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Poll: Zoids Episode 67 Discussion

Jan 8, 2013 5:41 PM

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Well well, no sacrificial play after all, and everything got wrapped up in a nice little bow.

5/10 too well wrapped up, bad dub, but some very good mech action.
Apr 6, 2017 1:27 AM

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I'm so happy to be done with this garbage.

This show... If it's not boring, it's dumb. The action was lacking; a few battles are serviceable (both last battles and most of Raven's) with the rest being 'meh'.

The characters develop very little and had personality that changed only when it suited the plot. Heck, a few of them were pretty pointless and added very little to the story (Reese, seriously what was the point of her existence when she does nothing?). Hiltz, even, felt like he was a bit redundant in the grand scheme of things. He was basically a Prozen 2.0...

Which leads me to the how pointless the entire 2nd half is. All it did was retread what the 1st half did, but with the characters being less interesting and/or more annoying (Van, Fiine, pretty much everyone that isn't Raven, Thomas (or is it Toma?), Irvine, Moonbay, and Sieg). This show didn't need to be told in 67 episodes - more than half are filler or fluff that do nothing to move the story and are boring despite being "development" for the characters. And that's the biggest issue with the show. It's boring.

The writing sucks. The best character is Raven and he was treated like a tool for most of the show. They had good ideas yet time and time again they squander them for no reason.

Zoids isn't good; 1st or 2nd half. The 1st takes 12 episodes (!) to stop being utterly boring and that is only thanks to Raven. If it wasn't for him this show would have nothing worth watching. The few times an episode made me laugh isn't worth slogging through episodes and episodes of tedious and dull writing.

3/10. Pretty forgettable through and through.
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May 6, 11:31 AM

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Good. God.

I'm so glad this is over! How fitting for the finale of Zoid Shippuden that we had some ridiculous last minute villain swapping. It sure is a good thing the Death Saurer stood perfectly still while Van climbed in the cannon. When a show of this length plays the theme song it has kept for all 67 episodes at the climax of the final battle, I should be in tears, yet here I am completely indifferent. What a massive failure.

I echo everything you said, @Sakarii. This whole series feels like it was designed as a commercial first and a story second (opposite of a Gundam situation where someone has a story with robots that are marketable as toys). I get the impression that most of the sparse plot points were all written as they went along with no plan for the overall story, which is why we got so many bullshit filler episodes that weren't allowed to put the characters through anything that would cause them to grow and change in the least.

And let's not forget how visually boring this entire series was, with muted color schemes, an art style that does not lend itself to expression, extremely flat direction, and establishing shots that linger far longer than they have any business doing.
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