boring as we were the only one to play. To counter the boredom, we started to talk to each other below in the game message (about anime, university ...) to the point we didn't care about the game very much xD And for any game it was the same. I can say that he is one of the people here I know the most ^^

Thank you very much!!! And sorry for the long "boring" story xDD

May 15, 2013 8:52 AM

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★ Name: Dinowoo or Dino
★ Rank: Staffu/Friend
★ Card:

Something you're going to notice while reading these is, the people I've chosen are people I feel close too or think of as good friends. It may not be that way for them ( which is okay, because I'll love them anyway <3 ) mostly because i'm not good at opening up to people. -- If they do feel that way about me then i'm fucking ecstatic Lol.

★ User: It changes from time to time.Vii or Britannia
★ Image: Click Me
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: She seemed like a wonderful person to start out with and I had already admired her work for sometime. When we started working in the same club I was slightly .. really excited. So I just started talking to her one day, and she was really nice like I thought. After that I finally got the courage to ask her to do a Card thread with me, and it was so much fun and exciting. Normally i only have my cards when I do a thread so when I had cards to look forward to getting It was that much more fun. I had so much fun doing that thread I really hope we can do it again. -- I feel like a school girl stalking her senpai now lol.

★ User: Tamaki I know it's not a nickname but I call Tamaki, Tamaki because Tamaki is Tamaki...
★ Image: Click here
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: Tamaki was the person who introduced me to Karneval, now that may sound slightly trivial but I had been looking for this manga everywhere. I had head about it but no one would tell me it's name and this manga was plastered all over her page; it's only took me so long to figure out what it was. She spoke so well of it too, I love it when people like a manga or anime to boast about it that much. It drives me to go read or watch it more. While talking to her about it I got to know her and how amazing she really is. She is seriously just this sweet anime driven person that I could just talk to about what ever. Granted anime and manga are on my mind 95% of the time so that's about what we talk about lol.

★ User:Creator-San
★ Image:Click here
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: I met Creator-san when she popped up in my comment asking me to join this club. I would have seriously regretted it if I hadn't joined. Because of that I have made so many new friends including her. After joining I applied to be staff and got in, I also started talking to her more often. When we first started talking I hadn't been to her page so I wondered there one day and she happened to have this Bight purple/pink Chrome layout. An I fell head over heels for creator-san right there. I found someone who loves Chrome as much as me. It was really exciting for me, I don't find people who care for her as much as me so it was just. alksjdfk;lahsdf. YAY! *-*

★ User:Billy-kun
★ Image:Click Me Me
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: We met at R.A.C.E fighting over numbers in a counting thread. After that we just started talking in the thread and somehow both ended up being staff at this club. After that we started talking more and more, and he became a very good friend of mine. He's opened up to me and that's something I take pride in. I love being able to listen and help people, though I don't know if i really helped him i'm glad he still opened up to me. He likes to pick on me and calls me extinct-san because my name has Dino in it. That's okay because as much as he pick on me, I pick on him back. He's an amazing Friend.

Thank you Creator-San for letting me post this <33
May 15, 2013 10:31 AM

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★ Name: DensuNoBaka
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★ User: Yuki-chan
★ Image: image
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: she is my cousin. I love her... And because of her I started to watching anime and reading manga... She is my most precious thing in the world *u*
May 16, 2013 2:22 PM
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OMGEH thanks Pavchin, for allowing me post here TT^TT

★ Name: viibritannia
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hblblblblblb Thanks yews Rose <3 for still letting me request even if im days late meeehhh >w<

★ Name: neko-ketsu or Ketsu for short :3
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Thanks Yews Rose! x3
May 18, 2013 1:29 PM

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★ Name: kawaii-mio
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★ User: panda3
★ Image: Here
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: Panda chan is the Funniest friend who wouldn't Stop to make me Laugh she likes to Joke all the time i met her online on MAL i have to be ware of her because she gets Crazy and Danger sometimes LOL JK she's always there to Make me Happy i'm glad for having a friend like her.

★ User: amukid08
★ Image: here
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: What can i say about this Person words aren't enough to Describe my First best MAL Friend i ever met ~ Amu Chan~ She's the Humblest and Cutest friend i ever known we have lots of Common i used to work as a Co-Creator in her Club Wherever she is now i Hope she's Living a Happy Life and is Being safe, i missed my Dear Friend Please get back soon ^_^

★ User:XxHikariChanxX
★ Image:here
★ How did you become good friends/Why do you like him/her: Hikari San is my Childhood friend she were invited to my House when we moved to her Neighborhood i Still remember we used to Play a lot, she went back to her Home town if u were reading this Hiku san i would like to say i miss u a lot T_T.

Thanks a lot for taking my Request pavli chan and for making this Thread ^_^
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Stage 1 - C L O S E D
Stage 2 will open when I deliver all the claim banners :)

PS: Stage 2 will most likely have exacly the same rules as Stage 1
PS 2: To those who have reserved a place in Stage 1 - Please edit it ASAP (I give you 2 days max to do that job~),so I can finish & send said banners. Thank you.