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Poll: Ga-Rei -Zero- Episode 12 Discussion

Nov 1, 2015 4:14 AM

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Loved this anime. Definitely one of the better ones I've watched in a long time. I can't emphasize more on how much I liked the OST and thought the different soundtracks were right on mark. Loved Yomi, even to the bitter end. Not sure on whether I'd continue with the manga or not since I don't want to see a version of Yomi doing evil shit after this satisfying ending.
Nov 3, 2015 11:58 AM

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Well it was good?
The action is good and all, but still lacking in my opinion.
I have seen a bit of anime/manga where a character become what they hate/want to destroy...
Apr 16, 2016 1:23 PM

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I have just one personal complain:

That Noriyuki is alive, damn!

He started as a shit, acted as a shit and ended as a shit... and more.. ALIVE!!!! DAMN! Yomi didn't deserve that guy... she's too much for him.
Sorry about my harsh words, but I can't happen to like him, not after what he did, well... he didn't do almost nothing anyways... he's just.. there.

PS.: I hope that guy with glasses at the end don't be a replacement for Yomi in the entire manga, I hope. I mean, Yomi and Kagura's relationship can't be replaced, nor even try to be replaced.
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Jul 19, 2016 2:27 AM

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I'm really really glad that i watched this hidden gem.

Overall endingl; it was a great ending imo. really like how they executed the ending and the anime from the beginning. although, it's a little too bad that the team who got reck in the first episode didn't get just a bit of characterization in this anime but either way, i still think this show is amazing especially on the action scene. And this finale almost made me cry tbh. it was so emotional when they did the fast flashback before Kagura killed Yomi. that almost made me cry tbh. they nailed it.

And look at that new weapon Kagura has. god dammit that was so cool. i mean, it literally the combination between gun and katana. just put the gun pressure inside the katana. ammunition came from the bottom of the katana. shit! just what words other than "cool and badass" to describe that thing lol xD

overall series; yeah....i really like it a lot. one of my fav anime out there tbh. i really like how they put the present in the first 2 episode and then suddenly went back to the past for the explanation as for what was goin on. i really like the way they made the story. kinda uniqe imo. and i thought this show has yuri element in it but actually nope. and i really like it a lot. it's just a relationship between "sisters" or you can say "best friends"

"if you were put into that kind of situation, where your best friend turned into something evil like that and can't turn back into normal human anymore AND the only thing to stop her/him is to kill him/her, would you killed him/her because of "love" ?" or put it into a simple way "will you kill someone you love because of love ?" well, that is a difficult question i must say, but if there is no other choice than killing him/her, personally, i would do it.

For the soundtrack, not really that god like, but it was great and kinda match with the action scene and other scene too. OP and ED song was great too. i prefer OP song tho xD

Animation was superb imo. i mean the action scene. depite being released in 2008, it could managed to make that kind of animation and that suprised me a little bit tbh. well, anyway, the animation was amazing. that's all i can say about the animation.

and one more thing; Physilogical = AMAZING!!!

9/10 from me. one of my fav anime series. hidden gems. i would recommended it to other people.

Fav character; Kagura.
Reason: Badass, Cool, Strong, Kind, DAT FUCKING ENDING (episode 12/this episode ending) :o :o :o

felt like watching akame ga kill tbh xD
Aug 6, 2016 5:27 AM

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dragonshade said:
I dont think there will be a second season
the reason why its Ga rei Zero, its a prequel to the manga vol 1
read the manga, it starts out from the very end of the anime
long hair ver of Kagura = <3<3<3 (death by moeness)
The manga is from the perspective of the main guy , Kensuke
and Yomi didnt die, she lives on as a demon , and still doing evil shit lol

even though I got spoiled, I feel extremely happy Yomi is still alive even if she is living on as a demon.
Honestly, I wish the author made some bs to restore Yomi as I feel she is too important of a character to have thrown away like that. The addition of a random character, kensuke doesn't help much.
Aug 25, 2016 9:09 PM
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Posts: 1008 best girl Yomi died a glorious death with lots of chat and feels. The best part is when she stabbed Kagura. All in all a very nice series with some reversed time line episodes from the beginning. If Kagura had died or Nori the Worthless had died, then I would have given it a 9/10. However, it is my duty as a Vanquisher of emo anime characters to drop a point and give it an 8/10 with two thumbs up and a snap back! Well played Yomi!
Sep 27, 2016 7:52 PM
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Just finished rewatching the series, Yomi and Kagura play off each other really well. Some great fights and exceptional character development. Very 'underrated' series imo.
Nov 13, 2016 12:22 AM

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I have quite a bit of problems with this series. Although it was an overall fun and decently enjoyable watch.

It's kind of interesting to look at the first page ratings from 2008 all the way to the 7th page.
Apr 11, 2017 9:42 PM
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It's good to watch some light action shows with yuri, fanservice, cheap drama and tropes every once in a while. It was enjoyable and that's what anime is all about in the end.

Too bad this was basically an ad for some dime a dozen manga it could have been more.
Jun 30, 2017 3:00 AM
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DNF said:
Great last episode. Not that much of a tear-jerker than I expected
So it has come twice to the final battle Kagura vs. Yomi. Kagura fought, resisted to cut then Noriyuki appears. Exactly how I thought this scene would be. But then in the second fight Kagura finally defeats her, so Yomi won't appear in the manga as an enemy?
A lot of great pictures, screen cappig will be fun for this episode :) , and some unobstrusive fanservice.

2 years later.. Ayame is still living? Kiri-chan in hospital? How come Yomi didn't kill them off?
Final scene.. that guy with glasses is Kensuke, who appears in manga? This seems like a hint for a sequel.

Ga-Rei Zero deserves 9/10 - hardly any point to complain about. I anticipate a second season a lot!
so yomi basically pulled a irako seigen from shigurui death frenzy huh
Jun 30, 2017 3:02 AM
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SilentPredator03 said:
Manga spoiler...

A good series overall. My only complaint was that they never went back to the characters from the first episode. There was a brief cameo in one of the later episodes where the two of them walk by Kagura chatting with her friends, but we never see them again after that. I can understand why they didn't, as it would be kind of hard to transition back to them, but I'm still a little disappointed.
yomi character reminds me of irako seigens from shigurui death frenzy as she basically took revenge on the organization the agency
Jul 27, 2017 9:56 PM
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I think after 2 days of watching this anime, I could forgive yomi: '/
That first massacre prepared me to think that anyone could die, even the heroes. Even all the heroes ... but apparently the orange squad that we saw at the beginning, not even secondary, I thought that we would see some flashback of some history of them, but not (in some way the orange that died in the 1st cap knew who yomi was, that's why I thought)

If I'm not mistaken, in Ga-Rei (manga) Kenichi (the one in the end) is the protagonist. And this anime is a GUN for manga
Yomi fans who have not read the manga yet: do not read it. It will break your heart to see how much the sleeve fucked ... (But does not remove the manga is very good !!)

That said, I'm a bit disappointed that I did not get to know anything more about the butterfly boy (and even more so for the fact that he did not die - I really came to hate him). However, I am aware that this is a prequel, so I did not expect a complete conclusion either. So I guess I can live with it. (Although we knew it was the son of the researcher who went to look for the stone in Rome, I think.that means he was probably possessed in a way very similar to Yomi).

Nabu and hand-drills survived. Fukyou Noriyuki, back to his ways of womanizing. It started like shit, it acted like shit and ended up like crap ... and more .. LIVING !!!! DAMMIT! Yomi did not deserve that guy ... she's too much for him.
I'm sorry for my hard words, but I can not happen to like it, not after what he did, well ... he did almost nothing anyway ... he's just there.

I am still impressed with the amount of character development and action that could fit into 12 episodes without ruining the beat. The theme of the show was good, but the performance was even better. It's a 7/10 of me.

 "Will you kill someone you love, because of love?"

Do not look back, pervert!

Yomi with a p90 (Those who play csgo understand)

Creo que después de 2 días de ver este anime, podria perdonar a yomi :'/
Esa primera masacre me preparó para pensar que cualquiera podía morir, incluso los héroes. Incluso todos los héroes... pero al parecer la escuadra naranja que vimos al principio, ni si quiera eran secundarios, pensé que veríamos algún flashback de alguna historia de ellos, pero no.(de echo de algún modo el naranja que murió en el 1er cap sabia quien era yomi, por eso lo pensé)

Si no me equivoco, en Ga-Rei(manga) Kenichi(el del final) es el protagonista. Y este anime es una PRECUELA para el manga
A los fans de Yomi que no han leído el manga todavía: no lo lean. Te romperá el corazón al ver lo mucho que el manga la jodió...(Pero no quita que el manga esta muy bueno!!)

Dicho esto, estoy un poco decepcionado de que no llegue a saber nada más sobre el niño mariposa (y aún más por el hecho de que no murió - realmente vine a odiarlo). Sin embargo, soy consciente de que esto es una precuela, así que no esperaba una conclusión completa tampoco. Así que supongo que puedo vivir con ella.(Aunque supimos que es el hijo del investigador que fue a buscar la piedra en Roma, creo. Eso significa que probablemente estaba poseído de una manera muy similar a Yomi)-.

Nabu y el mano-taladros sobrevivieron. fukyou Noriyuki, de nuevo a sus maneras de mujeriego. Comenzó como una mierda, actuó como una mierda y terminó como una mierda ... y más .. VIVO !!!! ¡MALDITA SEA! Yomi no merecía ese tipo ... ella es demasiado para él.
Lo siento por mis duras palabras, pero no me puede suceder que le guste, no después de lo que hizo, bueno ... él no hizo casi nada de todos modos ... él solo está ahí.

Todavía estoy impresionado con la cantidad de desarrollo de los personajes y la acción que podrían encajar en 12 episodios sin arruinar el ritmo. El tema del espectáculo era bueno, pero la ejecución fue aún mejor. Es un 7/10 de mí.

"¿Matarás a alguien que amas, por amor?" - "Will you kill someone you love, because of love?"

The question isn't "What anime do you like?" That is merely a list.
The question is "Why do you like it?" That tells a story. Your story.
Aug 30, 2017 7:28 AM

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took long enough for Kagura to kill Yomi and that Noriyuki was useless I wish he was the one to die with her. The two year time showing him a fortune teller was disappointing, but the series overall was 5 nothing more( what a gutless man indeed).
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Dec 7, 2017 12:37 PM
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Will read the Manga someday.
Jan 26, 2018 12:16 AM

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Nearing a decade later, this anime is still memorable. Rather, Yomi is still one of my favorite characters. To date I haven't seen another character go through all the bullshit that she had to go through, and still have the character to endure the mistreatment and blame.

It would have been fine if she just slaughtered everyone and ended the series right there. None of the other characters were even remotely likable.
Mar 19, 2018 7:47 PM

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So many Noriyuki haters...I honestly do not understand where all that hate comes from...just because he was unable and refused to kill Yomi? I don´t think I would have the guts to do it to the person I loved even if that meant saving the world. To see how broken he became after that event...I cannot possibly hate him.

Yomi is still my fav but Kagura grew on me, one of the best hidden gems out there, I feel its underrated.

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Sep 27, 2018 1:24 AM
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It was 6 years ago since I've first watched Ga-Rei: Zero. I honestly only rewatched it again because I forget wtf it was all about. Definitely refreshed my memory on why I considered it a good series. However, it still was kind of lacking in the storytelling throughout, but everything makes more sense to an older, wiser me this time around.

I too don't understand the Noriyuki hate. He actually really loved Yomi. To be able to kill her after spending 2 months trying to exonerate her and track her killer, being angry that she was left in a vulnerable and weakened state, then being forced to kill her less than an hour after he found out about her heel face turn is just a bit much.
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