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Poll: Psycho-Pass Episode 22 Discussion

Mar 13, 12:16 AM
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Reading the comments I don't understand why people were expecting something hugely dramatic. The story ended perfectly and as realistic as it could get. It was always more about the philosophy behind the characters' actions to bringing a better society.

Makishima was determined to bring down the system which would instead bring chaos to society since they've grown to depend on it. The MWPSB was about upholding law and order, so they were never going to join up and start some stupid revolutionary war against Sybil.
Makishima was sure an interesting and complex villain, but its quite obvious he's more interested in seeing the destruction society would cause upon itself due to the system being forcefully taken away from them.

Akane was right to stay within the system. But she of course has grown as a character and acknowledges how flawed yet necessary Sybil is. She is going to strive toward a better future where society will no longer need Sybil. Which I am excited to see how that journey continues into Season 3. That's if she's in it :( How much change can she do to society in her lifetime? How much closer will we be to a future without Sybil?

Akane has to be in Season 3. Its her story about how her subtle influence on society will push toward the end of Sybil's reign. Either that or she will help to make Sybil evolve into a better system.
Mar 23, 7:56 PM

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Damn, I should've noticed the flags in episode 2. Fixing the clothes, lighting a cigarette and being a bit flirty with Akane. Yep they had to be lesbian xD

The finale had everything I hoped for action, emotions and it showed how the characters have changed over the course of these 22 episodes, pretty great.. Makishimas final struggle also reminded me of another psychotic character who met his end. R.I.P. you were an entertaining "villain".

And I liked the last scene in particular, which proved how much Akane has grown.

Awesome show overall.
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May 6, 5:48 PM

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Shougo Makishima was the most impressive villain I've ever seen.
On the whole, thought-provoking story. That was very interesting :D
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Jun 2, 3:22 PM

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Didnt quite stand the rewatch for me (2 1/2 years since I finished S1). Maybe I shouldnt have rushed it or paid more attention. I enjoy other shows in a rewatch, so my taste hasnt changed. Maybe knowing how this ends was the problem? I wont drop my score for now since I really rushed it, 2 evenings only and I have done other stuff meanwhile.

I remembered this show as L vs Kira from 3rd person view. But that wasnt quite right. Akane was kinda annoying as she kept interfering between the real protags.
IMO she should have started as a side character and developed into a MC over time, ready to take over in season 2. Now the problem is she is too boring for a MC, especially when 2 more interesting persons are sidelined for her screentime. The sibyl system itself really isnt the selling point, neither is the police work. Its Makishima and Kogami. They should have gotten even more screentime. Maybe change them for developed akane when Kogami goes solo. I think that would have been the best in terms of perspective.

As others pointed out, after Makishima was done NOTHING has changed. Kinda weak.

Seeing the scores this shouldnt come as a surprise to anyone, but with Makishima Psycho Pass died. Season 2 doesnt hold up at all. The movie is better than s2 atleast. Maybe S3 will be good again? But I doubt it. The sibyl system cant replace Makishima.

Imagine GITS, but the with only police work.
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Jun 3, 1:03 AM

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Nooo Makishima. RIP. Also, Ginoza was demoted into an Enforcer.

About the ending, yes I liked that it basically ended where it started but ultimately things didn't change lmao.

7/10 for the anime.

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Jun 9, 11:04 AM

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Great S01. Gosh, I love this show. I am sad that the second season seems to suck because this was excellent. A 10/10 from me. My heart ached for Gino (he really lost everyone he loved - his dad is dead and Kou is on the run)...and also for Akane. She tried everything to keep Kougami safe. Up next: the movie!

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Jul 7, 8:09 AM

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I am left with mixed feelings what
Jul 10, 10:16 AM

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Welp, Ginoza end up in the same position as his father.

Akane saying the same line in the same weather in the same situation to the newbie as Ginoza did. Deja vu.
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Jul 23, 10:07 PM

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That was a good final episode but who is the 3rd enfoncer at the end?
Aug 7, 9:53 PM

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Okay finale wrapped the average cop show all in all. I liked the middle episodes quite abit more until that nonsensical "big" reveal and the first couple of episodes were meh.

My biggest gripe is that the show never much accomplices much really within 22 episodes and the story wasn't that anything special.. I can see some of the trademarks the writer have similar with other his other works but the many main characters didn't end up much likable to me and the Biggest weakness is that the show ends with a weak climax it basically sets up with a 2nd season and does not live upto tension built up nor answered many of the BIG questions..
Aug 26, 10:16 PM

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It's an endless cycle

Oct 6, 4:30 AM
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Quite frustrating ending imo. I wonder how season 2 will be and what role Kougami will play in it. I guess I will discover that in few minutes...
Oct 13, 10:35 AM

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Urobuchi has fucked my mind again
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