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The following guidelines were written as a reference document for moderators, recommendation writers and readers to define a standard for MyAnimeList recommendations. For writers, it should provide advance warning of what content - or lack thereof - may lead to their recommendation being reported and removed from the site.

Please note these have been written as general guidelines only. Not meeting one or two of the following points may not automatically result in the removal of the recommendation. Moderators will consider recommendations with discretion, and reserve the right to alter the following rules as they see fit to maintain a standard that does not devalue the feature's purpose.

A recommendation allows you to write a short pitch for one series based on a reader's enjoyment of another series. The end goal of the recommendation is to be persuasive, and thus should rely more heavily on your opinions of how the two are related than easily searchable and static facts. If a recommendation only provides fact and no opinion, then it is like submitting evidence without an actual argument.

Recommendations SHOULD:
  • be written in English.
  • follow basic grammar rules. Please write in complete sentences using correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.
  • contain persuasive arguments based on opinion and not solely on fact. "Both are very good" is not persuasive.
  • try to avoid always starting with the word "both".

Recommendations should NOT:
  • be based solely on information already available on the anime/manga page. This includes:
    • genres
    • producers/directors/mangaka/magazine/VAs
    • score/popularity (as these are subject to change)
    • relations
  • include a series which is not released.
  • address your reader or any other viewers of the series, in either a positive or negative fashion. This includes commenting on specific groups of MyAnimeList users.
  • be written for the purpose of insulting other entries and/or their viewership.
  • plagiarize anyone else's work.
  • comment on any other recommendations.

Refrain from:
  • using excessive profanity and obscenities.
  • including spoilers!
  • writing in CAPS LOCK.
  • including e-mail addresses and other URLs.
  • using BBCode, smilies, and other mark-up.
  • participating in flooding troll recommendations between two completely unrelated series for the purpose of being "funny".
  • including messages to moderators. Please use the Anime or Manga support boards for any concerns related to an entry.
  • including any content that does not comply with the Site & Forum Guidelines.

Examples of GOOD recommendations:
  • Gankutsuou ---> Death Note (by lithiumflower)
    Betrayal! Murder! Revenge! Insane laughter! Epic over-the-top plots you can't help but love! Both series are built on the insanely detailed and just plain insane Xanatos gambits crafted by the characters, Death Note having a gambit war develop between Light and L and Gankutsuou just having everyone get swept away by the tidal wave of Edmond's ridiculously well-thought-out wrath and vengeance.
  • Gakuen Alice ---> Kodomo no Omocha (by Anomalous)
    The heroines of these series are extremely similar in both their personalities and their outlooks on life. Mikan and Sakura are both elementary-school girls who find their school life difficult because of their crazy classes, especially one troublemaking boy. They succeed in solving their problems using their optimism, never-give-up attittues, and unique skills.
  • Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch ---> Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha (by Shadow_Phoenix)
    For all that Code Geass is all about being over-the-top and Darker Than Black is all about leaving things open-ended and unexplained, the similarities in style and tone are uncanny. Both are dark, morally ambiguous stories where nothing is as it seems and supernatural powers are used with deadly intelligence and a decided lack of conscience. Both involve conflict among several shadowy groups and both protagonists have to balance selfish goals with principles they didn't necessarily realize they still had. Superficial similarities abound as well. If you liked the dark, complex and twisty storyline where important things are only revealed slowly, the conflicted antihero, and the unexpected moments of comedy amid the action and intrigue, you'll probably like Code Geass.

Examples of BAD recommendations:
  • "Both about sports and boys love."
  • "Same mangaka. Both are fun to read."
  • "Both about student-teacher relationship. The differences are the art style and that Katekyo is about a private teacher while Nee, Sensei is about school teacher."
  • "If you liked Naruto you'll like Bleach because both of them suck ass."
  • "Both ecchi."
  • "If you liked Code Geass you'll like Gundam because they're both done by Sunrise."
  • "If u like Haruhi u'll like Gitnama cuz Sugita voice char in both."

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This topic has been locked and is no longer available for discussion.