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Poll: Marginal Prince Episode 13 Discussion

Oct 2, 2007 2:12 AM

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The ending was kind of cheesy, but overall I really liked the series, I loled quite a bit^^,
Oct 6, 2007 11:35 AM

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yep indd badly cheesy but suitable with rest of the show.
it was ok anime... 7/10 i enjoyed it
Mar 23, 2008 3:32 PM

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Very cheesy indeed but I feel kind of decieved, I wouldn't concider this anime a shounen ai...Am I the only one with this opinion?
Dec 25, 2009 2:45 PM
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I couldn't think of it as a Shounen-ai as well. I mean, I've seen other series with much more "Shounen-ai" (or even Yaoi) than this one, and they are not even rated as that, hahaha! But I prefer this way in this case, just in this case. xD

Because the main couple would most likely be Joshua x Yuuta, and it would be like Endo x Keita from Gakuen Heaven; in other words, it would be really annoying. I thought I would hate Yuuta because I don't like that kind of Uke's personality (if I can put this way), but, because there wasn't too much Shounen-ai, I could enjoy him a lot more. xD

Anyway, I was a little confused in the end, to be honest... Maybe it's because of the translation, sometimes you could read "you" instead of "me" and even some names were wrong in some episodes. I could say it's because I don't speak English, but it's not my first time watching to a series in this language, so I don't know... Anyway, I couldn't say if they, the group, wanted Joshua to be the next king or not. And I was a little unhappy about the other characters' ending as well.

Alfred probably went back to acting since he was talking to his father (right?); Haruya met his brother and they probably danced together like they used to do; Sylvain... I couldn't understand exactly what happened to him, did he meet his parents? No idea, I appreciate if someone explains that to me; Henri, oh cute Henri, why was he crying? He had a letter in his hands and his name was in the top of it, but what the hell was written on that to make him cry?! Well, Joshua became the new king (and I could swear he wouldn't do it, but okay) and Yuuta just stayed in the school. How about Enju? He can be supporting, but he still was important in the series.

Well... If someone wants to explain or correct somethig I said, please do so. I would appreciate it. :D
Jan 19, 2010 12:42 PM

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The point about all this lack of BL-hints is probably that it was never supposed to be BL. The anime itself is -stricktly speaking- just merchandise for the cellphone game, which is available in Japan. This gave is aimed at young women and the goal is to let one of the boys fall in love with you (the player takes the role of Yuuta's sister; that's why she never had a name in the series). But of course, one can play around alot here with the boys, since in such an environment, chances for BL are always given. Personally, I think Mikhail is one of the most uke-ish ukes of all times XD; I also agree that, if the whole thing would have been BL, it would have been Joshua x Yuuta, seeing the plot-structure of the show. Personally, I don't like this pairing at all (there's much more yay for Kazuki x Keita, if you want to use a comparison with Gakuen Heaven XD ), and rather go for Joshua x Henri. I could rant for ages about why XD;

As for the ending itself, I didn't really find it satisfactory either. Actually, the whole series did not have much of a plot, methinks, and I think it's kinda sad. Looking at the character profiles on the official homepage, there was so much more potential, especially in the whole case of the things between Joshua's and Henri's families. They never really explained it in the series, anyway, so I was personally very confused when I watched the last two episodes for the first time. One has to come up with all conclusions by themself, while there could have been so much more story/drama alone with this "old prophecies"-stuff and such. (I'm not even sure if I really understand it today...) What I also didn't really like was the fact that Joshua's uncle seemingly didn't care at all when his nephew and successor seemed dead. What the hell? Nice family, Joshua. And of course, the coincidence with the dagger and Yuuta's cellphone was wayyyyyy to big. A bit lame, somehow, although the series of course had to have a happy end (it gets even 'worse' in the DVD-only episode 14 x__X ).

As for Sylvain, it was a bit hard to understand alltogether. I've watched it back then when I only knew a few Japanese words, then watched it again with these bad HK-subs, and nowadays, I try to make sense of it on my own with my more or less basic Japanese. I think his parents are being held hostage (or at least being hidden somewhere) and he is forced to cooperate with the army to get them back. Or so. What I am just wondering about is what army it is and why it was obviously struggling to prevent the attack on Joshua.
Speaking of it, Joshua said at the end of the episode (when talking to King* Cardis) that he rejects the throne. Personally, I don't really like it because I think he would make a good King*, but then again, it's only logical if you come to think about how much time and emotions he laid into this decision. For some reason, this boy does not really seem to have alot of self-consciousness...
* I still wonder why they use "King" in both Japanese audio (and on the website) and in the English writings, while his realm is referred to as a dukedom. wtf, decide, plz?
As for Henri, I have tried coming to a conclusion about the letter and all for several times, but I have absolutely no idea. Maybe it's from Joshua, saying that he forgives him (for the attack by his family and all)...? lol, excuse me, this is my wishful thinking, but I have absolutely no idea. Crying for something (relatively) irrelevant just doesn't fit this boy, so I suppose it has to be something big...
And I believe Yenje left the island after the whole thing. No idea why, maybe because he killed at least one person...? XD; I will never understand whom he was working for, anyway...

sorry if this got so long. What I wanted to show here was that I think it's somehow sad that this series did not have much of a real plot, while there was quite some potential. Makes me sad a bit, because I really like the characters...
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Jan 22, 2010 5:54 AM
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Yeah, this BL thing makes sense... And this would not be the first time an anime is called Shounen-ai only by having a lot of beautiful guys in the same private school. Sad, but true. And I also think this series had a lot of potential, even now I'm totally in love with those characters. Haha, so you agree with me about the Gakuen Heaven thing! And I do agree with you about Joshua x Henri, hehe. They're the only couple I really liked, I saw more than two beautiful guys together in this pair, but this is not the case. :D

At least I'm not the only one who got lost in the final episodes, this makes me feel a little better. xD But I really like your comments, they make sense and some have acrossed my mind in some point of the ending, except for the letter thing... It would be really nice if it was a letter from Joshua! That incident was probably the only thing that could make Henri deeply regret and even cry about, hehe. *wishful think as well* But who knows. xD

By the way, where were Joshua going to in the end? He did or did not became the "King" (I didn't know about the translation thing) after all? Because he said "no" and then he was lefting with that guy from his family... ._.

Oh, and the Sylvain thing makes sense... But, if he has time to investigate those people he was ordered to, he should have time to investigate his partents' whereabouts. And if they are simply hostages, then he could come with some big plan of betrayal or something, totally risked, but he has time to think about a really good one, perhaps. *wanting too much xD* Ah, this whole thing is still so strange...

Enju looked like he would kill for a long time, maybe he left the place because his "mission" was over or something crazy like that... I really wanted to know more about him, he is so interesting. But so I wanted to know more about a lot of them and, like you said, the whole thing about Joshua and Henri's families were a little too confusing... ó/_\ò
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Jan 22, 2010 2:17 PM

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yeah, Joshua and Henri are somehow the only pairing that really makes sense, to my eyes XD; (although I do wonder about Yuuta...) Sometimes I wonder if this was probably deliberately done. I mean, look at Mikhail, he's a total prototype of an uke, especially within the anime, I still wonder which girl would chose him in the game... I think I read a post in the developer's blog before the anime came out, which went like "no, no, this isn't to become BL" or something, so they were surely aware of the potential. But what else is there to expect when you put bishies against sparkly backgrounds or into princess-dresses...? XD;
Finally I found someone to like Joshua x Henri~ :D I must say I'm kinda happy, since I'm not too much into the Japanese fandom, where this paring seems to be more or less popular...

I think Joshua returns to Loreto. After all, he doesn't have any other place to stay (at least if he would not go and life on his own), I guess. And I think to remember King Cardis said something like "I'm waiting for you in Loreto" or so. The car and driver seemed to be the same that visited Joshua in 'his' episode, so I would strongly suggest that he goes back to Loreto - whatever he would be doing there, then.
I still wonder if that whole incident had no consequences for Henri. I know that in episode 14, they're all on a trip through Tokyo and it seems like before. Of course, I have no idea if this is maybe all cleared up at the beginning of (or during) that episode, but it seemed a bit strange. Maybe also because we really don't know about the contents of this letter...

Your point about Sylvain makes sense, but that's probably too far-thought for a show which purpose was (almost) purely to promote the game and CDs. Also, it seemed as if the military he was cooperating with knew about his parents' whereabouts, so I guess it was something like "clear this case and we'll return them to you" or so. I don't know.

As for Yenje, the game website said that there were civil riots in the country he's comimg from (somewhere along the Silk Road), so I suppose he has fought during that time already. Of course, that still does not explain why he ordered to save Joshua's life, or by whom... o_O;
Now that they've successfully(?) promoted all the things that are there, they could give another ttry into production, with some real story and explanation (and prettyness!), plz. But I guess this will forever be a dream (just like some new Orphen-adaption)... ^^'
Jan 23, 2011 5:33 AM

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I liked the show, 7/10 but the ending wasn't really... clear? As mentioned a lot character endings aren't showed too well and the subs are quite confusing...

I don't get why Joshua went in the car (which means he'll be the King eventually, right?) after he said he didn't wanted to be King to his father?.. And he just leaves Yuuta at the island? :O That kinda surprised me. But well, it was a nice anime with a lot bishies, nice music and it was quite enjoyable ^^
Jan 23, 2011 11:32 AM

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Animefanx3 said:

I don't get why Joshua went in the car (which means he'll be the King eventually, right?) after he said he didn't wanted to be King to his father?.. And he just leaves Yuuta at the island? :O That kinda surprised me. But well, it was a nice anime with a lot bishies, nice music and it was quite enjoyable ^^

That guy was his uncle, not his father (who is dead for some years before the start of the story). He refused the crown, but it does make sense that he goes back to Loreto, somehow. The letter he got at one point suggested that he would be finished with his curriculum in the near future, and where else should he go after that? Of course, he could go and life on his own, maybe in England (due to his mother having been British), but I don't think he's the type, kinda. Or they wouldn't let him, after that attack. Or they have a different position for him to fill. Or...
The series end is very open; I guess the storybook writers just didn't far enough :/
Jan 16, 2015 7:40 PM

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That was a shit show. I'll give it a 5/10 just because it's kind of amusing sometimes.

I'm disappointed that there was no romance whatsoever and it was pointless throughout.

Why the fuck did we need those long ass intros with him voice caming his onee-chan? I don't get it.

Favourite boys:
Joshua - sexy voice, reminds me of Makoto
Henri - also sexy voice <33 SINGS WELL!!!! cutie
I was interested in Ivy (blond older guy voiced by Fujiwara Kenji). For some reason, nobody added him on the MAL database yet.

Least favourite boys:
Yuuta aka MC - stupid and oblivious. typical trashy reverse harem lead but in a male version. we need BETTER UKES


watch nodame cantabile

recommend me anything!
Sep 7, 2015 5:50 AM

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Yeah Yuuta was super annoying, we deserve better ukes.

I'll rate this 6/10. I know this is too much for anime with no plot whatsoever, but the show was so bad that it managed to make me enjoy its shittiness to some extent.

The things I loved about MP:

Music - songs were good. I especially loved those by Joshua, Enju and Henri.
Joshua - I love his voice, and the whole image, agree with mayukachan, he also reminds me of Makoto (and I love Makoto :)).

Overall, this anime has some strange distinguishable feel to it, so, like I said, 6/10 from me. I don't think it really deserves the hate it receives in some reviews, lol.
Jan 20, 2016 4:41 AM
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This was pretty bad. As you mentioned before, very cheesy ending and very confusing on top of that...I think this was the worst episode of the entire series. xD