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Jan 22, 2013 8:07 PM
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Hello everyone on this forum if i have put this in the wrong section then please direct me to the correct section. First i would like to tell you what Tokage No Ou is. It is a Light Novel and Manga currently being made.

Alternative Name:トカゲの王; 蜥蜴之王; The Lizard King; Tokage no O; Tokage no Oh

Genre(s):Action, Ecchi, Horror, Martial Arts, Psychological, Seinen, Supernatural

Author(s):Iruma Hitoma

Synopsis : I have a superpower. I am a heretic thrust out from the world of common sense, possessing a power in both my eyes and the ability to "repaint the world". ...Although, all I can do is change the color of my eyes, which is pretty useless. I hate going home because of my parents, so I decided to "train" my superpower at an old abandoned building, praying that the hidden power within my eyes would awaken. And yet, what I found was a man missing several fingers on the verge of death, a classmate showing off way too much skin, the strongest assassin alive, a man who can jump in mid-air, and a bunch of other crazy people. Is this the world I've always wanted to be a part of...?

The Manga is currently being translated , but it is being translated extremely slow. The manga is really good and i wanted to know if i could some how read the novel and get ahead of the manga. That idea was almost crushed when i found out that no one was currently translating the light novels. I searched A LOT but i didn't find any so i decided to start translating myself. Currently there are 3 volumes of the manga each volume has rougly 150 pages / images of text to 200 pages / images of text . All of these are raw so i have to spend A LOT of time translating , proof reading , getting grammar checked , and making sure i didn't leave in any lazy mistakes. Since i have school from 7:30 AM to 4 PM i would like to ask for help on this project.

Currently in need of :
Translators - Desperately need some to help translate these long texts
Proof readers - Doesn't matter if your new or have no i day you can learn.
Grammar checkers - Desperately need some to help with grammar issues.

Facebook page :

Email(s) : , , . My MAIN email is so if you wanna apply say so here , email me or message me on are facebook page. Thanks for everyone's support ~ Laxus.
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