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Poll: Psycho-Pass Episode 14 Discussion

Jan 10, 2016 7:10 AM

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The fact that those helmets exist is bad, bad, bad, bad, news for everything and everyone. Makashima is something else.

That hammer scene was goddamned brutal. Possibly the most graphic so far and dude's shrine was freakin' uber-creepy.

The only part I questioned was when Kunizuka said that the drones won't flag you for being suspicious. Like....why not?!?!
Jan 14, 2016 1:48 AM

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Kogami's too smart to easily be that fooled!

And this dude is a psychopath. It's interesting that the "bad guy" is also trying to corrupt a system that most of us probably wouldn't like to an extent.
Feb 5, 2016 5:01 PM

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This episode was really chilling. The happy-faced drone advising that woman to seek "stress relief" or whatever as she was being beaten to death by a hammer, as hundreds of people stood by and took videos of it. The implications of such a complacent society :(
Feb 13, 2016 11:07 AM
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good episode. Shogo is inteligent and ingenious for inventing gadgets for confuse sybil system. I like de finally this episode. I wait more action.
Feb 13, 2016 11:31 AM
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good episode. Makishima is very intelligente. The music of ending favorable to shipping.
Apr 9, 2016 7:02 PM

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Disgusting scene, (the murder in-front of everyone in the street) not logical at all, even in this kind of society.
Bad Episode.
Ep12,13 were pretty good though.
May 21, 2016 10:12 AM

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Whoa it's not even like a knife but seemingly 'harmless' "daily tools" like scissors and pens but those stabbings were pretty gory o___o

It seems that the argument of the good and bad of the Sybil system is resurfacing more and more now (increasingly the bad, as the characters find out and as Makisihima has more dialogues). I like it, it is interesting. And Makishima raised some valid points too; I'm beginning to reconsider whether Makishima is indeed the "psychopath" he seems to be when he first appeared...
Sep 5, 2016 1:19 PM

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I was pissed at the murder scenes. Sybil or not, there's no way people would just stand and look, or not run away from a clearly suspicious person with a fucking helmet pulling out a hammer :| There's always the survival instinct, and you can't just kill it by "an atmosphere of trust."
Jan 20, 2017 5:23 AM

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When they were about to go after the helmet guys:

"Wait a minute Ginoza, if our dominators won't work on them, aren't we basically unarmed?"

^^good point

"Focus on what we need to do, let's go!"

^^ wait what? That's not an answer xD What are they supposed to do since their dominators won't work?
Feb 4, 2017 12:04 PM

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I'm also glad as Kogami that the dominator didn't turn into that Eliminator I don't like this Sybyl system it's a really mess that the world has fallen into it.
Mar 8, 2017 1:37 AM

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fuck i lost my shit at that scene were the masked guy publicly demolishes that lady. certainly the worst thing about that was the drone beeing drawn to the scene not because there was a murder happening but because she was extremely stressed in that situation. omfg thats consequential storytelling!
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Apr 19, 2017 9:41 AM

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Wth these people see a woman being beaten to death and they just stare at it like a movie scene? Even record it? Disgusting. Listen, we all have our instincts. Sibyl or not, those instincts can't just disappear so easily. Either that scene was poorly done or those people are just not human anymore. Trashy people like them don't even deserve to be saved. Oh ye trash is more beautiful than them, I forgot. Almost. I believe that scene was just there to make more of us agree with Makishima. While he makes solid points here n there, I would never side with him. Tyvm. Hes just another extreme and I don't dig that.

About the OP foreshadowing, I believe its saying that Kougami will manage to corner Makishima but Akane being Akane will shoot him before he gets to kill Makishima for some reason. Hopefully I am wrong but one thing I am certain about: while Kougami and Akane have many similarities, they have some key differences. The OP might be a sign of that. I just hope its not a, uh, very horrible sign.
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Jun 22, 2017 3:10 PM

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LOL the start came on strong xD very noice

Kou is so smart. Proven once again C:
Jul 11, 2017 12:54 AM

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damn tf was that start? some guy kills a woman and they stare happily lmao what.
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Jul 24, 2017 8:50 AM

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ugh that scene in the middle of the street was very disturbing. Poor woman. And it turns out Makishima can fight too lol. This case is becoming increasingly difficult while simultaneously denoting the defects of the sibyl system but it was interesting how Kougami discovered the trick behind the crime coefficients being low.
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Oct 27, 2017 10:57 AM

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wait wait wait wait wait wait wait

So firstly, it's within my realm of suspension of disbelief that it is possible to create a system which can numerically design a person's potential to commit a crime. But given that, why is it that people are inable to create an AI system that is unable to recognize a crime being committed without the aid of a psychopass reading. If you ask me, it would be much more difficult to code the former than the latter. So why isn't that system in place?

Secondly,why is it that people just stand around when a crime is being committed right in front of them? People no longer needing to be wary of crime due to the Sybil System doesn't mean they are unable to recognize a crime being committed. If that were the case, not only would people not have the CC's increase when witnessing a crime, but then how would people know whether or not they're breaking the law. If you yourself are unable to recognize someone breaking the law, then you have no understanding of what the law is.

I get that the show is supposed to present a somewhat dystopian society, but that doesn't mean it has free reign to make life shitty like this. Especially when dealing with something futuristic like Psycho Pass, it is important that the dystopian society is a product of logically attempting to achieve some sort of ideal as well as provide commentary on that ideal. Up until this point, everything had remained fairly logical. There's no reason the Dominators should be able to shoot robots for example, but hey, I'll accept it. But honestly, what the fuck were they even doing with this episode?
Apr 14, 2018 8:53 AM
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Nothing has really sent me chills into that guy just hammered the lady while everyone watched normally. The actual crime didn't send me chills, it was the fact there was such little human reaction. It was so uncanny valley to me. I already thought this anime was amazing, but it really is outdoing itself - it's great.
Aug 23, 2018 6:02 PM
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this show is really well written. i still feel like it a rushed this whole concept a bit, maybe they could've split it in two episodes... they dealt way too fast with such new hacking of the system. regardless, maybe my favorite episode so far
Dec 28, 2018 1:37 AM

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The Bystander Effect was shown in full action and the whole spectacle was as disgusting as it can get with everyone just going on with their own business in the pharmacy and everyone just standing there as the woman gets beaten to death helplessly. They've gotten so complacent with their mostly safe lives that their brains just shut off when something that's thought to be impossible happened. The onlookers that whipped out their phones were extra disgusting.

The helmets being able to replicate the Psycho-Pass of a nearby person shows that the Sibyl System is getting more and more holes punctured into it. Shogo being able to handle himself in hand-to-hand combat against three definitely showed that Shinya's training wasn't anything superficial.

Jan 28, 6:27 PM
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Watching the Akane have flashbacks of her friend dying, as well as the last episode where she relived the memory of it made me realize something... she's one of them isn't she?

A Psychopath.

Or whatever the show will get around to calling them. A person who's hue will not change regardless of what she encounters... and in the future does. Afterall it's been well established that her Psycho-pass is remarkably stable.

Perhaps Shogo started off like her, accepting the system but gradually realizing that things were not right. Now that's not to say that she will end up like him, but she's more similar to him than she and the others around her realizes.
Mar 10, 8:16 PM

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That hammer scene was messed up.. Love how everyone's just standing around watching or filming.. Scarily seems like a lot of people in this day and age as well.

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Mar 22, 4:44 PM

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Makishima is too lethal lol.

And dayum, that second kill was really macabre. Not just because of the mindless crowd, but also due to the drone with it's mocking questions.
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Apr 18, 4:16 AM
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Damn this show is getting so interesting

May 30, 4:01 AM

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Ok, that hammer scene very disturbing. ppl just stand and look made it even scarier.

The Sybil system has so many flaws. It seems that Makishima can fight. Good for him.
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Jul 6, 11:53 AM

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I am glad they found a way to counter it
Jul 9, 2:02 AM

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Weirdly, I found it killing using an ordinary stationary is more disturbing than a sharp weapon, like knife or axe. Maybe they did a good job at potraying how distrubing it is.

Makishima's goal was revolution, probably. And Akane sooner or later will be joining him.
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Jul 23, 5:57 AM

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Well this might have reached a peak in stupidity here with that whole "brutal murder in public in front of dozens, and literally no one reacts to it in the slightest" scene.

The citizens have been shown to react as one would expect them to, towards any and all crimes up till now... Literally every public crime has had people screaming, running... And the victims of said crimes weren't in an absolute state of disbelief either. Everybody's coefficient has been shown to rise by being exposed to the crimes as well. Furthermore, this crime here didn't start as anything insanely shocking/unbelievable--but just a beating.
And such things really shouldn't be so alien to them since this show HAS shown that violent crimes do happen pretty regularly. And that the society DO know of enforcers and their work. And the possibility of someone dodging check-ups and the like.
Plus I would also think that in such a "pure" society such violent crimes would have an even bigger spotlight placed on them... And there would be more and more discussion about such things as they get more and more alien--we as humans will always have a deep fear of the unknown and that which we are unprepared for. And the world didn't exactly change to how it is now THAT long ago did it...

Aaaaah, I could go on. Why the fuck would you pull this plot point out of your arse like this show. Good shock requires some depth and planning. This just feels like the writers deciding "oh this would be a cool concept to explore" and realising "oh this would be shocking to the audience" halfway into the story, not realising the actual impact of it, and how it's way too much of a change to make this far in.

Well, as stupid as this episode was, it was still as enjoyable as usual. I'm looking forward to the descent into chaos that has been teased these last few episodes. Definitely feels like it's ramping up to something.
Also whenever this track plays -
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