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Poll: Afro Samurai Episode 5 Discussion

Dec 11, 2018 8:06 PM

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Well, it's over. I have fun watching this show but the story could be better. At least it wasn't good or anything but it wasn't bad. 5/10 for the anime.
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Mar 4, 3:10 AM

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Weird ending as most old anime movies, still pretty enjoyable stuff here so I can't complain too much the animation was really good for that time. 7/10
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Apr 12, 3:11 PM

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People who go into this expecting an overly well written or serious plot or characters are... A special breed. It's a 5 episodes long anime called "Afro Samurai".. And in the first few minutes there's cell phones and RPGs...

To me this pretty much succeeded in what it set out to. It was a super silly, super badass, well animated, samurai action flick with Samuel Jackson and hip hop. I think it was pretty clear that they were making a conscious effort not to stray from clichés and general cheesyness here, for the sake of just having fun with them and being entertaining. My biggest complaints are that I was kind of hoping for a bit more in terms of the music, it felt a bit dead at certain parts, or it's that there just wasn't enough use of it to enhance certain scenes, and I also feel a few of the action scenes were a bit too much of an animation/cut clusterfuck to make sense of. At least with the kind of muted color palette this show had. Oh and Ninja Ninja's whole bit really didn't do much for me sadly, and those brothers(?? forget their names) ended up being really disappointing for just how much of the show they were featured in. Was hoping for a bit more of an epic battle there than what we got. Though Afro robot was sick.
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Jun 13, 2:14 PM

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It almost seemed like Gino, Justice and Afro are immortal

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Can anyone tell me what the letter after the red sun on the head band means? not the one that stands for number 1 or 2 but the letter at the end, I know what the headband means I just dont know what the letter translates to? please tell! :)

I don't know if you still wanna know, but it means "Number" so the headbands have "number one" and "number two" written on then
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