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Apr 8, 2013 1:55 AM

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Welcome to GW's Cards Collection Shop: finally we're going to have a Card shop but it's one of it's own kind
everyday there's going to be a Card Collection which you'll be able to collect.. Maximum of Collectors will be 6 users per Collection and some times the amount will increase so you have to hurry Up and Request to reserve ur Spot ^_^
please make sure to read the Rules and Conditions before Posting in Here because if u make any mistakes you'll need to fix your Request and you'll have to wait for more time to get your delivery i hope you guys will find this shop amusing.

Conditions of GW's Cards Collection Shop:

Members/admins you need to read the conditions before making any type of Request.
* The Shop will Open once every week so if you missed one of the Collections you'll get a chance to Request the cards which u missed over here.
* Please You Must follow the format and write the number of which desired collection u want and the number of the card.
* Double Requests will be ignored and you'll have to make a Request for the next week so be carefull when u make a request.
* if you collected 50 - 100 cards you will receive a badge and a special card for being GW's most cards collection collective.
* You can only order 1 card from each collection you have to choose 3 Collections every week.
* please be patient you'll receive your delivery as soon as possible.

Format of the Request:

please make sure to type the right format without any mistake.
Cards Collection #
Card Type:

Category of Cards Collection:

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