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Poll: Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited - Hyoubu Kyousuke Episode 12 Discussion

Jan 31, 2018 3:25 PM

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Hyobu Kyousuke, best character in the series and it's not even close. The series is pretty decent, I would've liked it more if the season 1 cast weren't in it, I don't like none of them. I am not too fond of Yugiri's voice too, it's annoyingly soft. There were also instances that Tsubomi's VA butchered the scenes with her poor delivery.

Wonder where the story is going, from what was shown, seems like Hyobu was gonna die anytime, but I am not sure what happened to that.. The manga ver. has only up to chapter 29, which I assume the anime fully animated it. Definitely hoping for a sequel, the Hyobu Kyousuke spinoff is much better than the original ZKC series imo.
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Apr 6, 6:26 AM

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Finally something addictive in way of watching anime. Recently, I have problems to find something that I'd actually; turn on the anime and will watch with interest on full screen. The Unlimited - Hyoubu Kyousuke did it successfully. By negating the huge plot armor, some of the lore stupidity things, that show was very pleasant to watch. The anime was good enough to empathize after a few episodes. Also very satisfying ending. There were few missing threads, but I'm not sure if the second season would be profitable. I'm happy with what I got. Thought about strong 7/10 becosue I was ready for dissapointing ending with dying, but since it did not happen ... Solid 8/10.
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May 18, 11:51 PM

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This is the anime I've watched before I even had a MAL account now I've re-watched it and it was great.

It saddens me that there won't be a second season I tried watching the Original show which is Zettai Karen Children but it wasn't the same.
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