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This thread addresses frequently asked questions and provides additional explanations.


How do Aces work?
In any week of the FAL season, 1 active anime on a team may be declared as the "Ace." The Ace will take effect the next time the scores are counted. The player's team will receive:
  • +3000 points if the Ace becomes the anime with the most points on the team for that week.
  • −3000 points if the Ace does not become the anime with the most points on the team for that week.
  • Aces are available as soon as the FAL season begins.
  • Each anime on a team may be declared as an Ace only 1 time per FAL season.
  • Once an anime passes 65,000 members in "Currently Watching" and "Completed" combined, the anime is no longer eligible to be an Ace. The anime with the next highest total points on the team will then be awarded points if correctly declared as the Ace.
If an anime has been declared as an Ace already, but has not passed the 65,000 total, players should not assume the anime with the next highest total points on the team should then be declared as the next Ace. In other words, the aced anime is still considered your "top eligible point scorer" until it has passed the 65,000 threshold. If a previously selected Ace remains ahead of the rest of your team, you cannot Ace another anime for the following week.

Forum Posts:

How are forum posts counted?
Episode discussion forum posts are counted every two weeks using the replies column and the number of threads found on the anime's discussion board. The posts in all official episode discussion threads are counted—it does not depend on the episode number or week. If in week 6, for example, 5 episode discussion threads exist, you will get points for all new posts that were made in all 5 threads. "New posts" are only the new posts that were made in the previous two weeks. This way, every post is only counted once. For example, if an anime ends after 12 episodes, you will still get points in week 14 for new posts in all previously made discussion threads.

Episode discussion forum posts that were posted before the FAL season starts will not count.

What about anime that started airing before the FAL season starts?
We count watching points as long as the series' database entry is set to airing at the time. We do not count forum posts made before the season begins. This way is a lot less of a headache for us, and we don't have to do research on series' airing times of day and whatnot.


How do swaps work?
Please see the Bench Swaps thread for more information about swaps.

When does my swap take effect?
Your swap takes effect during the week you request it and before points for that week are counted. Example:
In week 3 you swap out anime A and swap in anime B. Then you will get points for anime B in week 3 but no points for anime A (which is your new bench anime). Swaps take place before aces, so you can also declare 1 of your bench anime as the ace if you swap in that anime that week.

Can I swap more than 1 series in the same week?
No, you can swap only 1 series at a time. If you make more than 1 post in the swap thread, only your first valid swap will be used and all other swaps will be ignored. You can edit your post if you change your mind before the deadline.

What does the extra swap wildcard do?
The extra swap wildcard does two things:

1. It increases your number of possible swaps from 3 to 4. Example: If you swap in weeks 2, 5, and 8, you can choose the extra swap to make a fourth swap in a later week. Or, if you swap in weeks 2, 8, and use the extra swap in week 9, you can still use another swap later (because your total number of swaps was increased to 4).

2. It lets you swap immediately when you use it (but only for that 1 time, since after that, you will have to wait 3 weeks again for the next swap).

Fansub Groups:

Why were fansubs removed?
Fansubs points were a part of FAL since its first season; however, starting the Spring 2014 season, the FAL staff decided to remove them. When FAL first started, fansubs were not as predictable or reliable so it was more of a gamble. It was also much clearer then whether fansub groups had used their own team/translator. Now though, subtitles (whether fansub or not) are widely accessible. In addition, websites like Crunchyroll have made subtitles available to the masses, and these translations are many times used as a basis for fansub groups' translations. Finding "true" fansubbers was becoming a big time-sink for the FAL staff, and upholding the set of standards for which fansub groups qualified became difficult.

Simulcast Regions:

Why are USA and Canada considered separate regions but UK/Ireland and Australia/New Zealand grouped together?
This is based on the size and proximity of these English-speaking countries.


All licenses that will be counted will be listed in the MAL News' official Anime Licenses thread(s).

Changing swaps, aces, and wildcards:

You can change your swap request until the deadline by editing your post. Do not make a second post because only the first post with a valid swap request will be used and all further posts will be ignored.

If you notice that you made a mistake (e.g., the anime is not on your active team) you can send another PM with the correct ace. We will not accept changes if you just change your mind so make sure you really want to declare the anime as your ace before sending a PM.

You cannot change your wildcard once you have sent it.

If you spot a minor spelling mistake you made, do not send us another PM, we will correct the mistake. Spelling mistakes in swap requests will be corrected automatically to a certain degree. To avoid any problems, copy and paste the series titles as stated in the rules.

How nukes work:

1. Nuke receivers are determined randomly. (This is written in the rules, but just as a reminder.)
2. You cannot choose who you nuke in case where the rank above/below and/or same rank is shared by several people. Nuke up always includes the rank above and the same rank, and likewise, nuke down always includes the rank down and the same rank.
3. You cannot nuke yourself.
4. Nukes are applied to members according to ranks of the previous week. This way, you will know who you nuke will affect.

Point 4 applies to all wildcards: We first apply all wildcards, and only then we add the new anime points to the team scores.

Format for sending aces and wildcards?

There is no special format needed. Example format: Ace: title of the anime

Ineligible Anime

Why are certain anime ineligible?
To make running the contest easier and more fun for all players, the admins of FAL discuss which anime will be eligible before the FAL season starts. Even if they are TV anime, some series can negatively impact the results of FAL. Throughout the years, we have agreed on some reasons as to why some series should be ineligible for FAL. These ineligible anime can include series that have 2 or 5 minute long episodes, significantly low or high plan-to-watch numbers, uniquely complicated broadcasting schedules, insufficient information, or reruns of selected episodes. These ineligible anime can also include series that are geared toward children less than 10 or series that are blacklisted due to their popularity.
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