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Poll: Vividred Operation Episode 12 Discussion

Jul 1, 2013 11:26 AM

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I'm a sucker for friendship during dire times and rescues, so I enjoyed the episode.
Except for that last docking operation. Seriously, I was expecting a bow & arrow weapon, but instead it was a punch. Oh well...
Jul 8, 2013 4:05 PM

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that was enjoyable. 7/10 for me.

Lol @ the Vivid Punch. I was shouting GODDD FINGGGER the entire way, although the attack are different.
"Fortress Maximus has come himself. Okay! Then I shall get Fortress Maximus to fight me, huh huh huh!"

Aug 9, 2013 4:27 PM

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disappointing ending :(,
-made me want to sleep
-to predictable

sorry 5/10 for this anime as a whole
didn't see anything that unique in it

Sep 21, 2013 3:27 AM

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Thanks god I finished this CRAP
Sep 26, 2013 5:28 PM

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I got what i wanted to - it was fun!
Oct 9, 2013 10:02 PM

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After rewatching several months later: not as good as I remember it -- could even say "forgettable" -- but still enjoyable. 7/10 from me.

This still has one of the best final episodes I've ever seen. Does watching cute teenage girls save the world from apocalypse beasts straight from the cover of a Judas Priest album ever get dull? I don't think so.

Wakaba and Aoi are the best!

But seriously, look at that thing:
It would not look out of place at all in Brutal Legend.

j0x said:
it implies that they gonna pass the alien's test with their bare hands
That's one way to see it; I just thought of it as "The really dangerous ones don't NEED weapons to kill you."

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Nov 17, 2013 4:18 PM

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Experiencing Vividred Operation was the purpose of my existence. After watching it, my body and soul merged into a singularity, transcended space and time, and became one with the glorious universe.
Nov 29, 2013 8:05 PM

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Just finished rewatching. In magical-girl fashion, friendship saves the day. It was as enjoyable as ever. :)

Here, have some Vividred screenshots: those eyes!

... now where is my season 2? I demand a season 2!...
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Jan 1, 2014 7:54 PM
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awwwwwwwww, great ending!!
Feb 4, 2014 8:07 PM

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of course they have to end it with twin tail transformation..

pretty straight forward anime with some random wtf at the end + awesome action scenes....

dem tight short short pants tho... mmm MM! (no pedo)

Mar 1, 2014 2:37 AM

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"This is the power of friendship!" Indeed.
"May those who accept their fate be granted happiness."

"May those who defy their fate be granted glory."
May 11, 2014 5:34 PM

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Impressive ending I must say! I really enjoyed this ending, the final transformation and the happy ending sure made everything a lovely ending!

All in all I must say that I didn't expected much from this series but it actually impressed me with the great pacing, nice character and lovely action! 8/10
Sep 11, 2014 11:14 AM
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Kinda decent I guess, but why is it that they can only dock with Red lol?
They'd be a LOT stronger fighting if the two pairs docked with each other. Seems kinda like an all girl harem to me ^^
Oct 10, 2014 6:50 PM

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I dont know... i think that it was somewhat rushed... things were happening in a fast pace, for example: like the first interaction of the girls, and rapidly, they become friends... An unique event was sufficient to "make" them really close friends; i mean: there was a lack of development between them (with the exception of Rei) to be form a friendship.

Somethings weren't explained well or were explained in a fast way.

Anyway, i really enjoyed this show despite of these things, i'll score: 7.5/10, however, since didn't exists 7.5, i'll score 8/10.
Dec 31, 2015 6:10 PM
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I like this enough to where I would be happy to watch a followup if it is ever released. I agree the pacing is a bit too quick, and it would have been awesome if they could have expanded upon docking with pairings not including Akane. Perhaps, we would see this in a hypothetical second season.
Feb 2, 2016 2:42 PM

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Damn... this episode was epic.

Disappointed there wasnt a 4 girl megadock but at least we got Godoka. that frigging punch was so damn satisfying.

Good anime.
Apr 4, 2016 6:00 PM

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Well, i'm just speechless. This was so boring and predictable that its almost funny. I mean we have another lame villain who tries to destroy world (like no one tried to do that before), but in the end she is defeated by the *power of friendship*. So enjoy your generic happy ending, I would rather rewatch strike witches. If you remove the shower scenes, this anime could be for everyone.
Sep 5, 2017 8:29 PM

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So Rei gets her whole world back, but if you were on Earth and you were killed in an Alone attack...too bad.
Apr 25, 2019 8:38 AM

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I guess Grandpa remains a ferret. Lol

That was a fun little series.
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